How Holding On To Second Chances Can Literally Change You From The Inside Out…Tale Of Two Friends

Let me tell you a quick story about Michael Torres Jaimes…

Some Friendships Are Destined To Be Great

Michael Torres Jaimes is one of those guys that embraced the problem he was in a few years ago…

You see, Michael Torres Jaimes has always been an entrepreneur or someone that just wanted more in life from when we first met, and through the years we have both grown into what you will see here today in this interview.

He really needed to make the best of the situation but through depression and anxiety, he met a gentleman named Harold (and he explains how important this gentleman was so important to him.

He talks about one of the big obstacles he faced and how he overcame that whole situation all while building himself back up to the man he is today.

“Make The World A Better Place With You In It”

Michael Torres Jaimes’s problem boiled down to certain keys things in his life that now he talks about it when people come to help for his services

This meant that when he does his special work with his clients they can have the utmost respect and when relating to him about how he overcame his struggles.

Michael even hit a brick wall when trying to put himself back together but overcame every obstacle to what he is now

Who Is the expert Michale Torres Jaimes And Why Should I Listen To Him?Michale Torres Jaimes is an expert in making the best of second chances whose accomplishments include:

* Quantum Life Coach at Mental Emotional Release (MER) Timeline specialist
* Quantum Life Coach and Master Practitioner
* Trainer of NLP and CEO of Coaching Mastery Performance
* Certified Life Coach at the International Coaching Federation
* Trainer of Coaches at Life Coach Institute
* Mental Emotional Release Specialist…and much much more

Looking To Move Forward

Here are some hands on history of the man.
* Spent the last decade and over helping people find their divine gifts
* Studied at PSI seminars and was just featured on one of the top leading life coaching magazines
* Built a couple of programs and is currently waiting for his own program to get approved by the life coaching institutePersonal

* Started diving into this subject way back in 2001 where we first met
* Has helped hundreds find their inner scope
* Went from running the streets of LA, to the internet streets and stages all over the country
* Went couch surfing at the beginning of his career
* Fortunate enough to have someone put him on the right path under a scholarship in his field
* Found more than a dozen ways to help others do the same

So as you can see, Michael Torres Jaimes is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about making the best of second chances! You are not going to want to miss this one for sure.

So what’s the moral of the story?
Gordon Wat & Michael Torres Jaimes just discussing change

Now it’s your turn to succeed as a struggling addictive personality type and listen to see how two friends that came from the gutter that can push you in the right direction….looking for more information?

Holding on to second chances is going to be a life long quest for myself and all my guest…so you too can change.

The transcripts of this interview are down below.

Gordon Wat (00:00):

All right. All right. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Good morning to this Saturday edition of real talk, real stories real change, making the best of second, second chances series with a very special guest. That’s really dear to my heart. And, you know, he was able to maneuver through all the pitfalls of becoming the, one of the biggest names in the industry. And you ain’t going to really want to miss this one. So stay tuned, guys, let me run this and then we’ll figure out how we can get him on and answer some questions. I figure out what’s going to happen later on in the future. Alright,

Speaker 2 (00:59):


Gordon Wat (01:04):

Welcome back guys. Are you guys in for a treat? I wanted to say that. Hello. My name is Gordon Wat and I’ll be your host. And today I’m talking with another powerful guest speaking about holding on to second chances and you still, Michael Jaimes Torres is also an expert in this field and has turned his lifelong mission in to helping others do the same thing. Let’s bring on Mr. Michael Torres right here, Mr. Michael, welcome to the show, right? Mr. Gordon, how you been? I just wanted to say, I hope people will be watching this live or watching this on the replay. If you’re watching this live on YouTube, give us a thumbs up. If you’re going to be listening to this, to the replay, download, share it because we have a lot of information alright. Mr. Michael Torres Jaimes. He’s one, one of my brothers from the past life.

Gordon Wat (01:55):

And besides that, just some of the accolades, just some of the accolades that he’s overcame with holding on to second chances by going through this, right. He’s a quantum life coach at a mental, emotional release timeline specialist, right? He’s also a certified life coach at the international coaching Federation trainer of coaches at life coach Institute and an emotional release specialists and much, much more. ok I got people coming on here just to give a little bit, you know, Michael Jaimes is also hands-on expert on the subject of making the best of second chances and he’s going through it right now. Once you hear his story alongside of many of my other guests that you’ve seen, and has graciously consented to this interview, to share with us the stories and skills, he has a team to become a personal life coach faster, easier, and quicker just from these experiences alone. And I just wanted to say Michael Jaimes, Michael Jaimes thank you again for joining us for this live interview. No been mr. Michael Torres Jaimes everybody. Whoa, did you have people? [inaudible] the crowd. I can hear the credit. We’ve got a thousand people, people listening on the other end. And I just wanted to say, it’s been a pleasure watching you grow up my brother. Thank you. Right. It’s just been such, it’s just been such a pleasure being your friend up in arms from back in. I’ve known Michael, since I want to say 2001. Yeah, basically. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And I just wanted to say Mike, tell us a little about yourself.

Michael Torres Jaimes (03:39):

Yeah. I want to ask you a question though. Is this on your personal page? Because I don’t, it’s not coming up. I wanted to share it on my timeline. Right?

Gordon Wat (03:47):

It’s on my personal page right now. I’ll share it to you. I’ll share it. I’ll share it with you. I’m on a friend’s timeline right now. I’m going to put it on yours. Great. We can get started. I mean, we could talk and

Michael Torres Jaimes (04:01):

Yeah. Okay, great. This jam ahead. Awesome. So check this up for someone to say, thank you. Thank you for the introduction. Thank you for inviting me on the show. And I want to just say to you, Gordon, it’s been an honor to know you. I mean, we’ve known each other through different phases of our lives and it’s not, it’s, it’s rare sometimes to have people go through all the phases of life and still be there for you still not just be there for you, but people that have evolved with you because I don’t know for you guys watching this show, but for me, my friendships are important. The people that I care about that I love are important in my life and there’s nothing that I want more in my life or that I desire more in my life to be able to grow with the people that I care about, whether it’s family or close friends and this path, according to which I’m sure you can attest to is one of the most challenging things that I’ve had to do is let go of certain that I care about that I care about still care about, but I had to let them go because the path that I want, I’m going on, the path that I’m being called to be on was out of alignment with that other path.

Michael Torres Jaimes (05:11):

And as you know, environment is everything. Environment is everything. Especially when we get to choose our environment, right? So I want to say to you. Thank you. Thank you for you evolving with me alongside and for inspiring me too. Cause there’s been moments, a lot of moments when you know, you’ve inspired me and we’ve inspired each other and here we are here we are. Do you know what’s happening?

Gordon Wat (05:34):

You’re right now it says you might have a block on your public settings because I can’t share it to your page, right? No. How about I make it? Yeah, it’s really. It’s it’s

Michael Torres Jaimes (05:45):

I got you. Okay. Cool. All right cool.

Gordon Wat (05:47):

Cool. I just wanted to know. I just wanted to make it so that some of your views, anyway, we can watch this on a replay because we’re, are we putting this on a podcast and turning it into some different pieces of content? Cause I just wanted to get this message out. I want to say, I want to tell you something about my mr. Michael.

Michael Torres Jaimes (06:04):

Hi, miss. Yeah,

Gordon Wat (06:06):

He’s grown so much as an individual from when we used to talk on the benches of our past lives and certain, even when he grew into this person, that is who you are right now. And it goes to show that, you know, it doesn’t matter what happens in your background, what happens to you to be able to move forward into something that changes you? Not just emotional, but spiritually and mentally to become the person. It takes a little time and effort, but you know, let’s jump into some, some of these questions that I wanted to just, just ask you, like right, since this is a real talk real stories, and I know you can talk about this from the heart that people might be able to relate to, right? Where was your rock bottom that made you realize that you had to change?

Michael Torres Jaimes (06:55):

Great question. And when it comes to rock bottoms, people talk about that a lot. You know, people, people share stories of their rock bottoms and when they shifted and when they changed. And I want to say something about that. I want to say that not everybody has to go through a major rock bottom and what the work that I know, the messages that Gordon does. Cause what Gordon does. If you guys don’t know, it gets to watch him on my time. And I just got an incredible human being he’s out there impacting the youth. He’s out there giving his time, giving us energy in real talk it’s organization. That’s incredible. Look it up. They’re out there making a big difference in the community. And I say that because, because to do that work requires something special, right? Uh, from an individual that wants to give of themselves.

Michael Torres Jaimes (07:44):

So, um, to, to mention rock bottom and why, why am I mentioned that is because what we’re about and what I’m about is being able to help people evolve into better versions of themselves without having to hit major rock bottom. Yes. Right? Yes. I don’t want you to hear my story and be like, Oh my God, Michael’s rock bottom was this. So that means I need to help something like that to be able to elevate to where he’s at. That’s bullshit. I want to call it all right. Now I have a rock bottom. Now that was my past because I’m, what’s called a stove toucher. Right? Touch your stove touches learn because it, you say don’t touch the stove. It’s hot. Right? We’re like, it is fuck it is hot.

Michael Torres Jaimes (08:31):

Right. So I learned the hard way. I think that’s part of my path. And then I learned, I learned that way so that I can have actual bonafide experience so that when I speak and when I teach and when I help, I’m not coming from Just, I read it in a book, right. Actually some of this stuff, Gordon has lived some of this stuff and we’ve had to evolve and learn certain tools. So my, the one that really shifted for me was when I was sitting in a, in a federal detention center and I was sitting there and, and I was looking at 20 to life, right. For drug conspiracy. Right. And I was sitting there going like, wow, I just, I couldn’t see my life anymore. It was gone in 20 years. It was like, my son’s grown up. My parents are passed away.

Michael Torres Jaimes (09:20):

I’m going to be so old. I mean, I just, it felt like I was going to die. And that led to some major, major, major depression in that, in those days, in those, in those months. And the depression was so heavy and so strong, the stress was so strong and so heavy that I had a raccoon eyes because I wasn’t sleeping. I was isolating myself in a small little unit that I was in because I didn’t want to talk to anybody because I was fighting my case. I was going to fight my case. And I was at such a low, I was at such a low and I felt physically so sick. I felt like the worst hangover I had ever had in my life, the worst, but it didn’t go away. Right? The hangover you might last for a day or two, this was like going on every single day.

Michael Torres Jaimes (10:09):

And when I began to realize, as I looked in the mirror and I saw myself looking so pale and near death, I began to realize how strong the mind is because I was causing that stress with my thinking, wow, by worrying, by stressing, by thinking of the worst case scenario, by the regret, by the anger, by the, the guilt that I was experiencing, the shame that I was experiencing of, how did I end up there? My parents having to come see me and them crying. My son crying, my ex not working on with me when I was there. And all of these things led to just a really, that was my bottomless pit. It feels like I was falling and falling and I just didn’t see out. And every time I, Lori came to see me, it was worse news.

Speaker 4 (10:56):

It was like five. It wasn’t like five years,

Michael Torres Jaimes (11:00):

10 years. And then 10 years, 20 years, I’m like, wow, what’s next. Right. And it was in that moment that I’m like, I just felt so bad. And I remember seeing this guy and he was walking around and he was the only guy out of the people that were there. That was happy. He genuinely seemed happy. And I’m like, I used to, I would watch him walk around and be like, how’s this guy. So fricking happy. And you see one of the things that when I work with my, with my, with my clients, one on one and see my clients come to me in those desperate moments in maybe not sit in a cell, but different types of experiences. My clients come to me with stress with feeling like they’re stuck with feeling like there’s no hope. And that’s what I was going through. So now, because I went through that, I’m able to coach people, men, and women, and through those experiences, because what they, what they come to us for when they come to me for is they don’t care that I went to prison.

Michael Torres Jaimes (12:00):

They’re like, yeah, you went from that to this. You can help me change my career. You can help me get in better shape. You can help me find that relationship. Right? So he’s experienced both of you watching their universal experiences and let me share what they want. Exactly. I’m talking about. We were in prison physically. But what I learned and in what I’m going to share with you with this guy that I met in there in this conversation I had was I began to realize after this conversation I had with that one guy that was walking around really happy, his name was Harold. And I went up to Harold and I’m like, I knocked on his door. And I said, Harold,

Speaker 5 (12:40):

I don’t really know you, but I gotta talk

Michael Torres Jaimes (12:42):

The man. And he said, come in you that big, old smile that had. And can you guys relate with this? Can you guys relate with knowing somebody that you’ve brought into that has that warmth? Yes. Yes. Give us a comment that somebody has, that they have that glow. He had that glow and he was incarcerated. This guy’s walking around and I’m in this cell and he starts talking to me. And what I didn’t know. And then what I know now is he was coaching me. He was coaching me. It was coaching me with his words, with his questions. And with this knowledge, and what began to happen in that conversation is that I actually left that cell feeling better for the first time in like two months. And he gave me some books and he started to talk to me about spirituality and personal growth and producing for those of you who are listening to this, this might’ve hit home because you see it’s, it’s not the information is the timing.

Michael Torres Jaimes (13:37):

It was the right time for me to hear this information. And my soul woke up. And it was from that moment that I began to see things differently. And in that moment, I began to see and experience things differently. And I started to read the books he gave me, and they were talking about the inner love because they were talking about this God that is, comes in all different religions and how, how the answers are within. And it was so foreign. It gets so it’s like, I always knew it, but it was brand new. It was really weird. Something woke up in me. And I began from that moment on, on a obsession quest to want to discover more about myself, more about what God is, who God is, what the, what this whole purpose of life is. And then dove into the deep dive of self discovery.

Michael Torres Jaimes (14:27):

Uh, and so that’s kind of, that was the rock bottom. And then what began to happen is, and for you guys that are on this show, you guys can maybe relate with this. You’re probably that person that people come to the, when they’re down and they come to you because of your energy or because of the way you carry yourself, or because you’re able to see things or help them see things differently. So I started to become that Harold for other people while incarcerated and men would come to me and talk to me and be like, why are you so happy in here? Right? And I’d be like, well, you want to sit down and let’s have a conversation. And I began coaching men in there. Not all of them, the ones that were open, one of the, one of the basic principles for coaching that I teach the coaches that I mentor now is you have to have permission, right?

Michael Torres Jaimes (15:11):

Gordon, you have that. I mentioned, if you don’t have permission and you try to share your wisdom, even though it’s coming from like a good place, people are going to, they’re going to like, be like, ah, yeah, they’ve been a resist because there’s no permission is. So when men could give me permission, I would have that conversation. But that I didn’t learn that the easy way I use was at first, when we get this knowledge, we just want to tell everybody, right. Because it feels so good. And people, if they don’t want to, if they’re not ready to hear it, they’re going to, they’re going to put you, they’re going to be like, ah, get away from me. Right. So they’ll begin at pass. And I just read hundreds of books while I was in there. But I didn’t just read books. I studied books.

Michael Torres Jaimes (15:51):

I integrated books. I would take notes. I started to change my vocabulary in there. I started to learn different definitions of different words. I got some school in there as Gordon did and used that time. We use that time as a learning opportunity. And because I began to read about this term called ashram, I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with that term, but what am I, what am I ashram is, is, comes from India. And aShrum is a place that you go to and you go to get away from society and you get away from electronics and you get away from all the things that are distracting. And you go through this Ashram to be in silence, to be still, to do self reflection, to do different meditation practices. So I started, I said to myself, wow, this is the perfect ashram, right?

Michael Torres Jaimes (16:37):

And I started to that environment of being incarcerated as a Holy experience, as an experience to me to learn about myself and what better place to do it than the place with a bunch of men who are so wounded, who are poor projecting their anger and their guilt onto, onto me. So I started to learn how to, how to not allow how to not allow my environment, to affect me and how to stay grounded, how to stay solid, how to stay, how to discover who I am and walk in, who I am, no matter what anybody else is saying. So I am successful in there as you didn’t Gordon. I know. Let me tell you about success. This is,

Speaker 6 (17:22):

This is true, sir.

Michael Torres Jaimes (17:25):

Success isn’t necessarily how much money you make, how many cars you have, how many women, or how many boyfriends you have, those things aren’t success, or even your external things. Those are cool. But the success I’m talking about here was the internal success. It was the fulfillment, it was the internal joy. It was an internal peace that happiness, all that stuff that says right here right now, right? I feel whole and complete and still not finished because I’m evolving. Absolutely. That was my success that I was able to achieve in there. Now you can have the external things. I’m not knocking the external things, guys, just me. I like nice things. You see a pool behind me, right? Is that external, external is only meaningful if you have the equal internal. And if it would, that goes with that. So I think the external doesn’t give you the internal, your internal comes from the connection to your own, your own self discovery, your own spirituality, and from there, and it overflows to the outside. Right? So I’m not sure if, if I tell us, so that was my major rock bottom. One of them I’ve had that belt.

Gordon Wat (18:37):

Hey guys, if you watch even coming and watching this on the replay, or you’re watching this on live, usually I would get engaged with everything else. But guys, Mr. Jaimes Just gave you the keys to yourself. All in a nutshell, that alone has changed minds. His many others, and I can speak hands on a hundred percent true to what he said, because he used to meditate in the garden, right? He used to meditate in the garden. He applied all the books that he had. In fact, this, this quest of his started while we were both inside and we always thought himself, he always told me, I remember sitting on a bench with your brother when we get out, what are we going to do? Right. And mr. Mr. Jaimes is, is doing exactly. So basically he dug his well applied it. He practiced it, everything that he’s saying right now, especially if you’re going to be watching this on the replay or listening to later on everything he says is a hundred percent true.

Gordon Wat (19:48):

And I stand by it because when you were in a bucket of just garbage, what better place to practice, what he just talked about, what better place to apply? Because what we did inside there, I mean, some of us, some of them thought we was crazy, you know? And then, but at the same time, when we come, when we were at the stage that we’re in the season of life that we’re in right now, who’s crazy now, right? It’s like you see, when you get a smiley face, Michael always was happy. And yet the whole key to this is where do you find your Harold at the right time, the right place to move in a direction and help other people. Because

Michael Torres Jaimes (20:31):

Mike Mike’s serving heart.

Gordon Wat (20:34):

He serves for the people that feel under deserved underserved. And he gives them enlightening too. A lot of these things that he does for his thing. All right. Let me ask you this. Um, Mike, I mean, we’re, we’re just, we’re just buddies talking just so you guys are

Michael Torres Jaimes (20:49):

Getting golden nuggets when you’re watching this. Yeah.

Gordon Wat (20:52):

How is it holding on to that second chance applying to your life right now?

Michael Torres Jaimes (21:00):

Yeah, that’s a good question. And so one of the things that I can share is that how you view time is a really, really important aspect to life. And so one of the things that we’ve learned in there is how to view time in a, in a way that is not escaping you, that it’s not that there is enough of everything. And so how I’m able to, to answer your question is now what I’m able to do now is since then, you know, I’ve, I’ve started from the, from the bottom. When I got out, they didn’t have anything, uh, was struggling financially having to get secondhand clothes at different places, catching the bus, going through all the bureaucracy of federal. Um, so there was a big, we got out with a big weight on ourselves, but there’s nobody to blame because we created that weight.

Michael Torres Jaimes (21:56):

We, we created that. So I had to take responsibility for it. So it was how I began to view time, which started in there. You see everybody in there, most, everybody in there are like, I hate being here and I can’t wait to get out to start my life. And I view time as Gordon does time, like, wow, I don’t have enough time in here to prepare me because when I get out, I have a mission, right. That was the major difference that we had that most people. And there’s a few other people like us that were in there that were doing that. And you saw them evolve inside. I’ve carried that same mentality out here. Right, right. As do I get out here and I’m like, okay, I’m always like, there’s not like I need to. I’m preparing myself. I’m always preparing myself.

Michael Torres Jaimes (22:38):

So when I got out, I started at my rock bottom again, when I was out, I knew what I needed to do. Right. And so I did what I had to do until I got to do what I want to do. Let that land guys. I did what I had to do until I got to do what I want to do. I washed cars, I worked for a limousine company. I worked for a restaurant doing fine dining waitering. Those are the things that I had to do. Right. Then I got to do what I want to do because it had the vision of what I wanted to do. So alongside those things, I knew that I wanted to number one, change my environment because in prison, that was the environment that I was, I was in. But your environment is everything. It’s like a Petri dish, right.

Michael Torres Jaimes (23:27):

With microorganisms. And each one affects each one. So I knew that I needed to change my network. I went to personal growth seminars because I wanted to meet new people. And I wanted to get some more education on how to do a, learn more of what I learned. So I invested, I invested heavily into my school actually, while I was on probation. My probation officer couldn’t understand. Cause most, most of her clients, she couldn’t get them to go to any classes that were free. I’m paying for classes, I’m paying for personal growth seminars, thousands of dollars at each one to go learn about myself. So she was like, wow, this guy’s really serious. Right. And I was learning and I was growing and I was building a network of people that I could surround myself with that could support me, that I could support them. Right. Because we all need, we all need support. So that’s why I knew what I’ve created now is a community of other coaches, of other people that want to evolve. And, and, and because as together as a society, as a community, as a tribe, as a family, we can support each other.

Speaker 7 (24:33):

Yeah. So I got involved

Michael Torres Jaimes (24:35):

In PSI seminars. I took all of their courses. I’ve done MIT seminars. I’ve done. I’ve worked with dr. Sue Morter worked with energy medicine. I have, I’ve met that Michael Beckwith. I’ve taken some of his classes. And I’ve also taken a NLP, which is neuro linguistic programming, which is basically how to really master communication with yourself and others or your mind, how to, I learned about how to use or install certain applications in your mind like you do on your phone to get results. I did that practitioner course. I did the master practicioner course. And then I took it to a whole nother level. And I became a trainer of neuro linguistic programming. And I took their one year long coaching program and learn the art of coaching. And since then I’ve continually taken other courses. I’ve, I’ve invested in heavily in some of the greatest marketing and branding companies to help me learn certain strategies and tools that I now help other coaches with.

Michael Torres Jaimes (25:39):

I’ve hired a coach. I’m the coach that I’m working with right now is $60,000. And I paid them for a year. I mean, it’s not cheap. So I’m still investing in the best of the best because I know that I’m wanting to play and I am playing at that level. So I invest in one of the major things for you guys, this to this is, is you have to invest in yourself because you are the most important investment that there is not your house. Those are important investments. You, your wellbeing, your health, your mindset, your emotional stuff. You are the product you are in. The more that you invest in you, the more that you’re going to evolve. So, so what I do now is, you know, I work with people when one on one and that’s a select, very select group that I do is very small group that I do.

Michael Torres Jaimes (26:27):

But I also leave groups now that I’ve after five years of coaching, hundreds of people to two years, I’ve been teaching classes. So I teach group classes, a certified life coaches under the ICF, which is the international coach Federation. So I make sure that I follow a standard, right? That I follow that. Cause there’s ethical guidelines in coaching. There’s morals. There’s a lot of things that go with that. So now I lead, I lead groups. I teach people to do what I do, but guys, for those of you that want to do this work, you have to learn, you have to master your craft first, right? You can’t teach people until you’ve mastered their craft. So I spent five years, a mastery of my craft 10 years before that incarcerated. You know? So I’ve been in this game when, I mean game, I mean personally, right at nine 19 years.

Michael Torres Jaimes (27:18):

So this is 19 years and Gordon Gordon, likewise, what 18 more, I think if not 18 years. So it’s not like we just woke up and all of a sudden we’re making these fucking videos go on like this the way you guys need to do, we have put in the work guys. And for you guys watching this, maybe at any level, whether you went through a past like ours or whether you’re you have it, maybe you’ve been working corporate. Maybe you have a job. Maybe you own your own business and you want to transition it to something new. You have to put in the work to something new. You have to master a new craft. Right? And I work with a lot of coaches who, who have never had their own business. So I have to coach them on the entrepreneur mindset, right? This is really important.

Michael Torres Jaimes (27:59):

Cause it’s a different mindset. There’s the, there’s the clock puncher mindset and there’s entrepreneur mindset, two different mindsets. And a lot of coaches don’t realize the importance of being able to master the entrepreneur mindset. Right? And so what I teach now is I’ve taken my experiences that Gordon does. So I’ve taken years of experiences, years of mistakes with that are nothing more than feedback. And I’ve created a certain formulas, certain processes that I can give people the formula and say, look, this is the formula. This is the strategy. And this strategy, if you apply, it was going to get your results, but I can’t do the formula for you. And then there’s the, this is the mindset and I can coach you on. This is the mindset I can give you the tools that can help you work through the limiting beliefs, the unconscious mind. Then I can say the third step is this. Now you need the skill set. And this is where people drop off Gordon right here, right? Because will Smith says talent can only get you so far.

Speaker 5 (29:04):

Yeah. A lot of people that are talented,

Michael Torres Jaimes (29:06):

and never go anywhere in life. In sports, in engineering, in business, they got the in, they got a talent. Everybody has a talent, but they don’t practice. They don’t get the skillset because they don’t take the time to hone in to perfect, to sharpen

Speaker 5 (29:27):

The talent. That’s skill skill

Michael Torres Jaimes (29:29):

Is beating on your craft. This is what will Smith says beating on your craft over time is scale. And so in any field, whether you’re thinking about becoming a life coach or you’re thinking about becoming musician or thinking about becoming an athlete, whatever you want to do, there’s this certain part that’s called the skill set. And if you want to know more about that, pick up the book called mastery by Robert Greene, he’s, it’s an amazing book. He talks about the different denominators of all the people who have achieved a level of mastery. And there’s certain, there’s certain formula and key codes that you just, you can’t escape. There’s a 10,000 hour theory or 10 years. Basically what that’s saying is not the time. This is what this is. What’s key. It’s not, it’s not that you need 10 years. It’s the focus that you have in the 10.

Gordon Wat (30:17):

Years. It’s the leverage The leverage of applying. Yeah. What you have in the amount of time that you’ve been given, because there’s two different sets of people, like you said, but let’s go back to you story, Mikey. What? He says a hundred percent true because I, when he calls me or I call in, we check up since, you know, we do brother checkups and stuff. He’s invested heavily into his education applied. Yeah. Hired him mentor. Right? Did the dirty one did this certain things that where he can actually say he’s controlling everything that he does right now. But from the past he couldn’t control anything because he had to do what he had to do. Same like same like myself. And even if you put yourself in a box, say you like, like Mike, Mike said, it’s not because we didn’t physically in the prison. You might be putting yourself in a box mentally, emotionally, and everything else that you need to have somebody like Mike myself or your Harold, figure out how to pull you out of that box so that

Gordon Wat (31:20):

You can move forward or whatever you have going on. You know, Mike, way back when Mike used to call me, I was like, Oh, I wonder what are you doing? I’m coming to Vegas,. You know what I mean? This is real real talk. I want you to come to the seminar. Let’s see if we can hang out. Maybe I told him, I’d come over to the house. You got a house to stay over here, anytime you mean, but he slept on couches. He was broke. He came out with nothing. You mean he’s holding on to his second chances right now. He even got, I remember this one story specifically, you got granted that scholarship to do what you’re doing now. And that was your stepping stones when everything right right now. And he just catapulted into that guy. How do you get right?

Gordon Wat (32:01):

If you’re investing in a mentor, 60, a hundred thousand into something, you playing on a serious level, right? You playing on a serious level, right? like myself, right? You, I tell a lot of people, if you’re not, if you don’t have the money, you can get a scholarship. You can get help, invest the time, dig your well get on people’s groups, do things that are going to propel you into something where the time comes like with this situation, with COVID and stuff, things can move on. And you know, I’ve met some of them I’ve met some of them Mikey’s clients. And they’re like ecstatic when they come in, because he just might

Michael Torres Jaimes (32:40):

Just did a video

Gordon Wat (32:41):

Live video on a coaching call.

Michael Torres Jaimes (32:44):

That is so powerful.

Gordon Wat (32:47):

Yeah. I mean, being the me being honest, I am like, look at this dude right here, pulling this. And I love it.

Michael Torres Jaimes (32:55):

Honestly love that stuff because if you can serve anybody to become a better place, it’s actually like, I tell people it’s actually a gift, a blessing and a curse at the same time, you know, you can do this a lot. Let me ask you this, right. Yeah.

Gordon Wat (33:15):

Yeah. We can talk about this till we blue in the face.

Michael Torres Jaimes (33:20):

What would be something different that you would do

Gordon Wat (33:24):

In your business, knowing what, you know,

Michael Torres Jaimes (33:27):

Now moving forward. Yeah. That’s a good question. If I, if I knew what I knew you mean like that is a question that back then, what would I do? Different?

Gordon Wat (33:39):

And in present tense, you know, it’s, it’s something like just five years ago, we’d been at this for a little while now. Pick one that really resonates with you that made you shift, pivot, get out of that paradigm, get out of that state that you was in. Right? You always have one that one that just like, Oh, that thing’s like, uh, they mean, yeah, what happened?

Michael Torres Jaimes (34:07):

Well, here’s the thing. And it’s like, I don’t want to talk about a word that sometimes gets a bad rap or can get a bad rap. And that’s obsession. Obsession can get a bad rap, which will say, Oh, he’s obsessed. Or she’s obsessed. Like, it’s kind of like a negative thing. Like they can’t stop, but I don’t view obsession as a negative team. I view obsession as a positive thing. And, and like, like you said, you mentioned a couple of things. Like, let me be really clear with everybody. Like, and super direct since 2012, which is when I was released in 2020 now, which is eight, eight years. There’ve been many lows in that process, many lows or in talked about when I lived in a couch that’s five years ago. That’s not that long ago, five years ago, I was living on going from house to house.

Michael Torres Jaimes (34:56):

Didn’t have a place to stay because not because I couldn’t make money. I want to let me talk about something serious. It’s not because I couldn’t make money. It’s because I made a decision that I was going to do what I love and I was going to make it at that. So I let go of all the other stuff that I could have. Right, right, right. Not that it couldn’t survive. I could, but I was doing things that were not my calling. And God was saying to me, was saying to me, trust me, you’re chasing, you’re chasing crumbs. And I want to give you the kingdom. Right. But I was so fucking scared because I didn’t believe myself enough to be able to impact people and create a living guys, let this land because I’ve been, I’d been impacting people before that 14 years, but I never made a living at it for all.

Michael Torres Jaimes (35:52):

They’re making, helping people out and are broke as a joke, which is, I was, there is a way in integrity with ethics, with morals to create a living, doing what you’re here to do. And that’s when I made the decision at that time, I said, I listened to, it was a clip from Jim Carey. And I, I heard this clip and he was talking to the Maharishi graduating group. The college group and Maharishi was like, it was like a spiritual college. And he was giving a speech and he was sharing a speech. And he said, he shares a story about his dad. And in that story, he says that his dad was just an amazing man, a talented comedian, great human being. And his dad came to a point in his life where he was like, is he gonna be a comedian? Or is you going to, is you’re going to do what he, what he, what he needs to do for the family.

Michael Torres Jaimes (36:45):

And he didn’t see that he could make it with the, with the comedian life. So he took the safe job or working in like some company. And he did that. And for years, and his dad ended up getting fired from that job. And he said, I learned a lot from my dad. One of the, one of the lessons is this is that you can fail at what you don’t love or don’t like doing. So you might as well take a chance at what you do. And it just like floored me, him. And I heard that thing going. It was like, Ooh. I’m like, I’m like, since I’ve been out of incarcerated. I had many lows. I invested 20,000 in an online company failed. Um, I had lost the money and it wasn’t on the couch failed. And I’m like, you know what, when I lost that income the second time, and I was sitting there going like, do I go back in and hustle or do I just take a leap of faith?

Michael Torres Jaimes (37:39):

And this is what I want to talk about. The obsession comes in. I had to become obsessed. I had to become absolutely obsessed with my craft, with being the best that it could be in my field with doing whatever it takes a course within ecology. Ecology means good for good for your body. Good for others. And good for the community. As long as my values were aligned, doing whatever it takes, right. Doing whatever it takes and asking myself this question that I want to ask you, this, ask yourself, what are you not willing to do? And go do that shit right there. Exactly. Yes, yes.

Gordon Wat (38:21):

This is what I tell a lot of people ask me. Gordon is like my, how do you do it? I, this is where I said, if you want to, depending on what you’re doing, I say, I tell him, I tell people this. I did exactly the opposite of what I was used to.

Michael Torres Jaimes (38:39):

Yeah. Right.

Gordon Wat (38:40):

Exactly the opposite. Cause what I did before didn’t work, take away all the money, the cars, the power, and all that other bullshit. And I went on this quest, as you see now becoming the best human being, I could be possible in the timeframe that I have right now because the damage I’ve caused, not just to myself but other communities. And I did exactly the opposite from thinking the mindset, my emotions. In fact, before, before this all started, Mike asked me, Gordon, let’s go do something. I told this is a true story. I told Mikey, let me go find, let me go find myself after I get my son. And I just right before the show, I explained to him what happened. And he had, Mike had a smile on his face. Like, and it am I afraid of being a father? Hell yeah. Because I never did was a good one. Right. But that’s just one of those things that I you’re going to fail. You’re going to have emotions. You’re going to have certain things. But like Mike said, you gotta be so obsessed with what you want to do and become the best at it. You know what I mean? I can tell, I can tell that most people will give up at the first chance, like this COVID thing happening right now. A lot of people are throwing in the towel

Michael Torres Jaimes (40:01):

Gordon with covid thing, right in the group that I lead in week two of COVID the group that I lead was coach performance, mastery. Right. I took a group of people. And during that difficult time, I was their mentor coaches to hit over $25,000, some hit $30,000 in Covid. So you can’t, that doesn’t mean shit. Right? There’s to your point. Right. And so, but I want to say, I want, I want to just give, I want to say something to people because I know I’m making it seem like about me and I did this, I did this and yeah. It’s used it. Right? So here’s the thing, like when you look in the mirror, you have the, sometimes it’s this you in the mirror, you and God, you and spirit you in the mirror. But let me, I want to also remind people something and say something.

Michael Torres Jaimes (40:44):

I didn’t do it alone. Yeah. I didn’t do it alone. Not only that God support me, but there’s been other human beings that God work through that fear. So I want it to be credit to some of those people, because I didn’t mean if I don’t mention you like that doesn’t mean there’s a little bit of, there’s been more than a few that have believed in me, believed in me and supporting me even financially, emotionally throughout the last eight years. That’s why I’m here too. And I believed that it was God working through them to help me, but it was through other human beings and you never know who you’re going to meet. That’s going to be that person. So I’ve had my friend [inaudible], he’s helped me out financially, throughout certain times in life. I’ve had this, one of my good, good dear friends who I still talk to.

Michael Torres Jaimes (41:37):

Her name is Alma Flores. She’s helped. Now you talked about a scholarship. I got, uh, that was with dr. Mack who scholarship me into some of the NLP programs. And then I hired him, paid him 60,000. And then there’s my friend, Jules, Jules, when there was a seminar and I wanted to go to the, to the men’s leadership. I didn’t have enough money. He helped me get to that. Yeah. There’s been people like that guys. Right. My journey. So I want to make sure I’m clear. Like I, it was, I had a lot of support to. Um, I’ve my family, my family have supported me. Right. So you have to be willing and open to ask for support too. It’s really, really good, important. Like, we don’t have to do it alone. I’ve got a program. And if somebody really honestly can’t afford what my program costs, I give them a scholarship, but it’s gotta be genuine.

Michael Torres Jaimes (42:23):

It’s because they’re really in that financial situation. And there’s some other criteria that I go with. But, um, I’m also, I also believe in giving back and Gordon, you’re huge on giving back brother. So, so one of the that if you want to be successful, you know, you should be giving back. Right. But I’m in a position where I can give back now. So I do. But in the beginning, this is a mistake. A lot of people make is they give back too soon through. Let me tell you what I mean by that. They they’re, they’re struggling, they’re down and they’re volunteering all their time and helping everybody. But they haven’t helped the number one person, which is himself. If you don’t help yourself first, if you don’t fill your cup with the Holy spirit, with, with your, your abundance, with your financial, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Michael Torres Jaimes (43:06):

They would, you don’t have, if you don’t have inner joy, you can’t give it if you don’t have love. Yeah. Yeah. But if you don’t have financial resources, you cant give. So I had to cultivate myself. I was giving away love and joy, but I couldn’t help people out because I was financially at a bad place. And now I’ve created that financial wealth to go with my inner wealth. So I have both. Right. And it’s possible for you guys, Gordon, and I can go from where we can go, right? If I can go from coming out and federal probation, washing cars, working as a restaurant person, working as a, as a limousine driver to being on a, on a couch to making multiple six figures in integrity, helping other people, guys, you can do whatever you want to do in your life. At any stage at the message .

Michael Torres Jaimes (43:48):

We really want to give you guys right wherever you’re at. Does it have to be that if you were, you know, incarcerated, you can do it. But even if you’re not incarcerated, here’s the thing is that we learned I’m going to speak for Gordon because I’ve had this conversation. And I know he’s going to agree with this. We were in prison in here before we were in prison. A lot of people, there’s a lot of people walking around who have never been to physical prison, but they’re living in this mental prison that Gordon. And I can help you guys break out of. Cause that’s what we’ve done. We’ve just broken out of the mental prison that we created, that society put on us, that our parents or lack of parents, I put this prison and a lot of people are walking around enslaved in their own lines, right? So we want to help people break free, break free of that. And so you can be really free so you can explore and have fun. Why not? Right? Yeah.

Gordon Wat (44:43):

Oh, this is, Hey, let me, I love this guys. This is going to be, I’m going to have to bring back Mike later on in the future to get more deep into analyzing because all the stuff that when I tell a lot, a lot of people what say somebody like Mike does or all my other people that’s going to be coming on here. As other guests, all we do is we want to help people get to where they want to be potentially because what people see in Mike is huge potential, right? And then along the process, you have to figure yourself out. And part of that is experience wisdom, applying, failing, going through all the bullshit that we’ve been through to be where you’re at right now, because let’s face it guys, I’m going to tell you this, I’m going to do it. I want to see that God’s honest truth right now, right?

Gordon Wat (45:34):

The reason why I became the, a marketer type of guy. And because Mike introduced me to something a long time ago, we made a little money. We failed. I mean we, and, but, and we, we did that, but we learned from it to where we are right now is just ridiculous. Right? Yeah. People, people want your services. People, wants you to help them. But like, a big pointed to use it. You have to be full insight to be able to give. And it goes to show , like, even for me, even for myself, it’s just really, you know, like we read a lot of Tony Robbins, Robbins books while we was inside. Cause we was all on that same path. Right. He always talks about being that emotional, emotional bliss state.

Michael Torres Jaimes (46:28):

Right? Yeah. Once people hit that,

Gordon Wat (46:31):

When you really understand that life goes in another direction that if you’re not prepared and you haven’t been through it to have a little foundation, things get really, really great.

Michael Torres Jaimes (46:45):

Great. He’s touched that. I’ve touched it. Right. And it’s,

Gordon Wat (46:50):

It’s better than any drug, any euphoric feeling that you have because you know, you’re in control of a lot of things that you never was before. And it’s just true. That process, Mike. Yeah. Let me ask, let me ask you. You can relate to that really, really good right now. Let me ask you this. How can, before we close out the show, anything you want to say that could point them in the right direction, whether it’s going to be later on in the future or where, because this way they might wellness follow you on your social media, get your program one day, give them a little step and where they can reach you at. Yeah.

Michael Torres Jaimes (47:30):

Cool. Awesome. Yeah. Well, I mean, I just want to say, like, I think one thing I want to mention to everybody is, is whatever you want to really do with your life. You can, you can do it. You can, you can honestly really do it. Like the mind is a powerful tool. Like it’s a horrible master. It’s a beautiful servant. Invest in learning more about how the mind works and how to be more control of your emotional state. Right? If you can learn and learn to master how your mind works through your emotional state, then you can have, what’s called alignment with those. And when you have alignment, you can channel your higher power. You can channel spirit, you can show the force that created the universe. And so I want to just encourage you guys to do the work around that. And don’t be afraid to invest in yourselves.

Michael Torres Jaimes (48:16):

Guys. Don’t be afraid to invest. If you invest in my program called come, when you can hit me up, I have coaching programs. But if it’s not me, don’t resonate with my energy, invest in something. Because what happens is not just the information, a program like the one that I have is it takes you through a process. And I, and I got to hold your hand through the process, right? And it helps with motivation and accountability. And it gives you a sense steps, key codes and formulas for success. And there’s other programs like mine out there. Other people who are leading the way in this, this education of personal growth, get involved in that. Don’t be afraid to invest. You can take free stuff, but there’s something that happens when you invest financially in yourself. There’s a difference. There’s something that happens energetically because you there’s a, there’s a exchange.

Michael Torres Jaimes (49:04):

Remember the word currency currency means current it’s supposed to flow. So what, where are you flowing that currency in? Are you flowing? Are you flowing that currency into things that really don’t help you? Like, are you going, is it, is it to Friday night happy hour when it could be going to a course that can help you become a better person. So where are you flowing that current? And is it coming back to you to multiply your return? So invest your money and not just return like that. Your money needs to make you more money. Those are good investments too. But I’m talking about investing in places that help you become the better version of you. So you can have more joy, more happiness and have less regret because the number one thing that they’ve done with people before they passed, they asked them, they said, I wish I would have done that thing that I wanted to do.

Michael Torres Jaimes (49:52):

And that’s a story I want to end with this. What does a guy that passed away? And he ended up at the pearly Gates and he was at the pearly Gates and he cross to the pearly Gates and he sees this vision. He sees this picture of a person off to in front of him. He is not sure who it is. And he starts walking towards this person. He’s getting closer to it and it gets clear. And he goes, that person looks familiar and he gets up to the person and he looks at this person and he goes, wow. That’s who I wish I would have been while I was still alive. Beautiful. Don’t let that be. You guys beautiful

Gordon Wat (50:28):

And be that person. That’s it. I live by pretty much that we lived the past life. We went through that. It didn’t get us nothing, but I just want to say, if you want to reach out to Mike, Mike Jaime’s, he’s a dear friend of mine. In fact, he’s like close to this as close as my brother with, with, with the rest of the people that I bring on here, because we’re all moved on and want to help other people. All right, Mike, this has been thank you, Mike Jaimes is for a great interview. I’m sure all the future life coaches, entrepreneurs, anybody who wants to get out of their box or anyone in our audience watching, listening to this on the podcast, streaming on YouTube later on watching me. So not facebook. The good probably is going to be about 500 views by the end of, by the end of the day, hopefully you can reach out to Mike, see how we can help you and everything else and how important that second chances to hold on to in even no matter where you are in life right now.

Gordon Wat (51:26):

Right? And thank you for watching. I think so next week I have, um, I have a situation, but I’ll probably fill in a show somewhere in between in the week. If you’re watching this on YouTube, hit the subscribe button and hit the like button hit the thumbs up. If you’re watching this on you on Facebook, please leave us a comment so I can bring you more things like this that can actually move you in the right direction. Thank you, Michael. Mike, it’s been a pleasure watching you grow and hope to get you on these show and help you move on. Go on to wherever we got together. And I just wanted to see us do it. I love you brother. All right. Oh, the signature move. Mike, show me a signature. Move on the heart. It’s in the heart. It’s guys hit love you guys. Message him. Reach out to him if you’d have stuck in anything guys. And I just want to say, please like share, leave us a comment. Just reach out to any one of us to see how we can and help you move on to whatever you got going on. All right, let me go. You guys have a good way to stay safe all day and I’ll catch you guys later. All right. All right.

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