Check yourself before you look towards Success

Reality Check for Success

The potential of your business is very real and hard especially if you are branding yourself. Frustrations, hair pulling, and just constantly learning everything you need to prove to yourself if you got what it takes. There is one catch, if you think it will be a walk in the park….think again…. It takes time, focus and commitment.

The challenge that many people face is that they don’t match their expectations up realistically with that they are willing to put into their business and success.

So, let’s have a little fun and see if success in a business is in your destiny?

You might need a reality check if:

  • You thought you could work this business part time, and get paid a full time income quickly. (Be honest with yourself.)
  • You thought you could just treat your business like a hobby and roll in the dough! ( Alot of people start out this way)
  • You thought signing up was the key to success and someone else was going to build it for you.
  • You thought you could do it a better way then the ones who have already made it to the top. (Bad Upline drills)
  • You thought massive wealth could be created without hard work. (oooooops)
  • You thought you could build this business and never have to step out of your comfort zone. ( Gettting Pass Failures)
  • You thought all of your friends and family would join you ( and make money off of them)
  • You thought you could just grow the business, and not work on your own personal growth!

Now, this is kind of fun, and it’s easy to laugh at it, but think about these concepts and ask yourself, realistically, if you are guilty of thinking any of these might be true.

It takes time, sweat equity, some money invested and the right attitude and work ethic to build a lasting, successful business.

And, it is worth every minute of it!

Do you still think you have what it takes to get there? My team that many of them have just started come from the same place I do, and I applaud them for their commitment, but what makes them special is they are willing to go the extra mile for themselves. See, I am here just to put them on the path, I cannot do it for them. But by duplicating every step, and learning from my failures will make them more successful then myself. Using a system and tweaking everything to each owns individual style is key to moving in the right direction.

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