Stop Tripping Over Pennies…It all Started at a Service Station

Stop Tripping Over Pennies…It all Started at a Service Station

At this early age I was on a mission, I did homework for other kids for a quarter in kindergarten, and I was selling candy’s from the crack seed or candy store right from my pocket. I devised carnival games for nickels and dimes for the neighborhood kids, and had a little set up at my granny’s house where all the kids could come and play. If they won something like throw the ball in a cup with a certain pay  amount I would give them what was owed ( Like you see in carnivals ) but I always would rely on the odds they wouldn’t make it. Advantage me…

Now I am not going to bore you with all the turmoils of a kid and what happened but for some reason I just had to let you know my reader that my start of becoming even smarter was the day I stabbed my kindergarten teacher with a pencil in her leg. This started a new and bad day for me, because I could not go to school no more and hustle. So it began my career into private school a few weeks later since my Dad and Mom didn’t know what to do with me. That is going to be for another book, so watch out for the continuation later.DAB3HpGqOgU

For purposes of this book and for you, I want you to use your imagination for  the gap. Fast forward  to my tenth grade year to a Christian all boy private high school called Damien Memorial H.S.. (now your thinking what in the world happened ) I told you to use your imagination and the trouble I got into during that kindergarten moment till now. I might refer to memories now and then, but this is about you remember?

This is the grade that changed my life forever. It is so significant I couldn’t pass up the details but remember this is all a pre-frame without all the fluff like you read in other books. I already was a pretty good baseball player we already won a state championship the year before and expected to win again. But guess what I got hurt pitching, and back then my parents again couldn’t afford to pay for surgery on my arm, and in those days they didn’t have Tommy John Surgery. It comes back to the point again what money can get you.

So guess what, I started hanging around the wrong people and to make the suspense get cut short, I started selling drugs. Plain and simple…I couldn’t play ball, I couldn’t throw or even play football. Mind you I played every sport except for basketball.

How was I going to channel all this passion and energy for something that could fill that void. I hung around pool halls and basically did everything everyone tells kids not to do. I did it because if nobody was going to help me I was going to do it on my own. My deal with my Granny and parents since they were paying for my tuition was just to get good grades and come home at night. At 16 years of age, do you think that was a good idea? I thought it was great, not knowing it would bite me in the ass later on in life.

Now at 16 hanging around pool halls, clubs and being on the streets in a neighborhood where there was shootings, stabbings and everything else where I lived in the news almost every night what do you think would happen.

I didn’t have a care in the world, I was young, no fear, no guidance, no one to look up too, and would like to think I was smarter than everyone else. Don’t you think that is a combination for disaster? Mind you I was working at two different gas stations at the time making I believe 3.25 an hour going to school while going to school. (for you new kids reading, people like me had a job pumping gas in cars, LOL).

So yes I started off selling drugs, nothing hard just weed at the time. There was a school right up the road called Kamehameha and we all used to meet up by either what we called the “Canal” or one of the back streets where I could sell weed to all the people in both schools. My thing was the money and what it brought me, I NEVER USED any of it, because I would see that it made people slow, and I always wanted to be on my game.

Yes, I became that guy! still working at the gas stations running transactions out of both establishments all while going to school. Still maintaining a descent 3.0 average. School kinda bored me but I had to keep everyone happy. So I did, looking at the big picture that I needed to finish school then bigger things always can happen.

This went on for a little while and not until my junior year did things really get crazy. The introduction to ICE or Methamphetamine to us in the islands, this is the year 1985 and I was in the forefront of it all. So my drug game got elevated to a whole other level. Now your wondering where did I get all this stuff from?

Well hanging around the wrong crowd in pool halls, and game rooms didn’t help. They seen a smart, innocent looking kid with brains and an attitude, who wouldn’t want to give a young money maker a chance to make some money. I basically got used, and I know that now.

Now to keep things short and simple remember I was still working at the gas stations and being basically a mechanics helper getting all greasy and grimy for the 3.25 an hour at two establishments. One day I look at the work order at how much they charge for me to do an oil change, for the work I did and was like how come I didn’t get any bonus from that work. (yeah I was young and didn’t know the cost of maintaining a shop at the time) I asked for a raise and got laughed at…I got used again. Now in my head I’am thinking this is the way the world is, so I set out on not being used again. I planned at that point to go make my money on the streets, and open businesses! This is all before college.

Now like some other people I know, their own mission was to start a record label and rap wasn’t as big as it is now. In fact RUN DMC was the breaking point back in those days. All I did was stack money and wait my time to really explode but guess what I couldn’t wait. I tried to get other guys from other schools running my drugs, and I did it, I got some other guys in my school to be my runners, and the list can go on and on. My whole goal, was to graduate my private school and move on.

Here is the catch though…After investing a lot of time and money I realized not everyone had the same drive and passion or academics (ok, Brains) to do what I did. There was two critical things that people do from behavior or beliefs.

  1. Many people including adults say the want something but are not willing to do what it takes…
  2. People who say they are on your team isn’t really on your team, they are usually out for themselves…

I could share with you horror stories and disappointments and success after success, but I don’t want to bore you with more fluff, are you getting the point here?

Now all of this happened in my Junior and Senior year, I already had money, I had a baja bug, at the time that was bright orange. This was what we do in the islands we fix up volkswagons. Everyone had their own, and I wanted to be different. I already had clothes, jewelry, but I wanted to keep everything low key until I graduated. Which was coming up very soon. During this time I was introduced to Hawaii’s night life, getting into strip clubs and all that mumbo jumbo, and I told myself I am going to get one ( a club ) along with all my other dreams like owning a building downtown and putting my name on it with a helicopter pad on it!

Not bad for a guy still in high school, the dream was a good one. It was the path I took to get it, was my downfall.

Now I never got mentored, and I was not fortunate enough to find someone that was willing to take me under their wing the right way so you can imagine the rest of the introduction. I just wanted to give you a brief foundation of where I came from and if you or someone can relate please read on. I don’t want to bore you with my life’s details, even though you could make couple episodes of what I did for Hawaii 5.0., but that is going to be another read for you.


I’am going to try and dive deep into some situations with this book so that you may relate and give you some insight so you don’t have to go what I have been through to accomplish your dreams and aspirations.

"Invest in yourself, but never be by yourself"

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