Hooray you are hired!!!! Sure you just got out of prison, but no problem

got the jobCONGRATULATIONS!!!Yes, my friend you got the best email or call you could ever get after being in prison for so long. YOU have secured employment and they tell you to come in and sign some papers so that they can get you trained and into the job a soon as possible. The work you put in  from those interviews, frustrations, doubts, and learning curve all paid off just to get this first notice. The CONFIDENCEand your SELF-ESTEEM just went thru the roof because you are actually going to be making money, and to be able to get out of your house and make a living. The “chip” on your shoulder just got bigger and you have a new pep in your step. You should be happy, and ready to conquer your new start.

Just to let you know, things loosen up once you get employed. The people at your half-way house give you more leniency because you are taking the steps to go in the right direction. It shows that your taking matters in your own hands and not being lazy,  It is the first step towards your pro-social life, and the main thing is your behavior is slowly moving towards being productive. Alot of things will be going thru your mind because you are as excited and proud of yourself for accomplishing one of the biggest task as far as being a convicted felon.

You make your passes for the day, you are ready to start a new life for yourself. Earning it makes it even better, and relish it. Because, like I said in the beginning I will let you know what to expect. The things your institution doesn’t let you know, and how I went about in the process.



Do not let it scare you! Just check the box! It will not hinder you from getting the job, you already have the job if you got this far. Employers do not care about that, if you are honest with them, and they are willing to give us a second chance pertaining that we are moving in the correct direction. You don’t want this come back and bite you in your butt because you lied on your application, and if you lie and something comes up, that will be a major issue for you. It would be the worst feeling in the world to be working, and you let down your employer by telling a “little lie”, a lie is a lie and is dishonest. I know of guys that didn’t put it down, and when their employers found out they got walked of the job site. If they know they can bat for you if you let them know. I speak from experience, because it has happened to me.

Put down something, and the best part is after you check that box, there will be another form that you fill out for the WOTC, (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) form, that employers like. Remember they get paid for hiring you, up to $5000.00. So they are willing to give you a chance, knowing they can claim you on their federal taxes. People say it is BS, but from my experience, they are really pleased if you impressed them up to this point, trust me they like to get paid too, and taxes for any business is the worst. They are trying to save money where ever they can. Plus on the explanation, you don’t have to be specific unless asked in person. My explanation I wrote down was ” Yes, I violated a federal statute, and moved forward with my life after serving my term, but since then I have learned through accountability and maturity, will explain in person.” As you can see I kept it vague, but didn’t lie, and took things into consideration, I also took responsibility for my actions and want to move forward. It might come up with your supervisor, but then again you sold yourself in your interviews, and what you said at those meetings is what you tell your supervisor. If it doesn’t come up then oh well,BUT DO NOT LIE ON THE APPLICATION. Do not let it get to you one bit. I speak from first hand experience that it did not hinder my chances of getting the job, (and the job I got, people said it was impossible to get). They will do a background check on you no matter what you do anyway, so don’t get scared. In fact my conviction was so long ago (past 10 years) that they couldn’t even find it in their system. When I was filling out the application, and I told the human resources person, she told me to not worry about it, and just move on with the application. The main thing is you checked the box, and moved forward. Nobody can hold anything against you for that…. 

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