How you need to think to write a good sales copy then sales

DSC_0968_thumb.jpgAs marketers, it’s our job to create killer sales funnels, insanely HIGH converting offers and irresistible sales copy.

It’s what we do and it’s what we’re best at.


It’s what the minority of us are best at. The minority that makes the MOST money.

The reality is that the people who know how to get all the traffic are not the people who make the most money.

It’s one of the most common misconceptions about online marketing.Like if you can generate a thousand visitors a day;

you’d be rich, right?


Without a doubt you’d make some money, but the secret to making fortunes online isn’t in driving traffic, it’s in INFLUENCE.

If you can influence your visitors; you can make more money from 5 people than most marketers do from 5000.

So How Do YOU Write Killer Sales Copy That Makes People Buy?

Writing sales copy is very simple, but getting people to give you their hard earned money isn’t.

There are an unlimited number of strategies and techniques for boosting conversions, but none as powerful as these 5:

1. Social Proof

If you only had the choice of one of these strategies, choose social proof. Social proof is the most sure-fire way to sell just about anything.

Think about your childhood for a moment.

Why is that you wanted what the other kids had?

If all the other kids in the playground were playing with one particular toy; you’d want it too. Or if there were 2 gizmos that were “the hot topic” in school and you could only get one, you’d pick the gizmo that the greater majority of kids were raving about; it’s all social proof.

There’s no better validation than other individuals similar to yourself ranting and raving about the product you’re contemplating purchasing.

The chances are your sales copy doesn’t use enough social proof. At multiple points in your copy you should incorporate testimonials. Testimonials from your freinds and customers who you know will give your product a wildly convincing testimonial.

In fact, make a list right now of at least 10 people who will probably give you a review. A written review is ok, but a picture or video of a customer using your product is worth 1000 words.

2. Bonuses

Second of all, offer bonuses. There’s absolutely no reason not to. Despite what others say; they do not devalue your offer whatsoever. It’s even better to strip away some of the content of your product to use as bonus material.

Instead of offering everything for one price. Offer some of it, reveal the price and say “on top of everything we’ve talked about before, we’re offering this, this and this as fast action bonuses, free of charge”.

Bonuses sweeten offers astronomically. Who knows why, it’s some deep psychological factor that’s within all of us.

3. Objection Killing

Destroy objections. This is the beauty of marketing today. We can pin point our exact audience we want to market to. We can study them, learn what makes them tick and figure out their most common objections.

As you learn about the objections your leads have; hard wire them into your sales copy. If you find out that 30% of your leads are too afraid to start an online business because they think it’ll be “too technical”…

…Embed “no technical experience is needed” into your sales copy and your conversions will sky rocket. Do some research, find out the top 10 to 20 most common objections your audience have and squash them!

4. Show Value Beyond Price

This is key, it really is. SHOW VALUE BEYOND PRICE.

Price is generally the most common objection leads and visitors encounter when reading a sales letter.

If they can figure out some other way of getting their desired result without purchasing your product; they will!

Unless of course; you show value beyond the price and make them realize why they NEED your product.

For example, if you’re selling a software tool you could talk about how it costs you $10,000/month to run the system and how you spent 2 years of your life developing the software. You can also talk about how much money they will save by using your product and how really; it’d be stupid for them not to purchase it. Make your products necessities.

5. Why Buy Now

Another giant problem faced by the vast majority of marketers.

Why buy now?

I know for a fact that near everyone thinks twice, three times or even 10 times before they purchase a product or service.

The more time visitors spend thinking about buying; the less likely they will.

You must strive to make the sale on day one. As the days pass, your offer will become less of a necessity and less attractive.

You need to give your audience a reason to buy on day one.

Urgency is the biggest factor.

  • Are you running a discount offer for just 3 days?
  • Are you taking your offer offline in 24 hours?
  • Are your visitors losing money by not purchasing your offer?
  • Are you offering some kind of fast action bonuses?


To Your Success,
Gordon Wat (found this on another website and this guy is so on point his name is Rod Stokes)

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