Ways to stay Positive in your life right now

Ways to stay Positive in your life right now


Ways to stay positive in your life right now

People are always asking me for a different way a life, or what ever. I am here to tell you that below are some of the ways I used to keep my head up. Ways to stay positive in your life right now, is what has helped to achieve certain things I never would have imagined if I stayed the same all the way from before.

How can I stay positive in my life right now

Really easy to do if you take into consideration some of the stuff I have put on the bottom
 1. Just freaking Smile

It is hard to think negatively when you’re grinning from ear to ear. The next time you notice yourself thinking negative thoughts, force yourself to smile or even better think of something funny. You will be amazed at how quickly your thoughts and mood can change just by this simple act, even if you look crazy……

2. Appreciation and Gratitude

We often get so caught up in our own worries and stress that we forget how lucky we are. Try to start each day by thinking about five things you are thankful for in your life. Remind yourself of these things throughout the day and before you go to bed. You will probably find that your life seems a lot more cheerful when you remind yourself of the good in it.

3. Affirmations( positive self-talk)

Affirmations are a very powerful way to encourage being positive vibes. These are simple thoughts or mantras that you repeat to yourself to encourage positive thinking. An affirmation could be something along the lines of ‘I am strong enough to get through anything’, or ‘I forgive myself, you or whoever. It saves Drama! The more you repeat the affirmation, the more real it will become.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Studies show that people often subconsciously pick up the traits of the people they spend the most time with. The more you surround yourself with positive people, the more likely you are to pick up on their energy and start thinking positively yourself.

5. Start a Positive Bank

At the end of every day, try to think of one good thing that made you happy throughout the day. You can write it down in a journal, note it on a piece of paper and drop it in a jar, or even record that thought in audio or video form. This way, you have a rich source of happy thoughts to go back to when you are feeling down.

6. Be Kind

It may sound strange to help someone else so that you can help yourself, but an act of random kindness can really foster positive thinking. Sometimes even a simple smile or some kind words can brighten someone’s day, which in turn will have you feeling good about yourself as well.

7. Go With the Flow

Instead of resisting against the things that you cannot control, try to accept the situations that come your way. For example, your first reaction in a traffic jam may be to get angry and frustrated and lash out. However, no matter how angry you get, it won’t change the situation. Try to breathe, smile and tell yourself that this will soon pass.

8. Stay Present in the Moment

When was the last time you used your five senses to appreciate your surrounding and connect with life? All too often, our minds are filled with regrets or doubts about our past or and worry what is not even there. We forget that we can only live in the moment and that each moment is a new beginning and a chance to start over.

Put these simple actions into practice and welcome your wonderful stress free life!

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