How Can I Create and Design My Own Life

How Can I Create and Design My Own Life Creating your own life can be done by just looking at the way things are right now. When Steve Jobs created his Brand the Apple computer he designed with himself in mind. He created a product build with the end use which was himself in mind.…Read More

Understanding Motivation and Dedication

Learning How Dedication  Benefits You Learning motivates work, it helps you to accept responsibility for your behaviour, for your actions and positive attitude. In reality motivation comes from a person’s belief, which helps him/her to achieve his/her goal. Purpose,Desire,Direction and Dedication are the qualities necessary to experience real motivation. People motivate themselves by understanding their needs and wants. It could be Tangible Gifts,Rewards or…Read More

Benefits of a Home Base Business

There are several benefits of starting a home-based business. In this post, I will discuss 5 benefits I have discovered  to starting a home-based business. Remember the word BUSINESS represents exactly that. It is not a quick get rich scheme, a pyramid thing, or what ever you heard. Your business is exactly that, there is learning involved, talking involved…Read More