If You Wanna Move On There Are A Few Steps We Want To Address…it just might sound like you.

If You Wanna Move On There Are A Few Steps We Want To Address…it just might sound like you.

If You Wanna Move On There Are A Few Steps We Want To Address

As a hurt to healing member, you obviously want to turn everything around and never look back, but traditional haters lurk in the shadows trying to defeat you. So, what do you need to know about turning your situation around and some tools to make your life easier? As a treat and surprise, this article will provide some very valuable experiences, and you don’t even need to change over night. Even better, these 3 experiences guarantee a quick easy trip to success with turn your situation around.

#1: People Hate To Be Pushed

Nobody Wants to Get Pushed

The quick idea on this is people don’t like to feel as though they’re being pushed in any direction. (Try forcing your favorite 2-year-old to do anything and you’ll see what I mean).

The most important thing to get with this is you can’t push people into doing anything, but you can PULL them toward you .

This is critical to hurt to healing member’s success because if you try to push people into anything, they’ll push back and never go where you want, and with the support of so many members and growing we must be onto something.

Now the thing for you to do is look at your life or situation right now…if you like where it is at then this is not for you, but if you want something that can open your eyes then pay close attention, because we don’t want to push you away..

#2: If You Want To Take Baby Steps Or Huge Strides

Taking Those Steps Is Just Part Of It

The core idea for hurt to healing members with these experiences is that sometimes the haters in your life are just what you need when it comes to transformation. Its the look at me now syndrome, or the sympathy path you have been on for so long. Its time to show them that your better than that, and you’re stronger than they think. By the look at the comments and testimonials impacting your life is our life’s mission.

You need to know this experiences because  you are working towards something your passionate about. Your family, your success, your path, your future business. All of this can be accomplished because you have it in you, sometimes you just need that extra pull, (remember not push) to get you on that path of redemption.

This spells the difference between success and failure for everyone because you have been in that trap before, and honestly you maybe part of that group also. But I got off subject…we are here to mold you in the comfort of your own home and time so you can look at your hater (that enemy) and stare them down because you are taking some action.

So now the thing for you to do is to ask yourself a couple of questions. “Who is the real enemy in this situation?” Is it you, is it them, could it be an ex…we take what you already know and flip it on its head so you can have the confidence to jump out of any situation with ease..

Help Is Always A Text Or Click Away, Why Aren’t You Doing It Then

Your One Phone Call or Click Away

The #1 thing you need to understand with this experience is part of helping others is throwing a lifeline for support, and most people don’t use it because they don’t feel comfortable doing it until they are ready. But when is it ready? For the moon to be red? For a divine intervention to let you know? It’s always going to be something but not anymore.

What’s important about this is that we know the struggle is real, finances is real, but if you don’t change the situation where will you be next week, next year, or even 5 years from now. The life raft is here and floating it is up to you to jump in or at least stick you hand up and let us know either personally or if you like the group to reach out.

Everyone needs to understand this spells the difference between success and failure because trust me you can’t do this alone. Personally doing it alone or what you been doing is only a road that you have experienced before and like the characters of a book you can have a happy ending or a tragic one. The only reason I am letting you know that it took years to get over things and we wanted to share them with you to get over your situation. Because luckily for us it worked.

Now the thing for you to do is take all the handouts and lets put them into action together. Take a hard look at your situtaion and use the handouts that drive certain points to the next level, and don’t worry we do the exact same things to keep ourselves on track and wouldn’t tell you to do something that we didn’t do ourselves. No one wants to be friends with a hypocrite.

How many of you want to change but thought nobody cares, we honestly care for you and your families well being because we know how it feels to not have anyone in our corner. We both want you to succeed in everything you put your heart into…and together we can change your path.

One more thing. Did you know, if you really want to turn everything around and never look back, the replays will be available for your lifetime and all the proceeds are donated to helping our youth.

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