Going back to my roots, the ghetto in Hawaii

Going back to my roots, the ghetto in Hawaii

How to get out of the ghetto right now

I know a lot of people want to get out of their own ghetto. Yes, I used this word, because I came from a place where there were shootings, stabbings, and drugs. I know I used to do all of that. but the question a rise..How to get out of the ghetto right now!, After many bad choices and actually getting locked up, I wanted to show others that people can get out of the ghetto is they work hard at it.
Going back to my ghetto and where I grew up, shows people that no matter what the circumstances are, you can get out of it in full stride. Showing people my roots and being as transparent as i can, will help inpsire others so that they can get out of their own situation. It also helps to show people where I came from and that not everything is what it seems right now, sure I make a good living but learning to get over that has been my biggest accomplishment.

Getting out of the ghetto can be done easily

Yeah, they say you are a product of your environment, I used to think that for a long time until life changing events happen to you or your loved ones. That is when you have to ask yourself, what is it your going to do about it for yourself. Take the time to get out, and work an uphill battle within yourself, and doors will open up for you, take action and do something for yourself…..don’t let people tell you other wise.

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