A Few Ways To Stop Looking For The Approval Of Others And Get Confidence Back pt. I

Whether you’re attempting to obtain thousands of hearts on Instagram, getting love or likes buttons on from FB, or trying to connect with someone on one of those dating sites, often it can feel like our happiness depends on other people in today’s society. However there are ways to stop looking for authorization or approval…Read More

How To Stop From Punching Someone In The Face, Even If You Want Too.

Typically, we can not simply eliminate ourselves from hazardous, negative or emotional relations with people– maybe it’s a coworker, an in-law, a parent a neighbor, a person on social media trolling. When the individuals in our lives try to bring you down, it can suck the energy right out of you, it can end up…Read More

3 “Getting Things Right” Mistakes Every Lost Soul Needs To Avoid

 3 “Getting Things Right” Mistakes Every Lost Soul Needs To Avoid If you’re a lost soul who is ready to change the path you are on, then you need to avoid making these 3 “getting things right” mistakes. Mistake #1: Thinking In Your Head You Can’t Do It  Here’s a quick surefire mistake every lost soul must…Read More

3 Shocking Habits You Just Might Want To Change

Title: 3 shocking habits you just might want to change Hey Everybody! Welcome to “3 shocking habits you just might want to change” Gordon Wat here with a new 3 habits succesful people do video for every under achieverwho wants to get over that funk and get moving in the right direction but are stuckwithout having to spend a fortune or waste more time.…Read More

Cool New Video! The TOP Questions Every Emotionally Exhausted Person Needs To Ask Themselves

The great thing about Control Your Thoughts By Doing Just This is that new things come along all the time. And, every great discovery or new tool seems to spawn at least two new things to go along with it. The following Video rates a closer look for every emotionally exhausted person who wants to save time and avoid effort in…Read More