How To Get Out of Your Own Way…3 Ways On How to Do It

How To Get Out of Your Own Way…3 Ways On How to Do It

Gordon Wat: (00:00)
All right. Okay, guys. Gordon Wat here, as you see for the title up above, you know, it’s three things to overcoming obstacles and I have a special guest on because what in fact one of my dear friends, I believed in her so much. I had her write my foreword for my book if she remembers this, but a lot of the times things get busy, but you know, I wanted you guys to meet, Sher Tavares and you know, she’s been a very major part in my life and you finding a purpose. Finding a purpose with these Facebook life for every person looking for answers. Who wants to find out what’s already inside themselves? You know, I’ve been following her career and to becoming a better person inside and out without spending a whole lot of money. Now, let me explain. We’re going to go over three topics here.

Gordon Wat here with new finding purpose facebook live for every person looking for answers who want to find what is already inside of themselves and become better without having to spend a whole lot of money.

Posted by Gordon Wat on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gordon Wat: (00:43)
You know, you know, one of the topics is going to be stopped thinking the worst because you, you’re already there. There’s only things to move on. And I wanted to bring Sherry on because you know, I said I’m chasing one year for my situation with this going on. So I would bring on new speakers, but it was really an honor for me to bring her, her, bring her on as my first guest. Since we’ve been doing this all together and I just want to introduce you to Sherry. I’m going to ask her a few questions and then she’s going to answer. Know, this is not scripted. This is not. This is from the heart. And you start laughing and start entertaining you. It’s going to be hilarious. All right, Sherri. explain a little about yourself. I’m going to switch this over to you. All right, go ahead, Sher!

Sher Tavares: (01:23)
Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you for having me, Gordon. So Gordon and I have been friends for quite a while and um, he has, I don’t want to get emotional, I don’t know why I’m starting to get emotional, but he has actually see me through my darkest, darkest times and my life. And one of the only friends that I’ve actually had that you ever had that friend that believes in you more than you believe in yourself? Well that’s Gordon and so, um, he has actually helped me a whole lot, um, trying to stay on the right path, you know? And so because, um, in the beginning I worked with him a lot. I, um, kind of found my purpose again.

Because We Care!

Sher Tavares: (02:23)
Um, if you don’t have, you don’t know who I am. So….I am Sherry and I’m actually a recovering addict. And this actually this coming weekend, I’ll be three years of being clean and sober from drugs and it was a rough road to travel. Um, I went from having everything to being homeless here on the streets of Las Vegas and um, that’s how I built myself back up. So last night I just did a live for my audience on building yourself on your rock bottom and sometimes starting all over again from scratch is the best way to go because guess what? You get late. You get to start again from scratch and build your life exactly the way. Maybe not exactly, but the way that you would like to see your foundation later. So for me, rock by rock bottom and has been, a um, so far a joy ride for me. So,

Gordon Wat: (03:33)
right. So what I mean is it’s just, it’s just so for me it’s been an honor to watch you grow as a person. You know, we could go through a whole life stories but we wanted to keep this short and simple for you viewers, I’m going to put this on my blog, she’s probably going to share it with you, but I want to ask her certain questions and she’s gonna answer it on the fly. And you know, and one of the topics I came up with is stop thinking the worst. You mean you’re already there. If you’re in a situation, whether you’re starting your business, bad in your relationships, whether you looking for a new job, career or anything else like that, you know, you know, Sherry, how do you go about picking your reasons?

You Have What it Takes…to be your own Inspiration

Sher Tavares: (04:11)
I’m picking my reasons. I, I, it comes from the heart, like what you’re feeling on the inside. So for me, my reason to stay on the right track and want to be a better person every day is um, because at one point I wanted somebody to see the better in me. And so I look for the better in people and um, you know, my family is my reason for me to keep going because I just want to set good examples for my kids and grandkids on, um, you know, it’s okay to make mistakes and face time and too early to tell. We pick ourself up again and start all over again.

Gordon Wat: (05:01)
Exactly. You mean nothing? I mean, because a lot of the times, you know what I do with a lot of people, a lot of individuals like, don’t get me wrong, Sherry’s got up, Sherry’s got her own business. We’re in different businesses, but we are on the same path to helping a lot of different people doing different things. And if we could use certain stories of ours, you mean to help you get to do whatever you want to do, whether it’s you’re starting that business, you’re getting into that new career. Like I said before, you know, why don’t you do something that Kinda like gets you to the point where you can be happy about yourself no matter what it is you got going on. Because at the end of the day, you’re the only person that looks in the mirror that has to figure out what you’re going to do and then come down to, um, you know, we already covered over, you know, picking the right reasons why you did it, why she did it, why I’m doing it.

Gordon Wat: (05:50)
You know, we might not be the, the richest people, but we rich and heart to give to you when we call giving”aloha” to other people that actually can fulfill other people’s destiny. And believe me guys, when I say we’ve been through the ringer, I seen her go through the ringer. She seen me go through the ringer. You know, it’s just, it’s just such a privilege to see her growth as being helping other people’s, and she has a team of well over a hundred people going on in her business and it’s, I’m, I’m just so happy for her and you know, to be able to do this with her family. Like right now she’s actually with her daughter having daughter time because she don’t have to do anything right now. We’re going to go back to step number two or topic number two, Sherry, you know, what would you, what would you consider you don’t mean, or what would you tell other people about stop worrying about other people’s opinions and the topic that said sub topic would be who do you become in the process and how are you in the growth process?

So True, but it’s part of the process

Sher Tavares: (06:52)
Okay. Um, stop worrying about what other people think about you. Okay. That is like my favorite subject to touch on because I was that person that worried way too much about what people thought about me. And it wasn’t until I started of finding my purpose, finding my reason, finding my why and finding who it is that I am on my journey. Uh, gain. Maybe have that mentality, mentality, mentality. Can’t even talk straight. It’s none of your business. It’s really none of your business what other people say or think about you. It’s, that’s none of our business. Um, what people are saying, people are gonna talk whether you do good or whether you do bad. So you do you anyway. And that’s the exact same thing I tell my team is people are gonna. We need those naysayers. We need naysayers. We need people who don’t believe in us.

Sher Tavares: (07:59)
We need those kinds of people in our lives. We wont, you cannot make everybody happy and not everybody is not gonna like who you are. But it’s okay the reason why you need naysayers is to fuel your fire, to be a better person every day because you need to, for me, personally I need those people to keep my fire lit because I’m just like, okay, you say I cannot do this. Watch me underestimate me. That’s the fun part. So keep those people. It’s okay. Just know that it’s none of their money, your business. Don’t worry about what people are saying about you. You just keep doing you. As long as you’re moving in the right direction and you’re, you’re doing things with the right intention. Who cares what people say about you.

Gordon Wat: (08:45)
I mean, yeah, I mean, getting back to, getting back to that main topic, you know, need to be, a lot of people say audit. They want the money, they want the fame, they want the popularity, they want all of this. They’re not, willing to put in the work to find themselves and to me, it’s a big topic for me because finding yourself and what you stand for, whether it’s with or without money, with the [inaudible] theme, with or without, um, um, being that person that everybody wants to, wants to become part of the process that you have going on is becoming that person. You want to be five, 10, five, ten six years from now. And the, that’s the most golden thing you’re gonna ever have because they cannot take it away from you. They understand. They cannot take away anything from you, from your experiences, your wisdom, what you did, your behaviors and everything else and you know what guys, you will change into a different person eventually.

Gordon Wat: (09:38)
You mean eventually something’s going to hit you like, man, I should have figured this out sooner than later and figure out that you know a lot of the Times that you’ve been on that wrong path, but the process is where all the money’s at, the processes, where your wisdom comes, your processes, who you become at the end of the tunnel is where you begin. An perfect example is how Sherry did it. I mean me and Andrea, my wife, we’d been been friends together for so long so we’ve been helping each other, all of a, and it was just, you know, I finally got her to get on a live video with me because I did everything stopped until I got her. Sherry was the first one because this is where it’s going to start for me. I mean now topic number three and Sherry, I mean I hate to say like this is like the game show thing, right? Because in actuality, we’ve got to kind of like entertain it instead of explain all at the same time doing, doing what we do. You know, how do you change your old beliefs and where do you find the confidence and what you have to let go?

Sher Tavares: (10:39)
How do you change your old belief is, it’s a total mindset thing for me. I stay plugged in to motivational stuff like videos, podcasts. I even watched some of Gordon’s live that he does. Um, having, what was the second question? Gordon?

Gordon Wat: (10:59)
The second question is where do you find the confidence to do what you do to handle what you’re handling right now? Whatever situation you’re in.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Sher Tavares: (11:10)
You know, if I doing the, you have to be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Well, yes, you have to be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Um, you nothing worth it will come easy. And I think a lot of people want the success, but once they find out what you have to do to be able to get somewhere in business, they don’t want it anymore because they don’t want to get into trenches. They don’t want to get uncomfortable. They just want things to come easy and fall into their lap. Well, no matter what you do career wise, business wise or lifewise, nothing easy, nothing worth it. It’s going to come easy. You’ve got to get dirty, you got to get uncomfortable. You got to do the thing in order to have what others don’t. You have to be willing to do what others don’t.

Gordon Wat: (12:03)
Exactly. I mean a lot of, a lot of the times, a lot of the times when I talked to a lot of people, I ask them certain questions. What do you want? How do you want to do it? What type of time you going to put in there? Where’d your at? You mean and the main question. A lot of people get stumped when I asked them is like, what are you willing to let go of? Whether it’s, whether it’s some something that could be holding you back. Could be baggage, could be something that, what would be your advice for another person you’re talking to? You’re trying to grow them and you’re trying to mentor them. You’re trying to, you push them in the right direction. What would you ask any of your people or future, future people of your team that you want to help that you tell your kids, your children, even your like your son, what do you have to, what would the, the main question about letting go would hit your heart,

Sher Tavares: (12:55)
forgive yourself. Woo. Yeah. You have too, people I think a lot of times and this goes where all aspects in life, a lot of the times we, and it’s, and it’s natural because we’re all human to walk around with. We think it’s a grudge that we have against other people but it’s actually you need to forgive yourself and once you can forgive yourself and accept that yeah, you messed up in the past or yeah, certain things didn’t work out or whatever. You just have to forgive yourself and empty your heart of all of that. That negative that you have in yourself, negative beliefs that you have in yourself in order to afford anything personal business and career wise. Because I think a lot of people just walk around with holding bad stuff, you know, and it, we don’t know that it’s within our self that we have to actually forgive ourselves.

Gordon Wat: (13:53)
Right, right, right. So that means that’s just part of, I’m part of the growing process. And you know, like I said, when we mentioned the topics before with the confidence, you know what, you have to move on and let go of your baggage and that’s, she hit on something really keen because until you can freely forgive yourself with whatever. So having from then and going on forward, that’s what’s going to set you apart because the person you want to become, it might be somebody you look up to you, they all went through it. We are all human. Like she said, it’s something that you have to go through and figure it out that we’re just here to, you know, push you in that right direction to figure out that you can do it. Because believe me guys, if you seen us before, you wouldn’t think where the same person, right?

Gordon Wat: (14:38)
So it’s like, that’s why I have this mask where it’s like, you know, we’ve got to stop being like a two face in a situation where you know, sometimes you have to grow into a different person and be proud of who you are and who you becoming. Whether you do have struggles, you’re going to have situation. All right, so any closing remarks that you want to let out, Sherry or any of your guests? Any of my people. I need people because I’m going to be me bringing on a lot more guest speakers because, but I just wanted that. I wanted her to be the first one because you don’t mean you need her been to a lot together and you know, any closing remarks that you can give to advice to give to my viewers, your viewers, you’re going to be able to share this and I will be all closing posing you mark later after this.

Sher Tavares: (15:26)
Um, yeah, it’d be enjoy your journey, enjoy the person that you’re going into daily and don’t focus too much on your destination. Okay. Because the joy is in your journey. It’s not from point a directly to point B. The plan part the most, your learning part, your heartfelt parts are in between point a and point B. It’s your journey. So I always tell my, my team to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the person that you’re becoming every day because every day, as long as you’re moving forward to better, every day you’re learning something new about yourself.

Gordon Wat: (16:07)
Exactly. All right, so guys, now that you can pretty much get whatever you want, and by using that, you’re your time to advantage and embracing the process of becoming the person that you know you can be. You know, you can lean on me, Sherry, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the business, in your family, your relationships, you’re going to work a workplace situation. You start to become a little better every day and a year from now, a few months from now, you’re going to come back. I want you to put you on this show. It’s not a show, it’s just we just do this.

Sher Tavares: (16:41)

Gordon Wat: (16:43)
Become part of, become something part of being bigger than yourself. The minute you be do something that’s bigger than yourself. A lot of good things and beautiful things is going to start happening for you so that you can move on with whatever and you know what guys, here’s going to be up a really big secret for you guys one year from now, one month from now. You know what I mean? If you change everything and do something different, because I look at two ends of the spectrum. You’re already over here, you can move over here, but they experience you gain from in between is what’s going to set you apart from a lot of different people. I mean, all right, so I just wanted to keep this short. We’re going to jumping on some lives. I got a lot of guest speakers. Maybe we’ll see Sherry on for the next one on one of my lives. I want to be putting this on a blog where you can even read it. Maybe I’ll put some subtitles on the bottom, but Sherry, thank you for, thank you for jumping on and it’s going to be a start. Maybe we can start doing this every week. We can call it that. Gordon & Sherry Show

Gordon Wat: (17:42)
Yeah. Thank you “aloha”

Sher Tavares: (17:44)
Thank you so much for having me. Bye guys.

Gordon Wat: (17:46)
Bye guys. All right, bye bye.

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