Habits that need to be broken…..

Gun_TowersRemember those towers? For as long as you been in whether it was 5 years, or even 10 plus, you gained habits that will be hard for you to see, and the behavior will be with you for a little while until you catch yourself, or you family tells you about it. Here are some habits that I got and had to change.


  • Picking only baggy clothes when I went shopping, and for some reason just the color gray was in them, I couldn’t see my self wearing bright colored clothes, or even the right size. So used to wearing sweats, it was the norm. My first pair of jeans I couldn’t stop tugging on the legs because I wasn’t used to having something so tight on my legs. It was funny now, but even t-shirts, you know wearing the baggy t-shirts in prison is the way to go because if you wear tight clothes it meant something.
  • Eating fast at dinner time or at lunch, if you been to county you know you only have a little time to eat, and at other spots its where things kick off, so you watch your back. It is time to enjoy your food and relax. People in the community enjoy their food and talk. I can admit its been a year now for me as I write this but I still do it. People will notice and they will ask you why.
  • Carrying your toiletry bag, for one week, my sister and brother in law let me carry my towel and toiletries to the bathroom in the house, if they didn’t have carpet in the house I would probably still be wearing my shower shoes to the shower. They finally told me to leave it all in the bathroom, you are at home they told me….I thought about it for awhile and had to change that, I felt uncomfortable doing it but, after awhile you just roll with it.
  • Taking quick showers, was another one of my quirks, if you been in the hole, (old ones) you only have so much time to shower also, maybe it was just me or even in general pop, I tried to take showers because bad things happen to you unless you had the look out.
  • Looking for Respect, This is a huge one, looking for the respect you had while incarcerated is a big one out in the free world. NOBODY CARES! People out in the social world do not care, the only thing they care about is themselves and the sooner you get out of that mental block the better off you will be. Sure they will disrespect you and you have to deal with it to keep your job, but you have to eat it and move on. Unless you want to go back where you came from. I suggest that faster you change your attitude the sooner you can survive.

Those were just physical ones that come to mind there are also emotional ones that you have to overcome that are different for every individual. If you were with your click, gang, brothers, homies or whatever. Those are things you will have to change also for you to be able to succeed. I still have my ties, but one day you have to think for yourself and what is valuable to you on every level. The change is up to you, it won’t be easy, because that is what you are used to, but one that you have to make when you are ready. It is still hard for me to do the above, and I would be lying if I said it would be easy to not shy away from your homies, but it is something you have to do. It doesn’t have to be disrespectful, but if continuing down the free world, and to not go back is the goal it must be done.

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