What is a marketing premium !


Any team, person, organization or company, whether it’s little league, internet marketing or even a grand opening for a new building, can take this type of  marketing campaign and its premiums and make it work. Premiums like, magnets and inflatable products can display the logo and event of any brand or company. This is the same concept when doing email marketing or just simply marketing. A premium is basically you give something away free that will give the person giving their email something they can use that will solidify the purpose of exchanging their information for what you are trying to promote.These premiums have the potential to generate teamwork and support throughout any organization due to the niche someone is trying to brand. Lets take example the top, any person trying to start out gives something away for free. Compare it to a t-shirt for a alcohol company at the bar. In our business we give away a free report comparing companies, a free tutorial, an podcast so people can learn about what we do to make money from home. Same concept, just different tangible  or intangible gifts. That is what a premium basically is…..

For these reward premiums to work successfully in a marketing campaign, the product needs to be relevant and appropriate to the audience. The audience should want to keep the item. If not used daily, the audience should have the premium accessible and visible on a regular basis. It works if it is more valuable in essence, a training video, encouragement emails on your list. People will get to know you better and your integrity.

This does not mean, however, that every marketing campaign has to include upscale gifts. Promotional items get this podcast, comparing companies and calendars displaying the schedules of local and favored marketer that you follow (GURU) are ways to reward a client base. It gives the premium a sense of excitement while keeping your list in touch with local events and or just free webinars. For a more sophisticated feel, you might send them a CD, a downloadable file, a free t-shirt. There are so many ways how these guru’s do it.

Including reward premiums in a marketing campaign can enhance the relationship between you and your clients while strengthening exposure and perception of your brand.

Win With Gordon Wat, I practice what I preach
Win With Gordon Wat, I practice what I preach

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