Can you still use youtube to Crush your Competitors

What Platform can I use to Crush my competitors using youtube

Ok, so you did all the work the so called gurus told you to do! make a hundred blog post, put up 1000 videos and do this and that! did you get the results you wanted? did you make any money? If the answer is no, then I feel your pain, because I was just like you….so What Platform can I use to Crush my competitors using youtube!, Always wanted to make your own custom call to action (TELL PEOPLE WHERE OR WHAT TO DO) link it to your own website or business, and or write the blog post or description to your liking. You see I am just like you, with all the pain and bumps that go along with this business……..or better yet, I used to be like you until I jumped into something else, and partnered up with very good guys that don’t like to let us poor folk down and like the story says, the rest is history……. I have laid out below here the same exact tutorials I have used from the system to the training so that you can have the exact same  knowledge I had to make some money online…….
Now above are the things I stand for and use on a daily basis, the big blue button is the product I use and my opportunity that I stand by, the choice is yours……take a look
Click on my picture below to see exactly what opportunity I am in
and to learn from the industries best…..
Gordon Wat

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