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Some of us make huge money. Some makes a real big amount. It is as if they have a magic formula. Look at the rich list. Most of them find their name repeated year after year. At the same time there are some who are born with great intelligence and manage to only earn their living. They never manage to make big money. Why? What is the secret that makes some people attract money? Reading this book has taught me to learn how to make the big money, because the nuggets that are gained from listening to or reading can change your life in what ever you do……reading this book and watching mojoathon with Frank the blues man of MLM is literally going to change how I do my marketing. Magic of thinking big book

What is Money attraction: Is their something like money attraction? We find some people with great charisma. They attract people towards them. Is their something similar with money? Do some people have magnetic pull over money? Yes. It is there. The people who attract money believe that – they deserve to earn big money. They also believe that there is enough money in the world. They are of the opinion that everybody should become rich. They know how to save money and spend it judiciously. They know that they have the intelligence to make huge money. They know how to make business plans that work and they have faith in their plans. You cannot easily change their mind.

On the other hand we a much larger population who believes that big money is for others. These people have some how come to a conclusion that big money is not in their fate. These people do not believe that they have the intelligence that is superior and they may lose money if they venture. Somehow this large majority believes in all the factors that Yes I willdrive money away.

Money is in thinking. Money is in confidence. Money is in self-belief and money is in mind. Believe it and you will earn it. Having the right attitude with the right mentor that will take you by the hand, hold you accountable, show you how to do it right is what sets apart people just wanting you to spend money, or someone that will actually take the time to show you how to make money.

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