How To Control Your Day With Good Time Management

How To Control Your Day With Good Time Management

You would not be here if you used your time wisely

Having good time management in your life can make a world of difference when looking to getting ahead.
Here are a few tips, along with a video that might just be able to help you move along.

1. Control the day or it will control you

Part of the key to having good time management is to have an unwavering discipline or staying in charge. This is what usually happens: You think you have it all in control by starting so and you start your plan and like most people, we all get sidetracked as the day unfolds. We start to lose control or train of thought as the day goes on. Sound familiar? You planned to do certain things,
and for some reason S#@!, begins to happen and you lose that train of thought. I know it happens, but like running a business you have to stay on top of things or whatever you are doing at the time will run you. You kind of have to stop and take a breathe and let yourself know, who is running who, and that is the time when you take back control of what you thought you were doing. 

Nobody knows your life better than you, so its time to take control of it. When you can master that art of controlling your day, things will dramatically change because like any good boss you know exactly what is going on. Master the day you set out to do and accomplish those things. 

So what is the key? You have to master those goals you set out to do, big or small, maybe you have them in your head because its routine, but write them down like a grocery list so you don’t forget. Throw something in there you would like to conquer for the day, it could be something you would not have done, but try it out. Prioritize your day! The really important things you have to do, DO FIRST, then the rest is gravy, and set a game plan in motion. 

MAKE THE THINGS THAT DO COUNT, COUNT. Everyone has minor things they WANT to do but shy away from the MAJOR things. Stop spending time on minor things and get those things done first. A little thought will have to go in place in this field, but once that habit is formed you can be unstoppable with a little time left to do other things. 

2. Don’t make the mistake of movement vs. accomplishment

You probably know people that look busy just to be busy. Don’t fall into the trap of looking busy because it’s making you feel like your accomplishing something. It is good to be busy, but what kind of busy? Are you being productive towards those goals or dreams? Are you just going thru the motions? Everything you do must be a little step towards that goal. Faking the funk doesn’t work anymore, and your only fooling yourself. Every motion should be calculated. Accomplishing those goals of yours will not happen by itself. You have the same 24 hrs that person who has what you want, so why not you? 

Consider this: You get home from work (ok I am guilty of it too) Change clothes, put your arse down on the couch and get asked the question, or even asked yourself. What did you do today? You can give your answer like you did the day before, or you can provide a list of accomplishments you fulfilled and actually be proud of yourself. Some people keep going, going, and going like the energizer bunny, but get absolutely nothing done! 

Evaluate the time in the day that you have. Don’t confuse movement vs. accomplishment. Now you might have a different accomplishment,  but just to do things to keep yourself busy without a plan is not going to get you anywhere. 

3. Concentrate on the now

Here is one that you must learn on your own. Concentrate on the task at hand. If you’re in the shower take the time to do the task at hand. I used to do business in the shower, at the table, work in bed, on a date and it got me nowhere. Sure I told you to use your time wisely, but you cannot perform your best when you have two things going on the same time. If you are with your family concentrate on them, because ultimately that is why you’re reading this, or working so hard. Relish at the moment, you cannot be your best with your family if you are concentrating on business. Life is your business! Give whatever you are doing the gift of attention. It is a skillset many have come to appreciate and concentrate on where you are.

Many of you have been caught up in getting ahead but at what cost? Are you one of those people. Time is a funny character because using it wisely to your peak performance differentiates from person to person, but using it wisely can determine a lot of things in your future self.

4. Appreciate little wins and small details

Every single success or accomplishment should be a pleasure. Celebrate those small wins because you did what you put off for so many months, even years for somethings. What you have done or how you changed is just as important as the task itself. It’s an important process in putting jet fuel to your future achievements and successes. Just knowing you are on that path with a few changes here and there can be encouraging and fulfilling at the same time.

Take those small tasks and turn them into bigger ones down the road.  People will notice and little bounce in your step because of your satisfying many things including yourself. Trust in your capabilities, yourself and the new you will thank you later. Don’t‘ take my word for it, go and do it and see how many compliments you get. 

Gordon Wat

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