How To Be A Proficient Cord Cutter…Even If You Don’t Know What The Hell Your Doing

How To Be A Proficient Cord Cutter…Even If You Don’t Know What The Hell Your Doing

Are you a cord-cutter? Do you want to be a cord-cutter like so many others? Over 1 million American houses started in the 3rd quarter of last year. In the fourth quarter, the overall variety of pay-TV homes went down 4.1 percent. Professionals say the cable TV business are bracing for a grim 2019. There is a trend going on, and it is becoming more frequent.

Me, I’m not feeling so grim, in fact I’ll be happy if you did switch over.  I disconnected from my provider a few years ago as well, and couldn’t be better. You can do it, as well– it could be much easier than you think if you are with the right people.

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There are a few key factors to consider when you do take the plunge to cut the cable television cord 1) you keep some serious money back in your pockets; and b) well, you just have to do it.  The typical cable television expense, per certain research I have done, was $107 in 2018, but if you desire any kind of additionals, premium services, specialized rates, or added digital boxes, the cost can rise rapidly.

Beware of the infamous bundle packages

I ‘d been certain providers client since they offered packaged or bundled deals since that is what I seen on tv given that I just bought a new house and wanted tv and fast internet  area in 2016 and  I was paying $228 each month for a “three-way play” bundle of basic wire, Internet, as leasing their set-top box, plus a Premier Sports Bundle that provided me HBO, Showtime, Starz, a lots of sports I didn’t watch or even used. I was also paying for their modem, that pissed me off because when you look at your bill and do the math, you could be paying for that hardware 10 times over when you could get it at best buy for cheaper. Then a funny thing happened that year, they switched to digital and now I would have to lease again a small digital converter just for my tv in the bedrooms. Now most of us have multiple tvs and if you have 5 at $6 each that’s an extra $30 a month for what?

Why did I pay it for so long? Call it lazy, or because it was there and primarily,  the absence of alternatives. I would call my provider once a year approximately and also nag them down a bit, to get the better deal. Finally, one day after looking at my bill and see all the added fee’s I got fed up, so while still paying I was searching way to at least save me a few bucks and get more options. Did the search on youtube, did the firestick thing, and got hooked on the streaming thing. I already had the fastest internet, was watching stuff from my computer so there had to be a different angle. Then I broke what I like to watch and see where I could eliminate things. 

That’s the first step if you’re considering cord-cutting. What type of tv programming do you like to watch, what do you enjoy, as well as where does it originate from? There’s most likely a cheaper means to get what you need without paying a big company. Me, I catch up on shows and also love movies…I have used Amazon, Netflix, HBO, and also other means and watch other networks, plus live network as well as news networks. There has to be a way that I could get all of this at a fraction of the cost. 

But the costs of these premium networks like HBO, Showtime, and also Starz I could additionally stream a la carte through other devices with their on-demand apps (HBO Now, Showtime Go and many more). I might get the some on-demand movies as well as back seasons of TV via Netflix and also Amazon, extra on Hulu if I wished to subscribe. Then I thought one day what would happen if or  take place if I axed my provider and used just my high speed internet and just chose the streaming boxes? I made use of the firsticks, which is was a ontime expense or subcribed to other services like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Prime Firebox, as well as NVidia Shield. I wanted to get it all and do it myself.

Overwhelmed? Think of your TV as the building that houses a cinema, think about the streaming gadgets as the stage, and also consider the different networks as the acts. After that ask on your own why you need an those big companies when you can do it on your own, with a few click of a remote button and get it all. 

You don’t need everything, ala-carte style

I still needed my internet and don’t need a landline, what would happen if my provider could offer all of that at an affordable rate? The response was no! after talkiing with a rep and in the store they offered a different bundle nearly the same cost as the triple bundle with TELEVISION. It’s a strategy the company has actually effectively used to maintain customers in line and also on the TELEVISION drip feed yet it doesn’t make sense anymore, for factors I’ll explain in a moment. By contrast, your provider in your area are losing the battle and they are going to offer plans to keep you paying. I had enough, if I could get more with these streaming boxes or devices or get something installed that gets it all I am all for it. 

What has held lots of potential cord-cutters back? The Live TV functionality, it been hard all the way up to now. The reason why I am writing this. Other than it’s not so tough anymore. There are 2 methods. The very first is an unobtrusive plug-and-play antenna (offered at from $13 to $50) that takes place or near a window and also generates dozens of regional networks. (A friend asked me just how much that price since they are in the same situation and I needed to actually remind him what free program TELEVISION was.) The top quality is HD, the reception is fine if you live anywhere near a significant city, and the equipment is nothing like the old bunny ears or gigantic roof paper-clips. Some of them are like your stereo antenna.

The second strategy is Hulu + Live TV, or (using a different service, I’ll explain later) a registration streaming solution that provides every one of Hulu’s motion pictures as well as comprehensive TV libraries (consisting of the most recent episodes of programs), plus over 60 online network feeds, regional terminals, and standard networks. Regional as well as national sporting activities, 24-hour news, household programs, the jobs. It’s a bit costly: $39 a month, rising to $45 a month in April, however it’s a price I don’t want to pay considering that it is a good service but with limitations. With Hulu + Live TELEVISION, you have the choice of adding HBO for $14.95 a month, as well as Outset, Cinemax, and Starz for lesser month-to-month rates. It’s very easy sufficient to transform the faucet on for “Video game of Thrones” or “Outlander” as well as off again when you’re done, But why go thru the trouble. 


AT&T has a comparable solution, called DIRECTV NOW, which supplies much more real-time terminals for a little less money, and since AT&T possesses Time Warner you obtain HBO and also Cinemax at a less costly rate. I evaluated both Hulu + Live TV and also DIRECTV NOW for a weeklong trial period and also wound up going with the former, mainly due to the fact that the interface was extra instinctive and simpler to make use of (as much for other family members when it comes to me)– as well as, once again, movies are my thing.  Yet both are solid alternatives. As well as opting for the antenna would certainly have knocked that cost out totally.

So: my brand-new mathematics. Previously I had actually been paying my provider $228 a month, plus $7.99 for Netflix as well as $10 for Amazon Prime, an overall of nearly $250 a month. What if there was a way to get more channels, more live tv even out of state, more sports and save you a shit load of money? I pay about $107 a month for high speed internet and get much more. Here is the nitty gritty. $250 a month x 12 months= $3000 a year for what? Now times that $3000 a year by say 3 years = $9000 which is ridiculous not including ppv and what ever else you add on. What can you do with $9000?

It’s difficult to say with the numbers, and the big companies know it, and like the rest of the big companies that didn’t change with the times went “belly-up” so if they’re wise they’ll begin to get competitive. I’m unsure it will make a difference, especially when you take into consideration that without a doubt the most significant portion of cord-cutters is in the 18-44 age bracket which the latest generation is maturing with streaming-a-la-carte amusement as their birthright. Take the time to watch what your kids do…they are either on their phone or tablet. Why not give them everything under one roof, it can benefit them and help your pockets. 

When you are ready to make the switch there are suitable options that
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