If Cable Is Killing You Softly…Here Are Some Steps That Can Save You Thousands

So one day as I was paying bills and seen a huge increase in my cable bill and was telling my wife there has to be a better way, we watch about 4 hours of tv evernight like most people do and we are paying over 200 dollars a month for what? That wasn’t including sports packages, occasional PPV, and some sort of taxes I didn’t even sign up for. Go Take a look at your bill one day and you will see that there are added things you never even agreed to. That is $2400 hundred a year I don’t know about you but that is a lot of money you could be using to pay off credit cards, another vacation, in fact tell you the truth when the switch to digital came about and my provider said we need to lease another device for each room that took me over the top. So I sat down and tried to figure out ways to save that money and this is what I came up with. I had a choice to keep giving money away or find a solution to my problem  (In fact I literally did these things I am about to tell you)

1.  Do You Really Need All Those Extra Channels? Your Paying Extra and Don’t Even Know it

Remove additionals, downsize your plan or when you purchased your package you got caught up in the sales pitch. Prior to making any type of modifications or changes, take a look and review your current bill and also what channels you do have. “Do you truly need whatever that’s on that list,” maybe its one show. “Lets say you have HBO, Starz or Cinemax, Do you watch it a whole lot?” Trimming premium channels and sporting activities packages is a simple way to reduce your costs as well as acquire cost savings, over the months and annually.

Make a list of the networks that are must-haves to assist and if what you actually need or want. There’s a great chance you can fall to a smaller, less expensive television bundle and still get the majority of the channels you require when you do come home from work and want to unwind.

2. Examine those additional charges, because they are there!

Take a look at your television expense and also analyze each of the charges. Several of the costs and taxes are just part of what you signed up for, you get that…but once you look at it (yeah take it out of the envelope and read it) you will see some shit like, sports tax, digital tax, box lease tax…What the F!@@#, then times that by 12. That is money you work hard for everyday and they are basically strong-arming you for those fees because you don’t know any better.

Do you have one or several set-top boxes for viewing TELEVISION throughout your house? Of course you do, your provider supplies them to you and puts it in a contract to lease to get thier signal. Those rental fees for boxes can accumulate. “If you have multiple DVRs in different areas, do you need them in every space,” long gone are the days of having that white cable out of the wall attach to your tv.

If you bundled your internet with tv, think about purchasing a good modem and router as opposed to paying the regular monthly rental charge, yeah they charge you for that.  You’ll wind up making back the money you spent up front and for a much better cost on the modem in the long-term. When acquiring make sure to ask your carrier what is compatible with your hardware especially if you know your going to want good speed. Most of the larger companies have a checklist of approved modems: Comcast/Xfinity, Time Detector Cable/Spectrum, Cox, as well as Cablevision/Optimum, or be like me and just ask the best buy guy.

3. Avoid the two-year contracts

Yes, the rates can be very eye-catching. I fell for that trap also, I thought to myself 89 bucks a month is not bad, and I am willing to pay that for a few hours of tv. Nonetheless, you’re far better off staying with a month-to-month service, things change and you really don’t want to get locked in. “When you do, you are bound to that provider,”  “You have no leverage during that two-year duration.” and if you want to get out of it, you will have to pay that upfront fee to get out of it.

Consumers will usually pay as much or a lot more compared to a strategy without agreements. Additionally, if your service is poor in your area and you want out, the majority of cable business will require you pay a very early termination charge. Don’t worry about that, when I did it, I paid it up front and a few months later they credited me the balance thinking we would come back.

4. Call your provider company and negotiate a better deal

If your costs still isn’t what you desire, contact a customer support representative at your provider. Look into the most up to date offers that they are using to new subscribers as well as comparing them to what you’re currently paying. The person on the other end has the ability to adjust your plan, but its all about asking them what is available.

When calling, try to get along with the other person, be friendly, don’t demand and also describe your worry over the cost of your current plan as well as request for a better deal. “Knocking down the price is as basic as taking the time to call and ask– nicely,” understand this one thing they are human too and being a “dick” won’t help.

If there’s a rival or a compeitor in your area, intimidate to terminate your service as well as saying the other comany is offering this. Cable providers will generally find a means to strike a bargain if it means you sit tight they don’t want to lose you but if they can they will work with you.

Bargaining or negotiating requires determination. I like to think of it as just haggling for the best deal, sometimes you win sometimes you lose but you will learn more as the conversation goes on. If the person on the other line is giving you attitude, ask for a manager and see if they can help.

5. Take into consideration a leap to streaming services or devices

If calling as well as bargaining with your cable carrier does not produce the outcomes you desire, think about reducing the cable as well as have a look at streaming services

Sling TELEVISION, DirecTV Currently, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, and also YouTube all use skinny packages with a strong core channel lineup that might save you extra money. Take that same amount of money and decide if you want to go to streaming. Over the years things have changed and the explosion of streaming is what is going to be the future so why not start now. There are now even apps that you can turn your tv into a “Smarter TV” and this is where I personally have saved thousands of dollars over the years and paid bills that would usually be accumulating with this small fix.

If you are interested in these devices or this type of services there are few that I can vouche for that have much more than the above mentioned.

Extra: Cutting the cable? Exactly how to choose your streaming services.

Streaming permits users to watch on mobile phones as well as tablet computers, however if you favor the typical TELEVISION experience, you can get a set-top box like Apple TV or Fire TV, or a streaming stick such as devices and put an app on it that will revolutionize the way you view tv and take it mobile.

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Every day is a day to help someone, today it could be you and yours.

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