How A Backpack Of Belongings And Just A Dream Changed Everything


You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today…been digging my well (metaphor) for this exact moment when everything gets approved and wanted to let you know that there is someone out here fighting for you also. Looking for someone that just plain gets you? Been through more struggles, pain, tears, heartaches and much more to explain.

Here is to second chances

Let me tell you a quick story about doing so many things wrong in the first half of my life, drugs, criminal activity, prison, abandoning two daughters and everything under the sun moon and earth. S#&!…when I look back at the person before I was a disgusting individual.

A very long time ago from a broken home bouncing from grandma’s to dads, to moms back and forth not having no stability with schools or guidance. The one way I thought could take me out of the emotional confusion was to make money and buy my way out at all means necessary and cost.

Emotional Baggage Is Bad to Deal With

Fast forward to mid teenage years living in between two housing projects in the worst part of downtown and you can imagine where I turned. The biggest problem, having this chip on my shoulder of being smarter than most…I used it for negative things.

I was getting more and more deeper and deeper into the criminal lifestyle during high school and after that through college. I’ll let your imagine get the best of you, and what ever you had in your head multiply that by about 100 fold. Money, cars, assets, businesses you name it done it, but I always knew something was missing inside of me.

Then something really bad happened or what I call now is a blessing. After a run of about 10+ years of living the gangster life or the things you see on videos now. I was going to be doing a long amount of incarceration time per the federal government.

Nobody Knows Except You The Struggles

All the money I had accumulated, all the assets, wasn’t going to be saving me now…and all that time I could have done good I didn’t. Maybe I could still become the person I know I could be and this is what was needed to make it happen.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of providing a different lifestyle for myself that I could be proud of.


Then I decided to use the time wisely over the next 12 years to become a better person while detoxing not just from drugs but from my bad inner self.

At that point, everything changed, how looking at the bigger picture could really help me in the long run

I finally figured out how to:

– Change over time

– Learned different cultures

– Control a lot of feelings like anger when I was already jaded to a lot of things

– Dove back into stay up-to-date with what was going on in world

– Moved forward by diving into self-help books waiting for the time when I could implement

– Learned psychology and how it works with emotions

Because I discovered all those things from those years of being under a rock…per se

It’s All About The Effort

I knew in my heart I was going to be able to have a second chance and wanted to share those thoughts.

To make this a short story…blood was spilt, bones were broken but I endured a 14 year sentence and completed 5 years of federal probation for all my wrong doings. That is a total of close to 20 years digging my well getting better, proving to myself that if I could change I could show others how to do it.

Now I am able to help others

– Hold on to second chances and never have to look back again

– Handle things better when they arise again, because it will happen again

– Get over shortcomings that are made up in their head

Now I’m living my dream of providing a good clean lifestyle for myself and my little family, and promised myself and the man up above to help as many as I can one person at a time if I have too.

Started Out With Single Backpack With Everything I owned.

And that’s why I’m so passionate I’m sharing with you about “Real Talk Real Stories Real Change” so you can experience change from someone that has been in your shoes and much more.

Still thinking you cannot change even in these times… I personally want to help struggling addictive personality types because I am just like you.

Want more? Find me on all platforms, because I have been waiting patiently for people that have the high level achiever mentality but never had the blue print to move forward.

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