How To Keep Your Sanity Just Like A Felon…Even If You Never Wanted Too Tip

How To Keep Your Sanity Just Like A Felon…Even If You Never Wanted Too Tip

If you’re one of the many people on lockdown who is genuinely interested in how to keep your sanity, then this prison tip holds the keys you need if you want to avoid having to figure out all on your own. (from a real life person that did almost half his life in and out of prison)

You don’t have to be physically locked down to understand this

The Moral Of This Prison Tip Is: To Do The Time Like Millions Of Other People Right Now…but are just bored out of their minds.

Here’s the crucial thing people on lockdown need to understand with this prison tip: you need to find a routine that works with your schedule in your head. Routine and a daily action plan can keep your brain working and the physical part will follow. The greatest cup your going to fill right now is your brain that ultimately has to keep itself occupied. Catch up on reading, move around in your cell (house) keep the kids busy, get creative, challenge yourself to do things you would normally not do. Learn a new skill, practice it. How are you using your time wisely to get through the day.

YOU HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES IN YOUR HOME TO DO GREAT THINGS…DON’T BE A COMPLAINER. Time is the most valuable commodity that can take you to the next level..why waste the opportunity

Life is going to change…change with it and find a routine now

As a person on lockdown status, here’s what this means: all this will end and when it does you will be a stronger and much better person because of the time you did for the next few weeks. Ask yourself did this make me lazier or better, did you get things done around the house, did you get closer to your kids, how are you improving your situation when you do go back to work, the list can go on and on. But it is up to you to run your household with a military like regimen to imrove on almost everything. People like structure…

  • get up brush teeth
  • drive to work
  • clock in
  • get daily task done
  • go to lunch

YOU KIND OF GET THE DRIFT…the only difference is you have to do it at home on your own, with distractions.

This prison tip is critical for people on lockdown success because if you don’t value this golden opportunity it means you will be stuck this way forever. Change is a beautiful thing and if you look at the bigger picture you will look back and when someone ask what did you do on this downtime…what are you going to say? Are you going to be the first one that said I didn’t do nothing when we all get to talk face to face. What stories are you going to tell when someone ask you what you did.

Some people are not in a luxury spot…think about that.

At this point you should plan out your day almost like you are incarcerated. Write down what you want to accomplish, set a specific time, take a break, spend time on facetime, reach out to friends, learn something new.

  • set a schedule
  • work the schedule
  • take a 2 minute break
  • get shit done

And here’s one more thing. Did you knowthis article is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding your prison routine! This tips and many more are all on this I guess blog. Usually I would be telling you to buy something, but browse around and share this with anyone you know is struggling with coping.

Just wanted to give you a few tips maybe Ill do a video, but for now enjoy the life opportunity with all the craziness going around.

Time to create and write your own story when this is all over.

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