How Greatness and Discipline Go Hand and Hand

How Greatness and Discipline Go Hand and Hand

Now I’m going to get right to the point right here. You know a lot of people have been giving me some compliments and I go on and share this message so you know when you can do something extraordinary with your life, all you need is to basically discipline yourself. Every day you know, and greatness and greatness will cost you something. Get that, get that into your head. It will cost you something. It’s going to cost you maybe some time. It’s going to cost you some energy. It’s going to cost you some sacrifices. It’s even going to cost you some resources. You mean a lot of people use resources to get what they want, but it’s going to cost you some hours of the day of your life. It might even cost you some friendships and relationships because they’re not on the same level, but that is what greatness for you takes.

If if you want to accomplish those things that you want in life, you are already in motion every day in going about your daily routine. How about paying the price by going that extra mile, doing what? What other people are not willing to do? You know, greatness basically is not cheap guys. I mean, but you have it!  Greatness in anything you do is going to cost you more! That’s why there are not many people who can and will… be able to cheat greatness. Most people are not willing to pay the price to learn, to adapt, to inspire, to make the mistakes because it’s basically safe. And I, I get it! I know, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, depending on what you got going on in your life, but you see a lot of people always want, want, want, you know, but they don’t discipline themselves or at least take the steps in that direction.

It could be as small as waking up one hour earlier than usual. You know, start out with a half an hour, start out with an hour to get more things done in the day. You should decide that you’re going to discipline yourself to get the small things out of the way and build upon that. And when you have that discipline to do the things that you really don’t want to do, you’re going to find out that you can, you’re going to earn the right to face pretty much anything and be able to perform, being able to keep you at your life and actually on schedule and be able to keep those commitments that you made to yourself and the promises or the deadlines you know that you have to other people. And you know, it’s kind of essential that to your success when you’re waking up a little earlier or simple as making it, making your bed.

It will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. And if you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things when they fall into your lap…you’re are not going to be able to do it and accomplish it and fulfill it. So why is it, why is it so important? You know, say you would see you are having a miserable day, a bad day, miserable day. We all have them at least and say you come home to a bed that is made that and get ready for the next day. You know, it gets cold under the cover….. its cold right now, but at least you have that encouragement that tomorrow will be better. You know, it happens. But to go into a warm bed that you made, you just need to make a choice that you’re going to stop being bitter.

You know, stop worrying about what the next person thinks about things. It’s basically a choice that you’re going to stop looking back one day and make the choice that you’re not going to waste one more day of your life feeling sorry for yourself or think about “shoulda, woulda, coulda“.

You know, I mean, there’s a lot of things I could go into that… I know you may have some issues you might be dealing with something actually, but you can do it, and actually, you’re doing better than you think. You might think you’re doing bad, but in reality, you are watching this video and I you know you’re doing what you can,  and all you have to do is,  tell yourself that you’re gonna make it through this next minute, this next hour, this next day, and know today…that you’re going to be doing all right.

You may not be where you want to be. I mean, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m working towards that or were you ought to be, but at least you’re moving in the right direction and you’re not what you used to be! Take praise in that. Trust me on this… Trust me on this one guys, you have more inside of you, then you think! As long as you don’t quit, and you don’t keep putting yourself down, you’re going to be doing better than you think, and better than you were yesterday and maybe the month before. Enjoy the processes and the experiences all the experiences that you gained. You know, your story, your life, your journey always has another chapter. And there’s always going to be a new beginning if you want it…. at any given minute, you know, you know, you got to just keep growing, be disciplined, be committed, have heart, be consistent.

There’s a lot of things that I go off, of, and if you get up and just go through the motions, as most people… go to work, drive, come home…this and that, and have no discipline to change whatsoever. You get no value out of anything. It could be you,  doing your diet, your business, your health, or going to the gym. It’s a lot of things, but you’ve got to find that fire that stirs you. It might be your kids, your grandkids, and you wake up and saying, “I will do this even when I don’t feel like it”. You know, you gotta say to yourself, I will do whatever it takes to overcome my temptations, staying mediocre, killing your excuses. You know, you got to slash that feeling of a fear and those circumstances that basically hold you back. You know, I want you to tell yourself that you want to allow those to be in your way. In my way, and if you have that within you, you achieve whatever you have, you choose, you choose to do, you’re going to have to use that time wisely. You know, you have to remember this. Nothing will be different until you think differently and do things differently, and that’s when I got to see this spare of the moment.


Here’s to your success! Its not about me…its all about taking you to where you want to be.-Gordon Wat

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