How Much does it really cost to start?

How Much to Start An Online Business?

budget_your_timeThis is a question I hear quite a bit. Maybe you have even asked it. And, the answer varies, of course! (Don’t you just hate answers like that?)I say this because it really depends on YOU; what you are willing to put into your business; and, what you want to get out of it. When I started online, I did what most people do…I started buying “How to e-books” and training guides.

And, here is what I learned.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend, if you don’t take action on what you learned.

Maybe it’s because I grew up learning the value of a dollar and to use whatever education I learned; or maybe I was just too cheap to keep buying without taking action. Whatever the case, I am grateful for that outlook! I set out on a mission, and just went at it.

I would buy an e-book, print it, read, highlight and study it, and then I would begin to take action on what it was telling me to do.

Pretty soon, I started making money online; sponsoring people into my business and enjoying the freedom that an “online business” allowed me to have.

Freedom that I did NOT have in my previous “life” of building my network marketing business offline. Not that offline doesn’t work. It does. I just wanted to tap into the powerful tools of the internet for my business. The story or the roadblock I had, was not knowing anyone to start out with I turned to the internet and what it had to offer.

Today, here is what I teach my team.

Get started with the Tools you need to market online – blog, autoresponders, lead capture, etc.

Invest in your education of how to then use those tools and market yourself online.

Take action DAILY.

That’s really it. Pretty simple.

With my own program and system, the cost one should expect to invest breaks down very simply –

$25 monthly for the tools

$20 monthly to also “resell” those tools and make either a primary or secondary income with the tools program.

$97 monthly additional if you want advanced training and to increase the income you can earn by selling this training as well.

$497 one time purchase for the Online Marketing Masters Course, which gives you everything you need to start, set up and succeed at any business online.

Now, you may run across some other things from time to time that interest you, such as the Facebook Marketing Course (a ridiculous $3, no kidding) and other things.

But don’t make the mistake of buying a ton of stuff you DON’T need until you are ready to take action.
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Do you have a business you love; one that will take you where you want to go? AWESOME! Work it hard and know what you are selling.


If you are still looking for that right business and right mentor, someone who has “been there, done that” and built the million dollar income, I would love to explore that possibility with you. I do have the right mentors that have done everything wrong so we can do it right.

EXPECT Success!  Gordon Wat & Jackie Ulmer


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