Email Marketing Basics # 3 Choosing your platforms


When you work from your website as a home base to talk to your customers on a regular basis, you need a reliable form of communication. In the old days, a handshake and a smile were the best ways to greet customers, both new and returning. But today, as you acquire customers on the web, you need to have a way to make them feel welcome and attended to while they are shopping with you online. The most effective way is of course email. Choosing the right platform and deliver ability with a good price is what can make or break you. Sure there are other and many companies out there, but for the most bang for your buck, it is hands down the Pure leverage family of tools.

Sure you can start out using your gmail, yahoo, account or even your host provider, but they all don’t do things on autopilot for you to make your sales and keep your audience or list engaged. Making sure that you can send messages on autopilot will be key to your success. All the big money makers use them and why should n’t you do the same.

You also can make a good side money from selling these tools like I am too make some extra money. The product is well priced, and you get a lot more than what you paid for..YOU NEED THESE TOOLS IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFU

So before you settle on an email service for you business, look around and see what’s available to you. Don’t just settle for what you get with your hosting account when you could have so much more.


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