I want to do video Marketing but afraid of the camera|Here’s a trick

I Want to do Videos but I am afraid of the camera

So many of my viewers ask me how I make it look so fun and easy when I make my videos. Trust me it didn’t start like that at all, but here is one of the tips so I titled it I Want to do Videos but I am afraid of the camera, Just like you I wanted to make some extra money on the side, and gain financial freedom. Then they say make videos……my thought oh crap! are you that person? Well I was, so through the course of making my videos I thought I share some tips that made it easy for me to use so I would get more comfortable in making them.
Once I started to crank out good quality videos, things started to change, I got more comfortable and it became fun…….and guess what? I started to get leads, which turned into conversions and then sales. Making videos doesnt have to be boring or even painful. if you start to have fun with it, you can keep making them and gain a following or subscribers. Then magic is going to start to happen people will share your videos and then you will become a attractive character…

Now that your not afraid of the camera and made some videos

Now heres the choices you have to make! choose number 1 to get the platform I use to rank my videos and get all the trainings or if your looking into other things to help your business the other two are lessons for cheap that should cost more, but can take you to the next level.

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