How To Find Your Winning Point…Even if you think your losing

How To Find Your Winning Point…Even if you think your losing

Oh, what is your winning point? What is that thing that clicks in your mind, your body and your spirit when you know that you’re living out your true purpose? For some it could be their kids. For others it might, it might be overcoming addiction. You know, their career, their faith.

Everyone has or should have a winning point. They’re striving for when lived in the correct way. He can move mountains and have a huge effect on others. You know, take a deep look inside of you and, and fear what could make you a winner. You know, find out what is inside of you that keeps you going. You mean where can you make small tweaks to yourself and that can have the biggest impact on others that my friends can be the greatest gift you receive internally by becoming a champion. Fathers for some might be taking a stand for some we might be showing others a different path and that it can literally be done.

HOW TO FIND YOUR WINNING POINT…EVEN WHEN YOU THINK YOUR LOSINGFelt kinda just putting my phone by my computer and not do all the fancy stuff. Some days you just put you phone out, and speak from the heart.

Posted by Gordon Wat on Monday, March 18, 2019

You know, I sit here proof. Some days you have to tell yourself, you know what I mean? To never give up and fight when everyone else is down, when everyone else gives up, you know, you gotta tell yourself, I will keep going. You have to find your winning point, but not just for yourself, but for other individuals that rely on you. Even if you think nobody’s paying attention, you might not have the likes on Facebook. You might have a common, but some days motivating yourself can inspire another person to have a better life. You never know because you don’t see it all. You know, many people I know gone with their lives not trying to help others and that’s fine. You mean that’s fine by me and others that stop at nothing to try and help you know which type of person are you willing to become at this day and age?

I’m here today. I’m here today to help you figure out your purpose, why you’re on this earth and I guarantee you hear my voice everywhere you go on from this day forth because we’re poor. We’re here, put TLP to help each other. And that’s what I want to do today to help you get back on track. Even when you may be hurt, you may be going through some pain, you may have gotten bad news, you may even be struggling with some issues. But today, you know you may even have them also small battle. I’m here to tell you there is hope for your tomorrow. You mean you’ve come to a point in your life, you know, so you see I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to go go through this anymore. I don’t want to deal with this another day. And basically throwing the towel, you know, make today, yesterday’s tomorrow, a brighter day.

But today you have to deal with the problems and the situations that you go through. You know, they won’t go away unless have that, that big breakthrough on or you just got to go at it one more time. Just as hard as your last one because you know your competitors and your other self, you know the bad one that tells you all this shit you know are trying to work you today and I don’t want that for you guys. You might have to stay in the gym a little while and let us on frustrations. You might have to deal with another issue for, for just a minute longer, but so fricking one you, you might be an owner of a small company trying to make the Piro and stressing you all, but what awaits you on the other side of all of this is hit is what will set you apart from everything else.

You might see it as a downfall at this moment, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to fail the bigger game, which is becoming the best version of you and sticking, sticking to that victory. You know, I’m telling you, your breakthrough is usually right around the corner. You know, I mean you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, but all the answers are right there in front of you. And that’s the hardest part. You know, if you don’t know what to do next, you know, watch this video over, over again and don’t lose faith in yourself and don’t give up or quit right through the storm. Because on the other side, there’s sunlight. There’s hope and the best part is you can help someone else make it to the other side. And that’s what I want. You mean you got to take the time. Just a few more steps before you can see the horizon. And today it could be that last step that takes you to higher highs. I, you know, I just wanted to encourage you to take that extra effort to help yourself get to that, that winning point. And thank you.

I just wanted to thank you for letting me share this moment with you and share this with anyone.

“Somedays you just need someone that
has been in your shoes that can guide you”

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