Born To Succeed in Business


Pure Leverages Born to Succeed in Business.

One of the biggest myths relating to beginning your very own business is that you are destined failure unless you have an all-natural ability or a natural skill for business. In other words, if you weren’t born to be a business owner, then you are going to be sunk before you even start. It goes without saying, this is a false thought, because I believe your born to succeed in anything you want to do.

While there are a variety of capabilities that you definitely have to be an effective business owner, there are methods for you to develop those capabilities along the way. Instead of those capabilities, just what you need to be thinking of are the top qualities intrinsic to all great entrepreneurs. Trust me when I tell you this, prior to starting my online business, I was in prisonJail Cell for the past 12 years due to being young and making poor choices…I didn’t know what FB, Instagram or Twitter was because from 2000 – 2012 I was in cage. I tell you this because I believe in transparency, and though I am no guru yet, I have certain characteristics that make me a special person to help you start it all…I had businesses before, in fact many of them so I am just getting back to the grind on things. I write this press release to expose you and your team on what traits you will need to do any business you want and succeed.

The initial one is perseverance. Starting a company resembles the exponential version of dealing with a new job or a project for school.  If you merely start, you do your due diligence, your fact finding and you do it awhile and afterwards leave it alone, you are visiting fall short the project, or in return getting a failure for your project.  However if you begin it then continue at it gradually, you are going to end up with an effective final product. This is just what you need to do in your business, you should keep at it up until you get to the point of being successful. Lets face it, if you reading this post, YOU ARE BORN TO SUCCEED!!!2014-01-27_0705

In addition to willpower, you should have a thick skin. In the business world, you are going to comply with a number of cutthroat people that would certainly do not want you succeed. Do not let that deter you from what you are trying to do!! Get back to WHY you are doing it and it will be fine…..Don’t let haters control your life with all the negativity they bring.While it excels to have business connections with other business, what is not so excellent is taking anything negative they say as the gospel and taking it totally to heart. If you do that, then it won’t take many negative remarks just before you stop and quit your business completely. Consider taking people’s advice if it is constructive, but do not listen closely to any individual that is entirely adverse.

Finally, in addition to determination and a thick skin, you likewise have to have the ability to deal with failing. There are a number of people that do not have this capacity and as a matter of fact there are individuals that quit on something after having one not successful shot at it. This is something that you should stay clear of in your business since you’re going to fail at points over and over. The most effective business owners these days were failures at some time the other day; what makes them effective businessmen is that they did not surrender. You shouldn’t quit either; if you have one top quality out of these 3, make sure it is the ability to handle failure. Failure is just a step to overcome in your quest of your Hundred-Fold-Life. The biggest trait you can have for yourself, is to fail many times and pick yourself back up.

The person that fails the most the fastest is the one who succeeds the fastest!!!! though that sounds ironic, it is true. You are born to succeed, but one must take the path to make them successful..

Click on the Banner or My Picture to get on my list so I can share with you motivation and tips and tricks to Be the person you are destined to become...Do it now because it won’t last long!!



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