How To Find Peace With Yourself… and Stop Worrying About What Others Think

How To Find Peace With Yourself… and Stop Worrying About What Others Think

As a person tired of listening to others, I’m confident that your secret vision is tolive a life you proud of.

The result you want isto feel a sense of accomplishment each and everyday.

In the past, you’ve not gotten the results you want indoing things to make others happy instead of yourself.

In fact, if you’re like most people, you’re absolutely petrified ofstarting over and never moving forward.

None of this may be your fault because the people around you might not have your same best interest. It is all fun and games until its time to do Adult things instead of just hanging out.

After all that, here’s something that may shock you

The thing that’s preventing you from reaching your goal might be social media, environment, friends, work, relationships mightintentionally set up to manipulate you and distract you from your true purpose. Which might be something you never thought about.

Which means, the underlying issue here is the fact that being misguided from old views and opinions from say your grandparents, parents or even out of date teachings could be holding you back.

But here’s the good news:I’ve got the tips and insider knowledge you need to seize control of the reins of your life instantly.

And with this new process, it’s child play to get better resultsIf you’re a person tired of listening to others and who wants to feel a sense of accomplishment each and everyday, check out more of my blog post and see how changing can be very helpful in different ways.

Finding Peace Within Yourself And Not Worrying About What Others Think

Finding Peace Within Yourself And Not Worrying About What Others ThinkIf you want to stop getting no where, then here's a being comfortable in your own skin having peace for you "live" videoWhat Is The Big Idea Behind This Is:*Start Taking Steps Towards The Outcome You Want* Having everything you want by using the time you have.* If you don't have peace nothing else matters.* I have been in similar situations and dug myself out of so many.* Put down on paper what you want to accomplish and what it means to you.

Posted by Gordon Wat on Thursday, January 9, 2020
How To Find Peace With Yourself… and Stop Worrying About What Others Think

All right guys. All right guys. Good morning. Good morning. So I just wanted to drop this, short, short, short video because a lot of topics been coming up on my mind and a lot of things been helping me to get where I need to get you.

So the topic of the day today is, you know, me as you wrote in the top, finding peace within yourself and not worrying about what others think. You know, one of the main, main things is this video is kind of choppy. So I’m going to have to do this again, finding peace with yourself and not worrying about other people think. You know, if you want to stop getting nowhere, then here’s being comfortable in your own skin and having peace for you live video. And here is that. If you look below, there’s some of the topics that I’m going to be addressing because, uh, one of the main topics is, or questions , I had was, do you know, how do you find peace within yourself after what you’ve been through?

And you know, talking a lot of, a lot of the times people take steps and they’re trying to appease other people. And I just wanted to hit this situation because, you know, one of the main, main things that people don’t understand about me is, you know, I’ve used a lot of my, my pain, my suffering, my failures to bring all of this to you so that you guys didn’t or don’t have to do it. You know what I mean? So one of the topics was, you know, was too start taking the steps towards the outcome you want, not what everybody else wants. And that’s going to be a big thing for you because what does it mean for you to have these certain things that you are, what will it mean to you? How, how’s that emotional feeling is going to mean when you can accomplish something on your own and stop worrying about what other’s think.

You know, a lot of them are, a lot of times people do things for other reasons for other people. And that doesn’t, it doesn’t sit well with them, you know, and then, and then it kinda like it goes again. Say what you might have going on. You might, you can’t control what’s going on in the world. You can’t control what’s going on at your work place. You might not control the management or this, but it doesn’t matter because it’s what you want and how you fulfill your day on a daily day to day basis. Hey, what’s up Peter (Peter is a dedicated father I want to model) “hammer time”, you know, seconding having everything you want by using the time that have, and Peter’s a perfect example. I don’t see how he does it with his boys. I just want to do a shout out and he’s raising kids the right way to do the things that you want because he sees an end goal.

You don’t mean just what happens in sports and you know, call, call Kyani and his daughter, they do, they do a lot of things. And I see the sacrifice he makes with them because that’s what he wants for his kids. And I applaud him for that because he doesn’t care about what other people think. You know, he doesn’t care what other people do. He does what’s right for his family. And that’s what I want. Same for you. Because you know, a lot of, a lot of times people do things to appease, keep up with the Joneses or you know, they want the bigger house just to compare what they have going on. You mean, Hey, what’s up guys? Now thirdly, if you don’t want to have peace within yourself and your situation, nothing else matters in your life. How did I learn this guys? I have 1,065 hours of anger management.

If you can figure out how many hours, how much counseling I needed to be have gotten, not this other person I used to be and too have peace within myself and whatever else I got going on. And I at the topics at the top, you know, I got everything I wanted because I’ve attached every emotional thing to it where I am now. for exampple how to do my own backyard? How would it feel to have a sense of accomplishment that I’ve done this and learned in the process for everything else that I did. You know, you gotta, you gotta latched onto something. You know, you might have situations where you cannot control everything you have. You might be in a situation where you can’t, you can’t control everything else that you have going on, but you can control the attitude and the outcome that you want by being at peace with yourself in whatever, whatever endeavor you got, whether it’s business, relationships, marriage, you know, I did another video earlier about having that same balance and being comfortable in your own skin and not worry about what other people think is what’s gonna put you apart from everything else.

Make Yourself Happy First Not Just For Acceptance

Right. And the last one, I’m going to keep these short nice and sweet, right? You know, because….put down on paper guys, what do you want to accomplish and what will it mean to you? It could be on a piece of paper, it could be on a whiteboard, you know, it could be an iPad, it could be something that you really want. And what will it mean to you to provide more for your family? Spend more time with your family. In my case, start a and make a family. What would it mean for you to have your own home work towards that, that promotion? A lot of the times people change and, and a lot of the times people, people think these are one of the topics I hit with these kids that I talk at, um, the, the youth program and I do what would it mean to them if they could get out of their situation that they’re in right now?

You know, some of them do bad things, but the value is within yourself to figure out how you can move forward into this day and age, even with what they have going on. I mean, let’s face it guys, you know what I mean? What will it mean to you instead of what it would mean to other people is how you’re going to find peace and be okay with it. Because one of the main, main subjects I do when I talk to people or businesses, why are you doing your business? If you’re not serving others in a, in a way that it’s going to benefit them, you’ll never make money. And in providing value on and over the top, and the value in serving certain people over and over again with over delivering on a promise is what’s going to set you apart because it makes you feel good.

Right or Wrong Past Failures Will Just Be A Part Of Who You Are

All right guys, I hope you, you take this into account, you know, because having peace guys with yourself, your situation, your family, you might not be, it might not be the best of situations, but I’ve dug myself out of these holes and I’m just, um, I want to inspire you guys to do greater things for 2020 that maybe you could push yourself to another level. All right guys, have a blessed day, a law, and you guys go have a good day. Have a good year. This is the first week. Yes. The first week. Figure you can do something great for your family, for yourself, and the main thing you’re going to be doing is how you can become better daily on a basis, on a daily basis, so that you can actually do something not just for yourself, but for other people. All right guys. Have a good one. I’ll be bringing our guest speaker tomorrow. All right, love you guys. Bye.

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