Your Magic Touch Isn’t What It Used to Be; Here’s How to Get It Back.

When the current state of affairs has been awful for a long time, you may not even realize you’re hurting. When bad things happen all the time, it’s easy to lose sight of the need to take a step back and regroup.

Perhaps you’re the boss of a failing business. Maybe you’re a boss who’s feeling overwhelmed and isn’t sure if you have or can discover the answers.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, a service provider who has lost faith in your product, services, or just ain’t closing the sales, and you start to wonder if it’s me or am I just losing that charisma or drive to sell.

The secret is to just take action if any of the following resonates with you, no matter who you are.

Your troubles will get worse before they get better if you don’t:

Let me know if you fall into one of these categories on a daily basis or habit.

  1. You don’t pick up the phone . You use voicemail to protect yourself from irate customers, irritated employees, or the need to explain why you made a mistake, not because you’re too busy. Phone calls are nice distractions when things are going well; when things aren’t going well, you despise the phone and everything it implies. And you’re a big fan of caller ID.
    What to do: It’s easy. Please pick up the phone. Every single time. Sure, it’ll be annoying, but each time you do it, you’ll have one fewer problem to worry about. (As well as your damage control talents.) Win-win.)
  2. Your to-do list is depressing rather than motivating. A to-do list should be entertaining. Completing duties, completing projects, and taking care of business are all enjoyable — or at the very least satisfying. They’ll be until they’re not. When you’re having trouble, it’s tempting to set larger initiatives or goals aside in order to focus on the chores you can finish, no matter how insignificant they may be… simply… to feel like you’ve accomplished something. What you should do is take a step back. Reorganize and redo your to-do list. Choose your top priorities, such as what could damage you or a significant customer, and put everything else on hold. Your workstation can wait, stuff that don’t make sense can wait…
  3. You talk about what you’d like to do instead of what you’re doing now. Ambitions are admirable. Dreams are fantastic. Keep hold of them. However, you’ll be lost if all you talk about is what you’d like to do.
    What to do: It’s imperative that you take care of today. You earn the right to fantasize about the future. There will be no grumbling or fantasizing till today is over.
  4. You believe “the big idea” is your last hope. Watch gamblers at a horse track before the last race of the day, the last football game of a sports better, if you think desperation isn’t obvious, you’re incorrect. Big ideas are scarce and rarely practical while your chasing things. What you should do is: Desperation can be turned into success with small ideas and large efforts. You already know what you need to do 99.99 percent of the time; you just don’t want to do it.. Make it happen.
Sometimes you lose your mojo or golden touch
  1. You place a higher importance on long-term predictions than on day-to-day results. My friend enjoys preparing sales forecasts, five-year plans, and predicted cash flow projections…(ex) but not weekly operational statements. He despises the present performance reports since they are so bad. As a result, he ignores them. What to do: Review financial data, productivity outcomes, key performance indicators, and anything else that drives your business or your life on a daily basis. Knowing where you stand and where you want to go is the only way to improve a terrible situation.
  2. You’re more concerned with “how” over “why.” When routine becomes more important than results, it’s a solid indicator you’ve lost control, since when results are in doubt, the only thing you may feel you have control over is the process. You’re having trouble when you disagree about how something should be done rather than why it should be done: To keep control, to keep your identity, to keep some semblance of self that you’ve lost…
    What you should do is relax and let go. It’s interesting to see how, but it’s the why that counts. If you’re having trouble letting go, get advise from someone and follow it…but letting go is frequently the greatest way to reclaim control.

    Is it truly this simple to turn the corner when you’re really struggling? Yes, and no, and yes, and no, and yes, and yes, and yes
    If you require assistance, please do so — but with one proviso. Never describe the issue to a friend or family member for more than two or three minutes. Complaining, whining, and even commiserating are never helpful. You will only feel worse, not better, as a result of your actions. Instead, keep the dialogue focused on how to improve the problem.
Paraphrased and redone…The original is article is down below

Original Article Here: Signs You’ve Lost Faith In Yourself — And How To Get It Back. (2011, July 27). 6 Signs You’ve Lost Faith in Yourself — and How to Get It Back – CBS News.

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