Word Of The Day | Struggle


Most people immediately associate the word “struggle” with “growing pains.”

It’s not uncommon for part-time consultants, high-level professionals, even entrepreneurs to think about where they started and how far they’ve come when they hear the word “struggle.” However, a large percentage of people believe they must get through it to have a story to tell just to feel like they have something to contribute however when I hear the word “struggle,” I think of myself as a better person who has learned from my mistakes. My thoughts on the word “struggle” when it comes to messaging and communication, life, business, partnerships especially if you’re looking to build a successful, scalable program that will benefit both your client and yourself: Laughing to myself, knowing that I will be better after it all, relishing in the processes…sure things usually are frustrating at the time, but the win what ever that means to you will be even more meaningful…Excitedly speculating about what lies aheadWhat you’ve learned and what you’ve experienced as a result of that one momentIn 99.9 percent of the time, struggle serves as a springboard for further stories, triumphs, and fresh starts.OH, and by the way…like this type of content and what I have done with it. Message me for details on how you can turn being a part-time consultant into a mega-influencer on your terms.

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