I want to sell products online but know how to market

I want to sell products online but don’t know how to market

So you have been wondering how people are making money online, or you even tried it but with no success. You could be doing it all wrong, or maybe just tweak something in your head to make it happen. This is why I titled this post. I want to sell products online but don’t know how to market. This video was kinda long, and trust me I could have gone on and on about how to show a result, but you have to think as a consumer or customer, What exactly do I want with your product. Once you think like a consumer and you provide a different lifestyle, a huge result that they can do it, or a core value then you will be on your way to thinking like how big entrepreneurs think. I have left here at the bottom 3 links that can change your career right now no matter what biz your in.
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I want to sell products online but don’t know what to do

Simply put you have to change things slowly and learn from other mentors. If you want to learn more on what I am doing to gain success, and see exactly how I started with just a back pack full of clothes to enjoying a positive life……..find me on my youtube channel to gain more insights. Here…..
I am here to help you all the way possible……I have been where you are at right now..
UNTIL I DID, some secret NINJA, Ju-jistu stuff. and I want to show you exactly what it did…
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