Bad SH#! Is Going To Happen…But There Is Alway’s A “But”

Bad SH#! Is Going To Happen…But There Is Alway’s A “But”

Whatever Takes place, remind yourself there is always a way out of everything.

Bad stuff occurs – big and little.
Shit is going to happen regardless-like it or not
Situations are going to head your way-ready or not

It’s inescapable and that is a thing called life testing you out

Things happen all the time.

Pandemics … flat tires … social discontent … your blog after 5 years goes down, computer has a nasty virus, your fb gets closed down … loss of job … death of a member of the family … loss of a pet … economic situations …


It’s life … or the big guy in the sky really has a nasty sense of humor

It’s not that I don’t take those things seriously if fact I really do even though it might seem like I don’t care. Seriously though the only way to get through it all is to have a few things that have helped myself and others who have followed for years. Here are a few things that will help with your situation that might be going on with you right now.

My belief in God (or having faith in your religion)
There are things you can’t control, though you feel like you can do it all the time. Understand there is always you can focus on that can incrementally bring you and your family out of the situation. But one thing that stays and will always be a foundation is my faith in the big man up top.
The theory is, no one gets a free pass from the crap that occasionally blows through our lives, either collectively or separately, even in a society as a whole.

However, in the end, you’re either a sufferer or a victor … your a complainer or a doer…you can dwell on the negative or look for that silver lining that can change everything moving forward.

Keeping your vision sharp and your mind ready is a trick of the trade as well as focus on what you want to accomplish the next time anything occurs.

When things are going “terribly” recognize that something much bigger and better is around the corner. Because it always happens, it might be small that can lead to something unexpected but it always does.

Keeping to Your Vision

When things are going “Beautifully” value them as well because it is just as important as the bad. BE grateful for the small things, because if you are prepared to enjoy the good with the bad, and having vision you have won half the battle both emotionally and psychologically.

These top two things are keys, having faith in the man up above, accompanied by a vision for what can happen tomorrow will give your superpowers that even your best marvel character will be envy of.

Keeping you inspired and motivated for a life you truly deserve
Vision and Faith

Now go enjoy your day and the rest of whatever you have going on.

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