Hell yeah! Leaving the Half-way house and going home!!

no_desire_to_cutAlright, you just got the paperwork to finally go home and be with your family..The only thing is they will strap one of these things on you until you finish your BOP time. If you think there are more rules at the half-way house? Be prepared….you are not exactly free yet. They will call you, check in on you at every time of the night, and you have to call in from work. It will get very old after awhile and you have to explain what is that pack of cigarettes on your ankle for. (That is what I used, then explained my situation) some people thinks it is cool because they see Charlie Sheen with it on, and  some look at you with disgust. They don’t have to know what kind of problems you are going though, but you have to go with the flow on it. Don’t worry it is just a small obstacle that you have to get through so that you can get your freedom. Small price to pay for what you already have been doingankle bracelet. Just get used to it and in no time it will be done. What ever your half-way house time was, it will go by fast, because all you do is work and stay out the way.

Ok, you got the greenlight to go home, landline is in place for your bracelet and you are excited to actually be leaving your half-way house and be with your family. It will be a new start, and things that you will go through will be challenging. Family life is different, you have not been with them for so many years, things have changed. Your families mindset have changed, remember they have been without you for so many years, and they have changed and you changed a whole lot, if incarceration did you good. Being in prison made you a very different person, whether you notice it or not, your family who thought knew you really don’t. It will be a life learning process until everyone knows your new ways and you get to know theirs. Be very aware of these things, IT IS NOT THE SAME AS YOU LEFT, unless you had a short stay with the BOP. Financials have changed, needs have changed, attention time has altered. They are on budget for food and other expenses, are just an example. Another adult coming into a household will put a strain on them financially. Food cost money, gas for you, more water for baths and other things that will be included that I cannot begin to explain. Be empathetic if and when you talk about it. They have been surviving without you, and have a budget, you are an added mouth to feed. It is a good thing you are working and can contribute to the family needs. Pull your weight, babysit when you can, help out with the chores do what you can to involve yourself with the inner workings of family life. It is a slow integration and will take time. Don’t get frustrated with it all, you had it easy with no bills and responsibilities. Yes, you did the time and I am not saying it was easy, but now you are an integral part of a cohesive member of society. Your willing to deal with it is very detrimental to you freedom and survival, in living in a pro-social environment. Work with your family, and talk to them openly. REMEMBER THEY DID TIME also, just A DIFFERENT WAY, and they were strong enough to do it. Life went on without you, even though you were not with them for all that time. Do not expect everything plus the world, because you gave them everything before. it will be your downfall and do not complain. They hold the key to your success and it will be in your best interest to do so.
The pride you had or have,gained, will get in the way, you had no real responsibilities until now, and how you handle them will help yourself balance the life that your trying to lead now. It will be hard, but ask yourself: is it worth it? you lost it before, you don’t want to loose it again for blowing up and just being selfish.

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  • MistySimonsSanford November 15, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    Well said!


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