Why Every Parent Or Guardian Of A Troubled Youth Should Have Them Watch Real Talk’s First-Ever Virtual Meeting.

Why Every Parent Or Guardian Of A Troubled Youth Should Have Them Watch Real Talk’s First-Ever Virtual Meeting.

With the growing need to keep everything safe, Real Talk Youth Impact Program has made a conscious choice to go virtual in these troubling times.
Join us below for the first-ever virtual meeting practicing safe distancing even if we cannot do it in person, the message still has to go out.

Why Every Parent Or Guardian Of A Troubled Youth Have Them Watch Real Talk’s First-Ever Virtual Meeting.

Real Talk Change One Meeting

Real Talk Change One Metting

Posted by Real Talk NV on Tuesday, August 4, 2020
First Ever Real Talk Youth Impact Virtual Meeting

(Lay Of The Land)

So here’s where we are right now…with the pandemic in full force, and no end in sight with physical meetings out of the question we decided to go with a virtual summit to get the message across the same way. Same program, same message, just moving with the digital age.

Getting the message across in these troubling times and steering the younger generation right using different methods like zoom might just be an easier way to keep everyone safe. Let’s face it, in a few weeks this is going to be the new norm. So why not change with the times.

What We’ll Cover…is the same as if we were in our location.
Stories #1 – Meeting Some Of The Members and their back stories
Stories #2 – Can Always Make Better Decisions from our mistakes
Stories #3 – How To Evolve as a changed youth moving forward

 Meeting Some Of The Members

Listening to their stories of past failures and redemption gives the youth a chance at hope that they to can change if some actions are taken.

The importance of good surroundings and environments can literally change a youth’s perception of what is it they really want to do.

You Can Always Help The Youth Make Better Decisions
Support and encouragement can go a very long way when putting your family on the right path.

Being there for them when needed

Letting a third party explain to them the consequences

Having examples from people that have made the worst decisions

How To Evolve After This Pandemic Is Over and Carrying Momentum

Showing these kids the way to not end up in the system and change the outcome of where they are headed now, if they don’t change.

So, how should we move forward from here?
No matter where your kids are at right now in life, they still have a chance to make the right decisions. Support them, encouragement are keys to having a better future for your family.

The bottom line here is that you can get more involved in the comfort of your own home without having to drive, take time off of work and eventually get your message across.

Everyone is schooling from home and with the purpose of these virtual classrooms…now is the best time to have them sit and listen to help move them in the direction that can ultimately save not just your sanity, but the pain and suffering.

Helping Youth One Child At A Time

Want more information about our speakers and what the program is about?

Head on over to https://realtalkyip.org/

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