What’s The Number One Secret People Always Overlook…One More Time

If you’re one of those online content producers, business person, health fanatics, getting your life started again and who is committed to doing something else, then here is a one more time tip to get you going in the right direction.

The Bottom Line Here Is: Do One More Piece Of Content Everyday, One More Video, One More Rep, and push yourself to just do one more thing…dig your well… one more scoop and use this analogy to get to where you want to be…one more minute, one more hour, one more tear is where you find your “AHA” moment, and carry that momentum to where you want to be for your tomorrow. One more attempt, one more thing you might understand a little better.

What ever you choose…one more time

The main idea for every high-level achiever ( yeah that is you) or someone just starting over is with this idea is that every minute gives you time to do one more thing you may have missed before… one more learning experience, one more chance to get better. One more piece of content, one more chance at life, one more attempt as a father. Don’t you think its time to give yourself one more chance.

So, here’s what this really means: the more you try the faster you fail, the faster you fail the easier it gets to not do it again. Hopefully! but that is another story… You see I have failed so many times that you could almost say I mastered failure like my friends book, and you know what without failure and trying again I wouldn’t be here writing about it.

Change is right in front of you..

Everyone needs to understand this spells the difference between success and giving up because most people throw in the towel on their first try, especially in business, health, and wellness, or even just becoming a better person general. Where would the world be if everyone gave up on their first attempt. Its all about that attitude and behavior that I know dam well you have more in the gas tank to just give up…

Give it one more try….and reap the blessings.

My sound advice and expertise at this point is to take whatever you are doing and give it one more shot, one breakthrough, one more client…shit one more chance at life and go for it. Get better, hone those skills, smile and laugh a little bit more at the situation and do yourself a favor and move forward.

And here’s one more thing. Did you realize, since you have gotten down this far without closing out the page…I am giving away my book so you can read how having one more chance inspired me to just give all this crap away…(READ MORE BELOW)

Here is the one reason…one more attempt is so important.

Since dealing with only private clientele, and a few chosen, being a new father time is very limited and I try to put stuff that could not just transform yourself but whomever you come in contact with as a person. Because I know if I can change your life….you can change others, and that is the plan for the whole bigger picture.

Oh and before I forget…podcast is up and running just submitted to itunes, spotify and all other platforms so stay tuned. In the mean time here is that book…but before that happens I need to know where to send it too.


Helping you strive for a better tomorrow is a passion of mines that will never fail.

Hit the little link at the top above my picture and tell me where to get my book to you.

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