How to stop yourself from making excuses

We can always find a reason not to pursue our dreams, not to take action, not to stick our neck out. Our reasons seem perfectly…well…reasonable. We have this incredible ability to justify why we can’t do something – especially to ourselves. We can convince ourselves of almost anything; we’re just being realistic, responsible, and smart.…Read More

Understanding Motivation and Dedication

Learning How Dedication  Benefits You Learning motivates work, it helps you to accept responsibility for your behaviour, for your actions and positive attitude. In reality motivation comes from a person’s belief, which helps him/her to achieve his/her goal. Purpose,Desire,Direction and Dedication are the qualities necessary to experience real motivation. People motivate themselves by understanding their needs and wants. It could be Tangible Gifts,Rewards or…Read More

Using Home Business Labs Platform really works!!

What can Home Business Labs do for me? Well I get so many questions about this subject, I just had to show some results..What can Home Business Labs do for me? How about having a platform that anyone can use so that you can be like me and have a vacation while making money! Sound…Read More