The Power Hustler Never Dies…It Just Changes Directions

So this past weekend Real Talk Show had the privilege of talking to an old friend from back in the streets, that also did an 8 and half year stretch due to bad choices. Let me tell you a bit about Mr. Lawrence Kim…

Lawrence figured out during his turmoil things had to change or else he would be in the same boat when he got out. Watch the interview below he talks about where is moment changed and if ever given a second chance what would he make of himself.

Here is a simple outline of the things we talked about and transcripts below:

Something happened to him sitting at a table talking to a bunch of guys and at that moment he realized he had to change.

What did the old man say to him that ultimately changed his life
How was he going to change the direction from that moment on
What did he think he future would look like if he didn’t change

The problem was he didn’t have clue on where to start or where to begin. The one thing Mr. Kim did that most people would not do is take some action to better himself during that time. The problem was how does he navigate in a world where self help is not an option, and doing it on the down low so he wouldn’t look weak was a challenge in itself.

Things got even worst for him when he was stuck in a cell and his room mate missed the toilet and he had a choice to do something about it. Listen or watch what he did, and still holds on to the moment as he moves through the battle field of life. He explains how hitting that moment in time refers to his rock bottom and until this day uses an analogy most won’t even think about.

Find out what happened because of that scenario…you will be shocked and fair warning it is going to be a graphic tale. Find out more by watching below and how he started a movement with the power hustler bootcamp that turned himself into a raging entrepreneur in this day and age even during the pandemic.
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Gordon Wat (00:00):

All right. All right. All right. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome guys, Saturdays. You know, I’ve been on this quest and I just wanted to bring you on some new guests. I got my friend Lawrence, Kim, but you ain’t going to want to miss this one guys. So stay tuned and figure out how we can get this, uh, is going to be a title. How the power hustler never dies. He just changes direction. All right, let me get this trailer going. This should be going live on Facebook, YouTube. I’m to be doing this on the podcast. If you want to listen to your car later on, but stay tuned, guys. You ain’t going to want to miss this one.

Speaker 2 (00:41):

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Gordon Wat (01:02):

All right. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to real talk, real stories, real change You know what I mean? It’s just, it’s it’s going to be an honor to figure out how we can get you the most best content. I got my special guests all the way from Hawaii. Mr. Lawrence came over here and he’d be popping on in any minute. Right now. There’s mr. Lawrence came at five o’clock in the morning, and I just want to welcome you. My name is Gordon Wat I’ll be, I’ll be talking to it. You’re be your own boss opportunity expert Lawrence Kim here, and the critical skills that every power hustler needs. Entrepreneur needs the only person moving into direction. I’m your host Gordon Wat? And to be successful at holding all to second chances that he’s been, he’s got similar background stories as me. In fact, I knew him back in the day. That’s why I wanted to bring him on because I’ve watched him, grow as a man of integrity, powerhouse marketer. He’s, he’s showing a lot of things with a lot of people. You know, Lawrence, Kim is a hands on expert on the subject of be your boss opportunity. That’s why he stretched his B yoga, which is in Hawaii, means something to us.

Gordon Wat (02:15):

A lot of the guys going to get this so much in his podcast. And the acronym means so much to us. It’s the exact same thing, same thing, and has graciously graciously consented to this interview to share with us the skills, every powerhouse, entrepreneur, power hustler, and must develop, and to know how to move forward after given that second chance like me and him was both given right. That, you know, we can talk about this so much, but I just want to say Lawrence Kim. Thank you again for joining us on this live interview. Let’s jump in in all right. Lawrence Kim, how’s everything. How’s everything over there. Alright. Give us a little background about yourself because I know a lot of my viewers are kind of interested in how you doing, where was your second

Lawrence Kim (03:00):

Chance given and what did you do to hold on to that? All right. So long story short, right? I, I grew up probably a majority of my life in criminal activities, drug, addiction, gambling, and things like that. I was the young kid on the block, watching guys like you do their thing. And I had all of those types of role models, right guys, 10, 20 years, like ahead of me in the game that I wanted, I strive to be like, right. And so, as I, as I progressed my way through the streets, like that’s, that’s who I, I mirrored my life to be, you know, and, and that, that thinking and that like ambition led me to being like in and out of jail, but eventually do eight and a half years in prison from 2007 to 2015. Right. And it was there that I had my epiphany.

Lawrence Kim (03:56):

It was there. It was there, um, where I actually got my second chance, because even in prison, right. Even in prison, I was still a knucklehead. You know what I mean? Because I was looking at guys like you in the corner room, doing their things, doing their deals and all the OGs and the gang members. And I had to find my way because at the end of the day, I am a power hustler, no matter where you are in this world, I will find where I fit in and where my opportunity lies. Right. And when I’m in the prison world, it’s a different world from here. I’m not worried about the outside economics, right. Unless you’re going to send me money or answer my calls or anything like that. I don’t care. Right in prison is a different world that I need to survive. So while I was there, I was trying to figure that out, right.

Lawrence Kim (04:46):

Drugs, contraband, how to get the cops on our side to smuggle us things, all of that stuff. Right. Um, and I got to navigate my way to stay safe because I mean, it’s a gang world. You gotta, you gotta know how to survive. You know what I mean? You gotta be in or, or you’re out, but something happened. I got shipped out to longterm prison. Hawaii is an overcrowded prison population. So they send us on the state side. They send us to saguaro in Arizona. And, um, when I was there, that world was a much, much more different prison world. It was the same, but it was, it was, it was different. I mean, the attitude was different, you know, it wasn’t, it was a place where some of these people have made it, their homes already. You’re talking about lifers and you’re talking about, you’re talking about all the legends in the streets that no one will ever see anymore.

Lawrence Kim (05:44):

Right. So while I’m there, like, you know, it was a little bit different people walk and talk to it a little bit more respect. And it was a little bit more cleaner. There was a little bit less action going on because you know, we’re out of state. Right. But, uh, it was there that it was there like two years in, uh, I was sitting in a, uh, in a, in a group, they make you take these like classes and stuff as, to you to make your way out of prison. Right. And there was this guy and I never, he’s one of those like uncles that nobody really pays too much attention to. Just one of those ones that on the side, just do their own thing, those kinds of guys. Right. But he was sitting in the circle with us and his name is Greg Chun.

Lawrence Kim (06:31):

I’m old timer from Eva beach used to run around in Waikiki and things like that. But he said, and he looked at us, he, he always liked the drugs. He make weird faces and stuff when he talk. Right. But he said something that I caught and it blew my mind because he said, he said, you know, youngsters sitting around his circle, looking at me like, yeah, unks, he burnt and stuff like that. I tell you what I was your age. Yeah. Before seeing the same thing about the same stupid looking old man sitting in the chair over there. And, and when he said that everybody laughed, but I took that in real serious, because in that moment, I fast forward in my life, 20, 30, 40 years. And I saw myself as an old man in that chair, saying the same thing to some new up and coming young, disrespectful, punks, coming up, how to live my life.

Lawrence Kim (07:27):

Right. I was like, that’s my future. Either that or death is my future. Right. And you know, that whole time before that, like I was planning and plotting, right. Like, okay, cool. I got these Filipino guys. I got the Uso’s here. I got this gang over here. How can I use all of this stuff to create my new criminal organization? When I, like, I had all these master plans, what I’m going to do. Right. But it was in that moment, I realized like, Oh, this game has limits. This game has a thing. You know, I see people that I respect people that respect go the old, like the wrong route on our street code. Right. they end, up to a witness and AKA rat or whatever. But like, I see the breaking points of people. And I was like, ah, I don’t like, I don’t like, see that part of the game.

Lawrence Kim (08:17):

You know what I mean? I’m witnessing it now from afar. I don’t like be in that. So, um, it was in that moment that I decided to change. And, um, I started using all of my commissary money and things like that to buy magazines, fast company, entrepreneur, all of these things. Um, I had no idea what any of it meant, but there was this one, there was this one, also, his name is Tasi. And he had a book. His parents used to send him books and it was like shark tank books, Barbara Corcoran, and all of those kinds of, and uh, he was like, Oh, Hey Kim, I think you would like this kind of stuff here. Read them. Right. And you know how it is. We consume books in there cause there’s nothing else to do. Right. That’s during that time, I think my TV broke or something.

Lawrence Kim (09:03):

So I had to wait for commissary anyway, but I was, I was consuming. I was like, Oh man, this is, this is really cool. So I started watching all of those types of shows and things. And it was years, years of just reading and consuming and doing all of that. And that started making that in my habit. Um, and started talking to people about business things inside of there. You know what I mean? Like how to run your football tickets, how to run your, your . I started to try to try to put it all together. And then, um, fast forward, 2015, I got out and I knew that this is the new path that I’m on. I had no idea where I was going to start or what I was going to do, but that’s what I wanted to do.

Gordon Wat (09:47):

Right, right, right. Is it so it’s, it’s really, really so interesting because you basically had that epiphany because you fast forward everything, it’s your life. And you same goes to me because I didn’t want to be that old guy doing life in that situation. So when I had that second chance and I’ve been, I’ve been blessed to know guys like Lawrence, that I’ve been watching him move, move around because he actually started digging his well as just like myself, putting things together. And when he got out and he got given a chance, he just took off. I mean, he’s been, he’s been together with Steve Larson. Steve Larsen, Steve Larson is, is one of Russell Brunson’s proteges. And he’s learning hands on with him because this is all new, new game. That’s why I said it. All we do is change directions, change path. But there’s something inside of us that resonates with more than just being a power hustler and, or an entrepreneur or a boss or whatever you want to call it and all these. Because a lot of times what I see is a lot of people don’t have it in them. What’s the difference.

Lawrence Kim (10:55):

So I think I believe something different than a lot of people help people believe that change is possible. And I know real talk is about that and things, but I believe that people don’t change too much. I believe that we experienced life and we’re able to make more choices based on the circumstances given to us and the information fed to us, we are survivors, whether we are on the streets or whether we’re doing the life right now. And we’ll always find a way, right. And the difference between people who make it and people who don’t, people who make it are not willing to stay down. When, when life knocks them down, they’ll find a way, like I shared, I shared on Facebook or Instagram the other day, how like two of my main businesses went and zero balance overnight, zero balance, like in the streets, like it means like I got robbed or I lost everything and I’m out of pocket.

Lawrence Kim (11:49):

I’m inside out. I have nothing. Right. I’m scheming. Right. But this happens in real life too. Right. And I got zero balance like, Oh, everything’s shut down, Waikiki, shut down. Like, that’s all real, but what am I going to do about it? Am I just going to sit around and do the Aw it’s over, right. I have no money. I have nothing, no guys like us get back up and we figure out a way we go through the streets and we figure out our Avenue where we can get in, where we can fit in and we make it happen. And um, I think a lot of people are stuck on, Oh, I can’t wait for the world to open back up. I’m I’m trying to weather the storm. I’m trying like government needs to help us or support small business. Right? Like all this hope thing is great.

Lawrence Kim (12:35):

Hope and positivity is great. But if you don’t put action and things like that behind all of the things that you want to happen, nothing’s going to happen. This might be our new normal, and people need to understand that for their businesses, for the personal life, for the mental health, especially like people need to realize like, what if this is our new normal? How are you going to accept that? Who are, who do you need to become to navigate in this world? And I think that’s what people need to realize instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves. Because the greatest opportunity everyday when we wake up and we have another chance we’re breathing, we get to eat. We get to talk to people. We get to hop on the internet and talk to people across the sea like we’re doing right now. I mean, I mean, incredible, incredible.

Gordon Wat (13:20):

It is. It’s just unbelievable. Cause I have the same thinking on a situation because everything that we’ve been through, whether it’s playing around in the streets, finding other people to do our criminally, all we did was shift the game into something positive. And it’s the same amount of energy that anybody else, but one of , like the only thing hope is good for is if you have a release date and you just, that’s the only thing I tell people, guys that I prepared, everything I’ve I’ve done up to this point is to prepare me for what’s going to happen tomorrow the next day, because let’s face it. When, when you talk to powerhouse entrepreneurs, power couples, people like Lawrence, people like people, that’s going to be watching this replay later on in the future. What are you doing? that set. You set yourself. So when something like this happens, are you prepared?

Gordon Wat (14:16):

You mean mentally, you can prepare emotionally. You don’t know what you’re going to do, but I want a, one of the books I’m really writing all of that emotional intelligence is leaders strive to do something better emotionally so that when shit happens, they’re prepared to do anything that they’re willing to do. And all we do was pivot the game, right? Like, like one on one on the things that, that surprises me out with Bob Lawrence is he just keeps hammering. Right? And when you match that, that ambition and you apply just, I tell this is what I tell most people Lawrence. I have more, you have more energy in your baby toll than you even know. You can just, you can, you can use possible. You just got to need to tap into that. Whether it’s emotional, whether it’s anger, right? I mean, when you get angry, nothing stopping you that you can tell, right?

Gordon Wat (15:13):

When you want to find something out, there’s nothing going to stop you. What you’re going to be walking through walls, walking all over people, running through people just to find something out because that’s something that’s inside of me. And that’s what I’m trying to tell a lot. A lot of people is just to tap into that resignation that you have within yourself. You mean all the books you read. Let me give me some of the books that you read while you was inside, because he was digging your well compared to how do you apply them now when you had that second chance?

Lawrence Kim (15:45):

So I read all of the, you know, all, all of the, whatever was available, like the thinking grow rich and all of, all of the basic entrepreneur recommendation stuff. And I was reading them all through when I got out to like, even the ones that I’m doing now, like the dotcom secrets and all of that types of personality stuff. Um, I’m not, I can’t really blast off titles right now, but here’s what I learned about myself from prison to maybe about 2018. I was reading, reading, reading, reading, watching YouTube, watching videos, following influencers, tiptoeing in and out of opportunities and all of that stuff. And I realized Lawrence, you’re a wannabe. You know, all you’re doing is consuming, consuming, consuming, consuming. You’re a user. You know what I mean? You know what entrepreneur you and fan of entrepreneurship. You go buy the books, you watch the videos, you do all this stuff. You get rah-rah, you get hyped up, you buy people’s shirts and you do all of this stuff. And you talk about all these things on video. You only one fan of entrepreneurship, you and want to be Lawrence. And so I could hear myself like schooling myself, coaching myself, and to myself, like, get your ass up and get in the game. Don’t just watch the game, get in the game. You know what I mean?

Lawrence Kim (17:10):

Like that’s like, I always got that person inside of me talking shit to myself. Like, you know what a devil and angel I got right over there, one side already other side, do you know what I mean? Like one side is already like, like it already has a gun to my head. Say like go now, you know what I mean? Go now the only other option, the only other option you have is death go. This is [inaudible], you know what I mean? Gold or led like go now, Lawrence, this is the time you don’t do it. Like it’s over. Right? So like I’m always telling myself that, like I always have that street mentality. Right. Except know, I don’t do anything that could get me locked up or set up. And that just makes you almost invincible. If a lot of the people who watch real talk like might have experienced running around in the streets and that thug life and all of that stuff.

Lawrence Kim (18:04):

Right. You know how powerful that is? Normal people, right? Normal people in the world. When the world goes to zero, the world has a problem. They stop and they play it safe and they wait for things to return. People like us that were running run in the streets. We have a whole nother set of options that we have, right. That makes us a little bit more dangerous, right? Because we don’t have like a stopping place. And so I said, if you can take all of that extra momentum that you have and leverage and willingness of what you’re willing to do, but apply it to things that can get you set up and can’t get you put back in prison, man. You’re completely unstoppable power.

Gordon Wat (18:50):

I keep telling a lot of people that seem like this is like a lot. I used to talk to a lot of ex-felons. I used to go to the mission and I used to tell them, you guys have more than any normal person that used to work a nine to five. That has anything to do with anything. Because the amount of energy you spent running around, if you just one eighth of it to do something positive and apply everything that you’ve learned into something good. And there’s going to be more guests on here, Lawrence. You’re going to know some of them. Some of them did a long time. Some of them is from the streets. And the one thing that stays, stays persistent with it is that drive that nobody else has. When I talked to a lot of people that, that don’t have that, I, they always ask me, explain that, cause this is what they’re missing.

Gordon Wat (19:45):

I said, that’s something you got to live through. That is something you have to experience for yourself. And not many people come back from that mentally, emotionally, you know what I mean. And all of that, that good stuff. Because a lot of times it doesn’t, it doesn’t just take somebody in that sense and experience to gain the wisdom. Right. It’s just finding the signs, moving in the direction that you want to go because of what you were processing for the next day tomorrow, because let’s face it. We think five steps ahead, right? Yep. Let me ask you another question. Um, where was your rock? Bottom?

Lawrence Kim (20:24):

Okay, so this is, this is good. Maybe it might be a little, maybe it might be a little bit graphic for some people. We like graphic this real talk, bro. Okay. So I see prison was a blessing for me, right? Because I learned a lot about myself inside of there. And what you’re talking about now, rock bottom, right? I was in the holding unit, um, holding unit. Those of you guys don’t know that you make trouble, you break the law in prison. They put you in a separate prison within the prison. And you’re just stuck like 23 hours a day instead of a small little room. If you’re lucky, it’s an overcrowded place and you’ll get a roommate, which I am lucky. I had a roommate. So I’m in the holding unit, right? Um, 90 days. And uh, in the holding unit, we had nothing.

Lawrence Kim (21:11):

We have like a little washcloth. We have like this little bar of soap, um, little toothbrush, like small toothbrush. And, um, we really don’t have anything in there at that time. My roommate was an old timer and old man. Um, I don’t want to say his name because of the story where it’s about to go. But you know, old man unks, like I really had a lot of respect and love for him. Right. But you had a lot of health problems and health issues and things like that. Right? One of these days he had like a, like some kind of a stomach problem. And he was calling his, pressing the button to go to the medical unit like, Oh, I need help. And so they were, they take a long time to come and get you when you’re in the hole. But they finally came and got him.

Lawrence Kim (21:57):

Right, right. Before they came to get him, he, he got up, he almost fell down, ran to the toilet area, dropped his pants and he shit all over the place. Like it missed, like I said, he missed like, he, he, he, he dropped the load on everything except the toilet, you know, it was like explosive. It went everywhere right now at that exact moment. I have a point at that exact moment, the cops came and got him and took him to the medical unit. So now I am stuck in a room with shit all over the place. Huh? Okay. I’m knocking on the door. The cops just escorted him out. There’s nobody to send me anything. I have nothing to clean anything with. Right. What do I do? This is like the world right now. Right? What do I do? Am I going to sit there and like, Oh, Hey, help me get me out of this room.

Lawrence Kim (22:56):

Am I going to just keep doing that and sound silly? Or am I going to do something about it? Right. I have two choices. I chose to do something about it. Of course I got in. I wiped up that shit with my bare hands. I like whatever was being, Hey, I put them in the toilet. I flushed it. I took my only washcloth and whatever shampoo I had clean as much as I could. I’m living in this room. I have no escape. I can’t go anywhere, clean that room and did everything that I had to do until later on in the day, I got to get some chemicals and do all of that and clean it. But the point is, that’s like the world that we are in right now, right there shit all of our walls and we’re stuck in whatever situation we’re in.

Lawrence Kim (23:41):

What are you going to do about it? Sit there and just complain and deal with all the things that are going on. Or are you going to figure out a way to fix it? Are you going to do what needs to be done to get that shit cleaned up? Right. I am willing to do it no matter what it is. Like I said, I did it with my bare hands and it was in that, like, I know people ask me like, Oh, when was your rock? Bottom? That was a pretty rock bottom moment. But I know that like a lot of people wouldn’t do that too. Right. But when you faced, like, you should always think I have no choice. Right? Whatever the thing is that you need to do tell your stuff, then you have no choice. You have to do it and do it.

Lawrence Kim (24:23):

You know what I mean? And that’s how I, I moved through life. Every time I don’t know the situation or I feel stuck or feel trapped. I take myself back to that room, shit on the wall, smell everywhere. Nobody to help me. I take myself back to that mental state and I just get myself to do it, to do whatever’s uncomfortable at that moment. I get myself to take action. And I think that’s been huge for me at that rock bottom moment. You know what I mean? It’s, it’s it, it really opened up my eyes about, okay, cool. Um, I was willing to do that. I mean, I got my hands dirty. I’m willing to put in whatever I need to put in. You know what I mean? And

Gordon Wat (25:00):

Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, it is that I can tell people my rock bottom day after day, because I was, it seemed some that similar situation wasn’t as smelly, but my life, I really thought my life was going to end at 2006, because I just ended up smashing up somebody in, in the, in the FCI, they got me back on the softball field, broke my leg. Right. So w I was famous for being for. Okay. So they moved on because I wasn’t, I wasn’t another dorm, you know, all the boys, they protect you. They moved me in the dorm where this just race was right there. And I’m in the middle of this two gorilla monster bad guys. And it’s like, if there was going to come and get me, this was a time I was immobile. That was the moment. That was the moment. I was like, shit, this is where things got to change right now.

Gordon Wat (26:04):

That was my moment. I mean, this, this is like a one Ray Lewis looking guy on my left, big six, four yoked up mean gang banger from, from LA right on my right. Another one. I’m like, this is going to be it. This, and this is back in 2006. And this is where I like that. You said I grabbed the books. I started digging my well, or I read the psychology. I read marketing. I mean, I mean, I read all his books. Books was getting sent it to me. So when the time came, I could apply all of this to the situation I was going to be put in going through that time. All I did was apply everything. In fact, some of the times when we came out, there was YouTube videos. Like you said, I’d be watching them all again. But then like the key moment you said is like, you know, I was just like earner affiliate marketing did this, did all of this, did stuff, this stuff with, with these other guys did stuff. But I wanted to become my opportunity. I wanted to become the situation where I became the product. And that’s what you did. And let’s talk about this, talk about that because it’s like, that’d be yobo was so catchy to me, right. Be your own boss opportunity. It kind of, it kind of resonated with me. So later on, later on, you became that. How did all those struggles turned that opportunity for you into what you got going on?

Lawrence Kim (27:36):

So by as I’m, as I’m in this world, like I’m still new in this world, right? Like, I, I started my journey in this internet marketing thing, like 2018 or whatever. And I, I got, I got burnt out really quickly because I was so hyped up about everything. And everybody that I talked to is always trying to cram like some new opportunity to me. Right. I don’t want to throw your oil stuff. I don’t want to be a travel agent. I don’t want to buy your new diet thing and sell it to my friends and family and all of that stuff you do. But like, I don’t want to do that. I’m like, that’s not my thing. And so I, in and out of that wasting months and months, and months, and hours and hours of my time going to lunches and coffees and everything was the same thing.

Lawrence Kim (28:25):

Like, Oh, here, sign up a couple of friends do this. I was like, Oh my God, like these, there’s gotta be a better thing out there. And, um, you know, I kind of shelf that on the, on the side and went into this ClickFunnel world and it had early lucky successes and, um, the world’s shut down. So all April or may, April or may, I was completely shut down. They didn’t have anything to do. And I’m sitting around like everybody else trying to figure it out, but I’m online. And only thing I have is all these opportunities. Oh yeah. So my oils, so my skin cream, so this diet thing, I was like, Oh my God, like, there’s gotta be something else. And so I was like, yobo. Right? I’m getting, I need to create a new brand. I sat around and I was like, okay, yoga will, um, be yoga.

Lawrence Kim (29:12):

I toyed around. I’m not, I’m not all hardcore into it, like how you are, but I’m watching you just like, I wasn’t, I was a kid would real talk and the podcast and all that. I’m watching you. I tiptoed into that world with the, um, the yobo podcast and something like that. Haven’t been as diligently in that, but it was in that moment. I was like, okay, yo, what can that mean? And I was like, Oh, cool. Your own business opportunity. How can I create something? That’s like your own business opportunity? So August 4th, I sat around and, and all of these, like the world is like really getting like nasty in Hawaii. Everyone’s kinda really stressing out. I had a homie who just, he didn’t commit suicide, but he overdosed. And he was just in a bad mental place. And I was like, Oh, we gotta do something.

Lawrence Kim (30:00):

And so August 4th, I decided to, uh, document an experiment. I, I said like, Hey, can I make money online without a job in the middle of a pandemic, but I gotta be specific and give myself a timeline. Otherwise this thing will kind of run a mock. And then like, I won’t stay on top of it, like I did with the podcast and things like that. So I said, okay, cool. I’m going to give myself 60 days. Okay, cool. I think I can make five, 10 grand in 60 days, but let’s, um, let’s double that and try to be, go a little bit more aggressive. Like, like I don’t want it to be something that’s easy for me. I want to like be uncomfortable and journey into different, different places and, and, and possibly fail. I’m most likely won’t make it if, if, if I stop or I lose momentum because I’m time-based.

Lawrence Kim (30:46):

And so I said, specifically, can I make $20,000 in 60 days? Um, without a job in the middle of a global pandemic, August 4th go. And I started documenting today’s day today’s day 32, um, of the experiment today is, uh, September 5th, day 32 of the experiment, um, about almost $10,000 in sales. Profit is about probably like 6,000, but almost $10,000 in gross sales. And, and I’m trying to do it as simple as possible so that people could follow along and do it at home too. I’m trying to not do the funnels and the Facebook ads and all of that stuff. I will be doing that. Otherwise I’ll never hit my goal, but I want people to see that, like, even without all of those things, you can stay at home. Most of you guys are staying at home hours and hours and hours on social media.

Lawrence Kim (31:46):

Anyway. So I get about like 180 to $200 steady every single day, just from my local Facebook marketplace. You know what I mean, selling my own item. Right, right. Actually is someday, but make your own item and sell it. Um, but that’s, that’s what kind of my thing is right now, um, be your own business opportunity, something that’s sort of being born right now. And I have like a couple of people in my group that I am trying to help them get started, get going. And a lot of good people in there. They’re not from the internet marketing world and it be good. It’ll be a good site experiment for me to see if I could take people from full time workers, full time, working people and turn them into like their own side hustle, their own business opportunity for home. And then maybe later on, I can leverage those testimonials and inspire more people to take action and be YOBO

Gordon Wat (32:46):

Oh, I mean, for us in Hawaii being YoBo means something. It means Korean guys for you guys, going to be watching this on the replay or listening to the podcast is going to be funny because we call Koreans YOBO. So he took his culture, his heritage, and turned it into an acronym that he could brand and with his experiment is. I’m in his Facebook group, I got his product. It’s really cool. And he can be able to scale that. And the glory of this is you can do that with any product, because a lot with anything that he he’s document the part where, where he’s going to Alibaba, where he’s getting the product from what he had to go through it, what he had to do, change the logo, go through this bullshit with these Chinese people that don’t have to do anything, get the product, start hustling on the street, running Facebook ads. In fact, in fact, some of the Instagram ads I was watching, I said, look at this motha, I’ve said, this thing is smoking right here. So when I was, I was really, really just so happy for Lawrence, because he’s just one of many like you, that can actually do things for yourself in case the situation just happened right. Now, let me ask you this. How does that, what you did in the past made you so much better for where you are in the present.

Lawrence Kim (34:09):

So everything that I’ve experienced in this life, I, um, especially running around in the streets and things like that. Like, I, I like you read psychology books in like that, right. But you always with the GS and all that stuff. So you had to learn that stuff, right? I wasn’t. So I had, my, my psychology training was hands on. Cause I had to survive guys like you guys, I had to find how I could navigate and find my own way. Um, because I’m not a gang member type of guy. I’m not that guy. Who’s going to go run up in your room and, and put you out. I’m not that kind of guy. You know what I mean? I’m a different type of criminal. And so, um, I, my own psychology was figuring out how I’m not going to get taxed and jacked along the way. And so I’m always looking for ways that I can be safe and scale and grow right. When, when I take that mentality and I apply it to this life, I, I look at, okay, cool. How do I get the best product? How do I get my own product? Something that I stand by? How do I add credibility to it? I better know everything about it. How do I get the connect? Right? How do I get the best connect? Not the middleman. I want the connect. I want the guy in Vegas, right?

Lawrence Kim (35:34):

I want the yobo line, the Korean, uh, best. And so I seek that. How do I do that? And, and the best is really just a perception of you standing separately from what the majority of the market is right in our world. They call it the red ocean, blue ocean red ocean is a feeding frenzy of the same opportunity. Like when you go into these MLM or network marketing groups, right? They got all of these like room full of people, all hyped up to become like millionaire entrepreneurs or whatever. But they’re all networking with people who are all selling the same thing, every single person. So most of you guys never going to be able to sell anything that you spending all of your time with, how do you set yourself apart, make yourself different and stand out in the crowd of everybody who looks the same.

Lawrence Kim (36:33):

Right? And that’s the same thing, right? When I’m in the streets, like I need to be with the cool kids. I need to be running around with the guys, with the stuff I need to, I need to be that I need to be in that inner group. Right? But in this world, in the regular world, you have to create your inner group. You have to create your tribe. You have to create like your own little thing and your own momentum and give you in this world, you have to give in the other world, we take this world. You have to give in order to grow. And so the more people that you can grow under you, the higher they raise you up in the other world, right. We tick take, take, take, take, take, take, right. And it’s just flipping the game. Okay. Now I got to give, give, give, give, give, grow, grow, grow, grow all you guys.

Lawrence Kim (37:19):

And then it rises me up. And so it’s just flipping the game. It’s the exact same game, exact same momentum by the same rules, except in this world, I can’t get locked up or, or nobody’s going to set me up for anything. Right. So that’s the only difference. Like I said, in the beginning of this interview, my belief is that people don’t actually change. We take the information given through our life experiences and we consciously make a choice of how to move from there. When I was young watching guys like G and stuff, like I didn’t have all the information of the people that I met in prison. I didn’t have all of that yet. All I saw was the guys running the streets, the guys with the guns, the girls and, and everything like that. That’s what I saw and what I wanted to be.

Lawrence Kim (38:15):

All the other information of like the dirt and the work that needs to be put in. I didn’t have any of the information of what that prison time in prison life looked like. I didn’t have information of all the people in their lives who are hurt by what they’re doing in their life. I didn’t have any of that information. All I saw was what I saw need to be like those ombres. You know what I mean? Like I got to become like that, but it took me all of that time. Eight, 10, 12, like all those years to figure out, Oh, I need the whole story. And now I have that information. I have that experience. Now I can make the decisions like, okay, cool. I need to move accordingly with what I know now, know what I mean? And that’s, that’s, that’s basically how I move. You know what I mean? I watch, I observe. And then I figure out like, what’s the best step for me. What’s the best next step for me.

Gordon Wat (39:11):

Absolutely. Even I’m going to tell you, I mean, let’s be real. I’m going to be really, really honest with you, Lawrence, right? The way I am right now, because I set a bad example for people like you, how much families I destroyed in Hawaii, what the crap I did in Hawaii. That’s why I never did get back. The reason why I do where I am now, where I, like you said, I keep giving, I keep giving and giving. I keep dropping hints online because I have the, the ability to just keep going. There’s one thing that I, to be able to redeem myself because I was giving a second, third, fourth, fifth chance, even though my background, I wanted to be an inspiration and a way for people like you, that may have seen me do wrong, to move into a better life where I can lift you up to a better, to a better place, because I have a lot of redemption to do.

Gordon Wat (40:03):

Right. And, you know, firsthand the crap I’ve I’ve used it. So it’s like, and I might, I’m in a blessed place. You mean to be able to be with the you see me, with the guys I’ve been with online telling your exact that’s type of story. And a lot of the times it’s, I’ve changed in the process because of what you give, what all the Lawrence’s give to me. And even like my other groups that I’m in, they always ask me like, why you’re different from everybody else? I said, because I have a servant heart and I serve people in a different way now so that I can push people. Because like I said, I’ve been taking all my life. Take, take, take, take, take, give, give was never an option, right? Easy to I’m taking, robbing, sealing, conning, or figuring out a way to finagle something out of you and now to flip the whole script around.

Gordon Wat (40:56):

So that at least, at least things can be, can be like, you say, look, even like, look, Ricky LeVar right here. Just that’s one of ClickFunnels guys. We’re talking about that. Understanding that to be able from a place of crap, to be able to come out of that, literally push people up, be an inspiration and example so that others can do the same thing with just our stories. It can help later on in the future. You know what I mean? Let me ask you this another question. Where do you see powerhustlers, enterpeneurs and wannabes wasting a lot of time by trying to be their own boss.

Lawrence Kim (41:40):

So like I said, um, where I was wasting a lot of time and I know a lot of people waste a lot of time is in the consumption of the material. Like they try to, they, they, they read all the books, watch all the videos, follow all the influencers, and then they try to compare with the next step they need to do with whoever they’re fanboying on right now. And that person is already put 10, 15, 20 years into the game. And you’re trying to compare yourself right now to where they are right now. And it stops you from overwhelm and momentum to even get started. You know what I mean? And so like a lot of the people that I work with right now in the two comma club X and all of that stuff, like they talk about like, Oh, how do you get all of these boxes? And all of these things that Russell Brunson does, Hey, you just getting started bro.

Lawrence Kim (42:29):

And look at what Russell Brunson was 10 years ago, you know, he’s, he’s not building like leadss. He didn’t have bolts and he didn’t have any of that kind of stuff. You didn’t have that either. Yet. I go back to when he was doing like the, um, secrets lab and his newsletter and all of these things, like he was basically giving you a newsletter as the lead. He was sending you a piece of paper in the mail with a DVD, like do stuff like that. Like no people’s journey. Watch the history of somebodies evolution and see where you are right now and fit yourself in and follow in their footsteps. Don’t try to, don’t try to be an old G from day one in the streets. You know what I mean? It’s never gonna happen. You gotta, you gotta walk the walk before you can be that thing. You know, a lot of them, you, you work with kids and things like that. Right?

Gordon Wat (43:22):

I work with a lot.

Lawrence Kim (43:24):

I tell a lot of people. And the biggest, the biggest red flag that I have is I’m meeting a lot of these, like 18 to 22 year old, like

Gordon Wat (43:33):

Entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out their way

Lawrence Kim (43:36):

In the world. And they all follow the wrong examples. And they take things out of context. Like they listen to people like Gary V and things like that. And they say like, Oh yeah, school is like for nonsense or you don’t learn about anything. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. But school is important too, you know, why school is important because when you go to school, you meet people, you get that piece of paper and all of that stuff that helps you have an easier entry point into the world, right? A lot of people are not built like me or Gordon or people who live the life that we live. And we have to pay for that 10, 20, 30 years of our life to learn this stuff. We had to physically mentally get abused, to figure all of this stuff up. All you gotta do is put in four to eight years and get a piece of, and you will be the first person people see when you go out into the world, I have to be like this every single day.

Lawrence Kim (44:37):

Cause I don’t live that life. I never went to school. I never got the paper. And so guys like us always have to prove ourselves, always have to be the underdog. Always have to do that. As we navigate through this world, right? If you don’t have that resilience inside of you, then you better go to school and get that paper. You better put on that suit and get your way into the door, make your way in. Right. This other life is, is, is a good degree too, but it takes so much of your life to get it. And trying to tell people is like, look, what is four years of life to have an easier like entry point? Like I don’t have that entry point. I go. And all of the places that hired me for consulting and things like that now, like they, the first thing they asked me, Oh, where did you go to school? Where did you go to? I went to the hard knocks. You know what I mean? So now I work with companies like that. I work with like the Waikiki trolley and ENOA corporation, like world recognized brands. And when, when, when people ask me how I got there, like just like just blood, sweat, and tears. That’s how I got here. You know what I mean?

Gordon Wat (45:48):

Oh, another story we went, we might have to bring on Lawrence again. One story, because that story is just incredible, but it goes, it really goes to show that you can do something. In fact, a lot of in fact, next week I might have the personal coaches of coaches and lifestyle coaches. And it’s just, you don’t need a degree to be a coach, to be a consultant. You just have to have experience wisdom, empathy, and be able to relate to people and network. Right. Um, before time gets, gets going on. I want, I want you to answer the simple question, right? Um, any tips for time management, living, maybe how would, I’m going to rephrase this? Any tips about time management that you’ve learned from the past to now that can help anybody listening to this on the live, the podcast or streaming on YouTube.

Lawrence Kim (46:42):

So I am a number one procrastinator. I waste so much time. If, if I’m given the, if I give myself the opportunity to have that, if I give him that community to scroll through social media, I’ll be looking at stupid stuff all day long and for time management, um, I’m, I’m a creature of pride and ego and things like that and stuff that like, those are some of my faulty like personality traits, but I have to own them. I have to own them as my strength because I can’t change. I am who I am. And so, because I’m a creature of pride and ego and things like that for time management, I need to put it out into the world. Time-sensitive specifically what I’m going to do. And then I’ve put it out publicly, right? Just like with the power bootcamp movement. I say, I’m going to make $20,000 in 60 days and here’s the start date.

Lawrence Kim (47:34):

And here’s where I am now. And, and putting that up on my wall. So every day I wake up and the whole man time is running out, like get to it. Lauren’s like, you’re full of shit. You know what I mean? Like you got to get his gun, you know what I mean? Like you’re only halfway there. How are you going to meet this other half? Like, I don’t know. I’m figuring it out as I go. But time management for me is putting myself, like I said, I got that devil and the angel on the shoulder. Right. I already did. The other one has a gun to my head, stays like bro or never getting that door and go like, I am strong, arming myself to walk through that door every single day, every single day I wake up and I’m unsure, uncertain, and I want to be comfortable.

Lawrence Kim (48:16):

I want to sit on my couch. I want to look through social media. I want to watch Netflix. I want to do all of these things, but I got that guy with the gun to my head telling me, go walk. You know what I mean? And that’s me telling myself, like, you don’t have time go. You know what I mean? Right, right, right. That’s how I do time management because I’m the number one procrastinator like, Hey, I always so much time on social media on nonsense. Right. I had to erase all of the things on my Instagram. I’m look, I’m a guy. I look at girls and all that. So like wasting my time. I erased every single girl, all the eye candy, all the things that I want to see what’s going on in their life. When I want to see what’s going on with Gordon and Andrea and their baby, I physically type the name in and look it up.

Lawrence Kim (49:05):

And I feel like for me, that’s more of a, Oh, conscience. Like, Oh, I was thinking about that person. You know what I mean? I looked them up. And so that I, sometimes I tell my friends like, Hey, take your profile off of private because sometimes I check up on you, you know what I mean? But they go, well, why don’t you just follow me? I said, no, because then I waste a lot of my time, but I physically check up on people and see what they’re up to and do all of that. And that’s how I know like that person is on my mind and important to me. And then I reach out. Cause nowadays it’s, I don’t really reach out much. So now I try to reach out and connect on a more human level. You know what I mean?

Gordon Wat (49:39):

I mean, it’s, it’s, [inaudible], I’m going to give you a, you got a Ricky Leyvaover here. He’s the, he’s the, the funnel scripts guy. That’s sharing his funnels, guys. If you’re not into follow, here’s a promo. Ricky, here’s a promo for you. If you’re all on funnel scripts, you looking for funnels. Reach out to Ricky Leyva right here, because he’s the funnel scripts that they’re sharing. The funnels they’re sharing on ClickFunnels is made by him and his stuff is clean. I mean, Russ Lawrence Kim is a, is a big proponent. In fact, he’s a Steve Larson protege. Steve Larson is a Russell prodigy. I’m a Jim Edwards protege. So it’s like get with him. I just want to put a shout out guys. I just want to Lawrence, thank you Lawrence for a great interview. I’m sure all the power hustlers, entrepreneurs in our audience have a much clearer understanding of what’s going on. What is necessary and how can it reach you in case they want, I want, I want them to listen to your podcasts. I want them to follow you on, on your from, because guys he made half of that 20,000. Cause I’ve been watching him because he documented everything. That’s the only thing me and Desirae didn’t do. Watch that. How can we reach you?

Lawrence Kim (50:51):

So right now I’m fully engaged into my experiment right now. So www dot power, hustler, I’m in the middle of that experiment. How can I make $20,000 in 60 days? And I’m documenting it all the way. I’m hoping to use this as a platform for later on, building out a course or something as a how to video. But right now it’s just the behind the scenes of me going through the process of making a physical product, selling it, making money. And I don’t know if I will or will not hit the goal, but I mean, that’s what the game is right now. And I’m a hundred percent all in on that.

Gordon Wat (51:28):

Oh, I mean, he’s going to hit the goal regardless of what? Cause that’s the type of guy he is. You mean? I just wanted to say thank you to the power hustler, mr. BEYOBO opportunity. Be your own boss opportunity. And guys, if you liked this type of content, please like share. Give me a comment on whether you’re watching this on YouTube. I’ll be probably putting this on the podcast later on. What was the name of your podcast? You didn’t get the podcasts.

Lawrence Kim (51:53):

So the yobo podcast. And like I shared because I have to many things going on. Like I, that thing fell off and turned into B yoga and the experiment I’m in now. So the yobo podcast is something that is on Spotify and Apple iTunes and things like that. I will get to it. I promise

Gordon Wat (52:13):

Pushing him in the right direction already. Right. All right. Please leave us a comment is just such a pleasure to watch you grow. I’m going to have to bring you back on, stay tuned next week. Next Saturday, same time, same place, because I’ll be bringing you all kind of different speakers, guests, interview things that, that everybody deserves a second chance. And like me Lawrence and all my speakers, we hold onto that dearly because when you’re in a situation where you want to move on that second chance means a lot. And if we can provide that information for you, that can push you into the right direction, whatever path you’re on, right? Like Lawrence said, we never changed. We just changed the direction. That’s all it is. And that can be your special power.

Lawrence Kim (53:03):

Yeah. I got something. Everybody that joined us live today, I’m going to send Gordon a link so that you can join me behind the scenes of what I’m doing. You don’t have to pay or anything like that. You can join. I’m going to send Gordon the link and he’ll send that over to you guys. So you can join us in the be yobo movement as I’m going through it, writing us live. We really appreciate your

Gordon Wat (53:26):

All right, Lawrence. Have a good day. Guys got to send me the link. So it’s going to be Julie, Ricky and Marie. Oh, and there’s like three of us right here right now. Because a lot of them, I know a lot of people is going to watch this on the replay anyway, but this is the, this is the momentum we’re going to please give us a thumbs up. If you’re watching this on YouTube subscribe, you’re watching those Facebook. You missed out on, watch him live, watch him live because you never, you never know because I got a lot to give. All right, brother, you have a good day. We’ll bring you on again. Alright. Have a good day guys. Stay safe, right?

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