So you think you missed out on the crypto boom?

So you think you missed out on the crypto boom?

Are you tired of buying and holding, but not seeing success with digital currency? Research is showing that buying and holding just isn’t enough, and becoming a miner is almost impossible for average people to do on their own. The digital currency solution of the future takes things to the next level because now you’re locking arms with the right people and guidance. Read Below.

You had dreams of telling your boss, the manager, even your lazy co-workers where to shove it while you drove off in your beat up Subaru or leased Lexus looking for the meaning of life that you know is out there.

Maybe you sat on the sidelines waiting for a good price that never came? Your telling yourself these prices are crazy, you thought, they’ve got to come back down! Who would pay $20,000 for a single Bitcoin? It was only $3,000 12 months ago. And so the prices kept blowing past you. Maybe you sat on the sidelines waiting for a good price that never came? These prices are crazy and when it comes down, you’ll jump in, and talk about it to all your friends that you are into something. Or, you’ve gotten into a company that will loan you the bitcoin to make your moves promising 1% or more on your deposit, but you don’t know what the hell you are doing.

Or maybe you made all the mistakes in the Cryptocurrency  Bible parts one and two? You got in over your head, overtraded, chased rallies too late,  sold out too fast and in general did a lot worse than the market because you didn’t lose enough money to learn your lessons.

The price to becoming a good trader is really, really high. Most people never make it. To get great at trading you have to lose a bunch of money fast and fail to outperform the market before turning it around.|

If you’re lucky, you learn those lessons and wind up a savvy trader who trades well whether the market is up or down. Emotions can control everything when executing and not knowing what to do when to do it.

The odds are against you. Human nature is against you. Emotions are against you. What if there was a way to get into the game until you are savvy enough to make it happen.

Yes, there is hope…

You didn’t miss the boat. Well not totally. You can still become part of the culture and movement if you decided to not become part of the 99% that only hear about it in the news.

It’s not over. A mere 1% of people own crypto. Crypto can solve dozens of previously intractable problems, like digital identities, supply chain integrity, data breaches and many, many more.

It’s going to take awhile. The crypto superhighway is still under construction. They’re paving the roads and pouring the cement. Some of the biggest people that are going to benefit are not even born yet! Sure there are people blowing up your news feed on social media. But the technology is still new, and early adopters are using it to make a pretty penny.

Back to the statement above…since everyone is always talking about bubbles, it’s not real, or the money is fake.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Ready?

Look at where these companies are at now!

This is the bubble Amazon and Apple went through during the crash…get my drift?

Lots of people can not see the future. It’s an overall and also full dead spot to them, like gazing right into a tv, just channel surfing. As a futurist, entrepreneur or even crazy when I speak with individuals on a personal level, they are fascinated by my background and what I went thru, but some I can see it in their eyes like I am charlie browns teacher.

While pioneers reside in the intense light of future opportunities, the remainder of the globe, the world, even your hometown resides in the present moment. Developers and futurists are the shunned until it becomes mainstream, by then the masses are too late.

The remainder of the people is gatherers. As well as gatherers are 100% concentrated on today. They need to be! they live paycheck to paycheck. Talk about other people, watch the news, work for their vacation time, and look forward to Fridays. Then tell themselves “I wish all the time”, we all have people like that.

Which’s why to the people self-driving cars and trucks are unreal as well, how a complete stranger can come pick you up with an app, or you can order your pizza with your toppings custom. The list can go, on and on, as what wasn’t around 20 years ago that didn’t exist.

Digital Currency is a joke. Digital Assets are a joke as well as a bubble and also scams. You can think that all you want, but my deposits are as real as it gets.

I can only speak of my results…but when you are ready. I’ll be here for you
in more ways than you could think of.

Stop Tripping Over Pennies to making a better life for your family.

Gordon Wat.

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