Can You Become The Person You Know You Could Be

Can You Become The Person You Know You Could Be

Just A Few Steps On How You Can Become The Person You Know You Could Be

Can You Become Someone No One Thought You Could Be…Here Are A Few Ways That Might Help

"Step by step on how you can become someone no one thought you could be…not even you"This quote is by a video compilation on a video from a youtube video by HESMOTIVATION.This channel brings motivation and inspiration millions of subscribers dailyThe big idea here is slowly but surely you can and will become that life coach, that husband, that father even that mentor that you know you can be, and who sets the example for others to follow who has been down that same rocky path..Here's how this applies to us and improving ones character:*Start making a difference*Can you set the example*To become someone that moves others forwardUse those lessons as blessingsSo, let's put this into action:*Start breaking habits that are not getting you anywhere*Stop complaining if you are not willing to work at change*Start mirroring other successful peoples habitsJump on a webinar*Watch videos…look at what other successful people are reading and doingOh, one more thing…If you want to know how to make this even easier, drop what you're doing and keep watching more of these videos at This makes it easy for you to help themselves have a better understanding of the power you have in yourself without spending a fortune or getting discouraged

Posted by Gordon Wat on Monday, February 24, 2020

If you’re one of those people struggling with change who is serious about wanting to work towards a better future, then these tricks holds the keys you need to succeed if you want to avoid having to give up everything you know right now.

Become the person you know you can be

The Big Idea Behind This Tricks Is: Become Shockingly Happy With Yourself And With The People Around You.

You need to understand this is all about… can you surprise yourself
1. can you become the example
2.can you become the leader
3. can you learn how to use your failures as blessings.

As a person struggling with change, here’s what this really means: start breaking those habits of self-doubt
stop complaining and put things into action
you can learn to start mirroring people.

You can’t neglect this because if you really want change, understand it doesn’t happen overnight or in a week. Focus on both sides to learn from everything and put everything into action slowly and consistently to get you to where you want to be in your life and the people around you.

You need to think about things you want to change within yourself
write them down, and how does it make you feel use this momentum to change small things starting today.

Now you could research everything and find a perfect reason to not to change, but where will that get you in say…1, 2, or maybe 3 years from now?

Lets use this example for just a short moment…

Lets say you are planning for retirement and there was an avatar of the older you explaining to yourself this is what your going to need in order to survive when you get this old…lets say 75 years old.

Now the current present tense you is thinking you have all the time in the world to get things done and not gain a new skillset or financial mindset for your golden year.

How would that affect your planning? It goes the same for anything that you do starting right now…

You could plan for your future by changing things small, eventually doing bigger things later but ultimately you want to become different in all aspects of life if you choose to do so.

Video Transcripts Below

Gordon: (00:05)
Well. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. So I just want to jump on with you guys today. You know, this is like the third time I was trying to make this video for you guys, but understand that I got my PowerPoint over here on the left. So I’d be looking at my notes over here, but I just want to drop you this short discharge video before anything else happens because you know, as you can tell, you mean I was going to do a video with the baby carrier on, but it’s figure it off. I got them to sleep, forgot, jump on and make these short eight minute video, 10 minutes and figure out how we can get you going in the right direction on this Monday morning so that you guys can move on with a better life. That you guys actually have a what’s up? Good morning. Go for it.

Gordon: (00:45)
So here’s the topic of the day guys. Can you become someone? No one thought you could be. I mean, I sit here as a prime example of how someone can take all the negativity, everything that I’ve been through. And you know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of things that I’ve been through in my life that I just want to say that if you ever think that you can be anything that you wanted to be and prove people wrong, including yourself, which is the number one thing you’re going to be doing is something that a lot of people, they don’t want to step to the, to the plate or they want to figure out like, is somebody going gonna do it for them? I’m here to tell you that everybody that that thinks you can do it, where there’s a lot of people here right now on this live video that has proven that they can do something more than their, what they’re accomplish, right?

Gordon: (01:35)
So let’s start this PowerPoint and usually I would have them the thing on the screen, but you know, baby might be crying. So I got to go obtain the attains to them. And I’ve been reading a lot of stuff and I just want to shoot this because, so here we go guys, step by step how you can become someone. No one taught you. We thought you could be, not even you. And then there’s a few things that you have to understand that you got to take all these blessings that you have, all these detrimental things that you’ve been through in life that’s going to underst make you understand that all those farriers, all those struggles, all those things, a Mr. Wilson, how are you doing over there? And all those things that you have to see that has become, that made you who you are today.

Gordon: (02:18)
Now, whether you stay in that same, same person or you want to become something better. You know, usually I do these things to help motivate people on the Monday inspiration and I S you know, a lot of, a lot of times there’s people that just made 19 I’m going to give you a quote [inaudible] or code video that I use on a daily basis basis from this YouTube video by he has motivation. You know, I, I watch a lot of motivational stuff and that, that makes me a tune to who I’m talking to and then it does, it does help me a lot because this way I can share the message into everything else that you got going on. Because a lot of the times somebody all just needs a kick in the bud or some spark that might move you in the right direction so that you can become the person.

Gordon: (03:06)
No one thought you could be, whether it’s you’re doing something for your business, finding cell phone, becoming a life coach, becoming up a mentor for other people. You know, I get, I get calls all the time, messages all the time that I, you know, 20 years later, people that have changed their lives because, and I, you know, I had a very colorful past in the beginning, but they always told me they always got ’em. I just got a message the other day. I’ll never forget you for trying to take me off the streets 20 years later. In fact, this was a message I just got because I wish, I’m a person that used to work for me a long time ago that she’ll never forget that I tried to take off the street between the ages of 14 and 18 because she was on the streets doing stuff, so I gave her a direction and she said, 30 years later you’re still doing the same thing just on a different platform.

Gordon: (03:56)
I said, exactly. This is all, it’s always been in my heart to help the most people I can, whether it’s using my knowledge, using the wisdom, being a tune with what you want, how you want it, where you want it and figure out what to do, but that’s just enough about me. This is all about you guys, right? Zol why is this certain channel sewing, partying that you guys might want to look at? Very, you know, these channel brings motivation, inspiration and certain things of millions of people and in my opinion, they take the best of relevant speakers and chop, chop the little quotes and make very in the inspiration. The topics that I take from that, that I share with you guys. You mean you can find them on YouTube when you’re falling? A little doubt about yourself. Just listen to them. You know, I listened to them before you start my morning like Ruby, come on, come on girl, make video.

Gordon: (04:47)
Great. Sorry guys. Sorry guys. But you know, when you find them on YouTube and when you’re feeling a little bit of doubt, just listen and absorbent, I promise you you will get something out of it. Right? So my other topic was, is, you know, the aha moment or big idea here is basically, you mean the big idea here is slowly but surely you can and will become that person, that coach, that husband, that father, that wife, that sister, that daughter, that mentor that you know you can be. And who sets the examples for others to follow who has been down that same Rocky path? You don’t mean sure, you might have some certain things that you might be doing. Sure. You might have some experiences that you want to share to the world so that nobody takes, um, takes that same path that you, I do that with the real talk program with these, with these youth.

Gordon: (05:37)
You what I mean? And you know, from, you know, what days you I’m doing something good for yourself or others and be able to prove to not just other people, the most important person you’re going to prove it to is actually going would be to yourself. You mean? And this is a, a, an accomplished feeling knowing that that a June N Hey ma, Laurie, how’s it going? So you mean a lot of the times people look at certain things and understand that they have a value they have, they have inspirational qualities, they have things they didn’t want to give to certain people. And you know, it’s time to dig back. What are your at work, whether you’re coaching kids, whether you’re doing something for other people, you’re, whether you’re a spiritual, spiritual coach and um, or um, inspirational stylists or even doesn’t matter what field you’re picking in, right?

Gordon: (06:29)
So here’s the, here’s how this applies to us and improving one’s character guys, right? Number one, start making a difference. Look around that circle that you have around you. Make a, make a draw diagram and then figure out who’s going to be, who’s going to be listening, who’s going to be, I’m actually hearing your words on a daily basis because let’s face it guys, if you can give a little piece of yourself, because say it can moves you to have endorphins when you giving some sort of value or you’re going to being something, some insights that you don’t want them, you don’t want them doing that same road, that same path that you have. Number two, can you set the example for others to follow? You know, one of the main things that I, I promised myself is to send an example with all the pain, the suffering, the tears, the cries, the emotions that I never had.

Gordon: (07:20)
I don’t want nobody to figure that out. Feel the same way as out. So what I do now, and I hope you do it for you, is for yourself, is to use that as the biggest vibration energy though. Whatever you, the light that’s in you to shared with other people so that you can move into the direction they want. Let’s face it guys, you are the beacon. You don’t mean, and I keep telling this even with, um, this other coaching program that I’m a part of, you mean? Well, basically, you know, you have to become the example and you have to lead by that because let’s face it, a lot of people need direction and why, why not? Why not be the person giving the direction, whether it’s crafting, um, personal development, coaching doesn’t matter. And to become the person that wants to move people forward in their life.

Gordon: (08:09)
You mean, you know, some people, they don’t want to hear it and I get it, but that’s all right because it all takes time. I didn’t want to hear in the past, you know, I could tell you a short story about it, but then that would take a whole another 20 minutes. I don’t want to do that. So I use those lessons as blessings for you, yourself and your family so that you can move on and help other people do that. So guys, let’s put this into action, right? Just cause it keeps your shorts fast, simple. And something that might be able to, uh, push you in the right direction. Start breaking the habits that are not getting you anywhere, whether you’re hanging around the wrong people, whether you’re doing something that is not beneficial to your inner being. That might be something you might have to look at and start moving away from, you know, stop complaining if you’re not willing to work at change.

Gordon: (08:57)
You know, working at change is one of the biggest things that I can say. You become this person, a different person in this process and you’re going to be happy about it because you’re going to look back one month from now, one year from now, five years from now, seven years from now, who you became, and then you’re going to regret wasting all that time. The better time to do it is just starting now. Whether you’re scared of it and you’re uncomfortable, you’re even like this techie stuff, right? This techie stuff. Or you can nerd out on something or just nerd out on your self being in a, being a tune with yourself. And then number three, start marrying other people’s successful habits. Right? You know, so a lot of the times we mirror other people. Why not mirror the books they’re read, the things they do, the habits that they have.

Gordon: (09:45)
You know, [inaudible] slowly but surely you’re going to figure out that these people do some things different that you might not, it might be something small, might be waking up 15 minutes ahead of your class schedule wasting, not wasting the time on stuff that doesn’t matter for your future. You don’t mean your future with what time you have is. What’s the most valuable thing people have that they take granted for? You mean, you know, you might do things like jump on a webinar or a webinar or listen to other YouTube videos. Um, pay the courses that you need to get to, to get to that level that you want to. You mean go out and go to events and meet people and see what they’re doing and become actually friends. You know, I have a, I’m in a lot of groups, a lot of groups that do certain things, whether it’s marketing, sales, um, self-help, self-improvement, coaching mastery program, all this stuff.

Gordon: (10:35)
I’m in a lot of groups, copy sales, messaging, all this stuff that I compiled a lot of these information and I share them with other, other people. So all I’m doing is becoming a connector so that this person why might be helping that needs certain things cause I’m in tune with what they want. I want them to just move on. And this is what’s been working. I can tell you, uh, uh, um, a lot of examples of what’s going on in the world and what’s changing. But you know, that’ll be like a whole different other webinar. We keep these shortages of, you know, watch videos, look, look it up. What other successful people are reading. You know, I’m, I’m reading this book right now by Dan pink and I learned something really, really, really, really good because for years I’ve been trying to find out what quality do I have.

Gordon: (11:24)
Am I an introvert? And I’m an extrovert. The term clinically used for what he is, is called, I’m what I’m called, I’m called an ambivert. And an ambivert is having that balance between being an extrovert and an introvert in between and learning how to move people in the right direction. And you know, that’s one of the books that kind of like brought me, brought a big eye opening for me because I always knew there was something different about other people. And if I can them in the right direction, that would be something that would be actually helpful for the things that I do in life. All right guys and say, Oh, by the way, most probably most people, I mean, even like, even like for, for myself right now, most people there really need to hear this, you know, might not even want to change for the better.

Gordon: (12:12)
They might be comfortable in their life, but in the background, they’re always looking for something that gonna get them rich faster. You mean save money, avoid time, make a avoid effort and actually want to sit on the couch and do Jack shit. Right? But I mean her day you, but if you’re watching this and you’re not going through all my babble, then I encourage you to take small steps towards whatever you want to accomplish and figure out how we can get you in that better place of your life. Whether it’s something small yet, it can be something small, small accomplishments go a long way with what you got going on in your life. Right. You know? So like, let’s see if you’re an achiever who seriously wants to really make this work for you. I like you. I like to invite you to watch more of these videos.

Gordon: (12:59)
You know, share them with people that, you know, tell them a personal story about how you met me, what I’ve done, what, what you’ve seen, how things have changed for you since warning. And I’ll be posting more of these videos, you know? So what I do is I try to write a blog post. I’m being real honest with you, with the content that’s being done on this video. So what I do is I transcribe it, I turn it into a piece of content and I figure, I put it on my blog. I put in my YouTube, I put it on Vimeo, I put it on Instagram, right? So this way more people can, um, gain the knowledge that they’re looking for because people are looking for knowledge. Why not make you the person, have that knowledge and figure out how you can help. Because it’s always going to be about you, my viewers.

Gordon: (13:41)
It’s always going to be all about my clients. It’s going to be all about the people I want to touch. You mean because when I’m, I’m going to give you a short story, right? How do I know I’ve been blessed, right? I mean, it’s going to be when I was, I was worried about certain things when I’m ending was born. So we had a prayer and you got blessed. I think I’m blessed and just so happened the person blessing me blessing me was a retired federal probation officer when he blessed Andrea, before we had it, we had Mandan, right? A main thing happened. What happened was I was praying also, I was on the chair for wishing nothing in my past comes up, have a healthy boy. Andrew comes on every life, but there was a warmth that came over me that I cannot describe and that was just a warm of everything that I knew from before.

Gordon: (14:36)
Everything that happened in the past, everything got all washed away in this glow, gooey glow thing. That helped me understand that he exists. And so you know when you open up your heart to the man up above whoever you believe in with an S and stuff like that, understand that he’s going to be protecting you and not understand that. I never had this feeling before and I just want to share that with you. And usually I would put that in a story, but I just had this inclination to bring it out because now I know the purpose of why I’m here, why I’m still here, why I’m not still locked up, is to touch you guys, to touch people that come in contact with you, me people, to move in the right direction so that you can have, all right guys. So if you want more of this type of content, I’m head over to ’em. You can find me on all social media channels. I’ll be putting, posting us on my blog and doing things for you. Have a beautiful day. I have a beautiful Monday guys. And remember guys, the more you give, the more you’re going to get. So understand and be kind to people. A lot of times there’s not enough kindness in the world that should be going around, and I just wanted to wish you a happy Monday. Stay blessed and I’ll catch you on the next one. Bye.

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