Pure Leverage Comp Plan

Pure Leverage Comp Plan and Home of 100% Commissions


Yes, that’s right.  The Pure Leverage comp plan pays 100% commissions on all direct referrals on the first month.  To get started with PL you must pay the low front-end price of $24.95.  Then when you make one direct referral you make your $24.95 back.  (See below for breakdown)

It is very hard to find a quality high value product that pays 100% commissions and we have it here at Pure Leverage.

I don’t blame you for wanting to find more information on a program that pays this well as earning 100% is the quickest way to making it online.  Most affiliate programs pay small 30% – 75% commissions, and this is exactly why Pure Leverage is special.


Complete Details:


Break even with one sale.  Pay $24.95 a month and get paid 100% with an optional product upgrade to $97 (If you don’t upgrade you lose the commission)

50% residual from direct referrals every month at the $24.95 and the $97 level to infinite width.

A 50% matching check bonus.  Whatever your direct referral is making, plan on taking home a 50% matching check.

You get a 50% matching check all the way down to infinite

The key to any online business is residual income.  This means that the money comes month after month without you doing anything but the initial work to sign up the new member.  This is how some off line businesses thrive.  When you build a large residual income most marketers end up firing their boss and going full time online.


Pure Leverage Comp Plan


Pure Leverage Comp Plan Membership Levels:


Level 1 marketing suite ($24.95)


  •             Authority blog
  •             Lead capture system
  •             Video email service
  •             Conference room
  •             Live calls from leaders
  •             Recorded calls from leaders

Pure Leverage Founder Joel Therien

Level 2 Syndicate VIP ($97)


  •             Pearls of wisdom audio series (POW)
  •             Elite Club (coming soon)
  •             PLR store (tools to help build)


As with any company that pays 100% commissions Pure Leverage must make money as a company to pay for their overhead, for this reason you must pay a monthly charge of $19.97 per month to be a “reseller” of this system.  This is standard for companies that give 100% commissions to their affiliates.


Let’s break the comp plan down and look at a real world example:


You will be member A, and you join PL and get busy.

Week 1:

In your first week you sign up member B, and member C.

Member C decides to upgrade to level 2 syndicate VIP.

Week 1 totals: $146.90

Week 2:

In week 2 you get just one person to join your team, member D.  But, member B gets three people to join their team and one upgrades to level 2.

Week 2 Totals:  $110.88

Week 3:

In week three you do some work and get 2 more people to join PL, members E, F and none of them upgrade.  But, in the same week member F signs up two people, member D gets one person, and member C gets one person.  Unfortunately no one upgrades this week.

Week 3 totals: $99.82 (didn’t make as much but downline tree is growing)

Week 4:

You sign up one person from your marketing efforts, member G.  Nice, and they upgraded to level 2.  Pure Leverage 100% CommissionsMember E and F got one person each.  Member B got one person and they upgraded to level 2 VIP.

Week 4 Totals: Nice week of $195.41

In your first month you (member A) made $553.01 in commissions.  But, more importantly you built a residual income of $171.88 just on your personal team.  On top of that you’re going to get a 50% matching check of whatever anyone else in your downline tree makes.

This is just residual for one month.  If you stay busy and keep putting members into your downline tree that number will quickly multiply into a lucrative residual income.

As you can see in this Pure Leverage Comp plan your income is essentially without limits when you get in and get busy.


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