1Bigbreak Phrase Of The Day, “Think Outside the Box

Gordon Wat here from 1bigbreak because everyone needs at least a few good breaks in their lives

The Word Of The Day Is “Collaborate”

Because nobody should be stuck in a box to get that 1 big break

Most people hear the word collaborate and they instantly envision cooperating with another person team, joint venture, co-produce even a simple get together.

When highly intelligent professional women of faith hear the word collaborate, they tend to think of collaborating with others to come up with a program that can serve others in a way that no one else can, either with their abilities, talents, skills or with plain wisdom.

Some strong professional women of faith , however, believe that the majority of the job will fall on their shoulders and that is where it gets misconstrued.

However, when I see or hear the word collaborate, I immediately envision or think of all the lives a collaboration or a partnership make if we had double or triple the efforts, wisdom and knowledge for one cause.

Especially for those of us who want to take back control of your lives so that we can spend more time with those who actually matter, here are some interesting thoughts on the word “collaborate.”

How to perform your unique part and stay in your lane so that you never have a bad feeling about a joint enterprise even if you do your own thing.
How you can grow as a team rather than as individuals, respect each others feedback and  how to give each other constructive criticism. (which is just essentially feedback)

How to become active and get more involved for the good of the community, organization or business because 9 out of 10 its supposed to be bigger than yourself.

You need to identify common ground and link up with not just products, goods, or even stuff but with experiences so that both or all parties benefit, including your clients or ideal audience.

Let me show you how you, too, can put this to use – I’ll be posting more gems on my Facebook page or you may keep an eye out for them on multiple platforms

Hey, before I forget, if you want to take back control of your time and spend more time with who or whom that truly matters with less stress, be on the look out for certain links I will be posting that can help you take back control of your time and effort.

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