How Much Value Do You Bring to The Table

How Much Value Do You Bring to The Table

How Much Value Do You Bring to The Table

Most people bring all sorts of value to the table when either doing business or whatever. How do you measure up or are you even contemplating running a business.
Does it matter if its a home base business people want to see what value you can bring them. In fact most want them for you to hold their hand and do it for them.

This is where it gets really tricky, because the frustration that you might incur for that promotion, sign up, or simply getting those people on board might just sway in one direction or another. Sure you might have tons of value in your own head, but you have to remember what is in it for them! Plain and simple.

Are you an authority figure? Do you know your s@#!? Can you actually provide what you claim? These are just questions in the others person’s head but won’t actually tell you.

Are you the supportive type that will actually give the time and effort to the company or to your down or upline. You see its the same in business and in life. No matter what the business is with dealing with people Value is key, and people will take advantage of that no matter. Are you willing to do so…

I have ran multiple businesses, brick and mortar,  online and it always comes down to this.

Working with the right people, mentors and same mindset has its advantages.

I have made it my life long mission to help as many people as I can because it will always be about something bigger than myself.
MONEY, has nothing to do with this mission, and I am truly blessed to have so many people support the cause.

Want more and what it has to offer! My book has changed so many lives that I care to admit, but like I said its not about me…
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