Be Obedient To Your Dream

Be Obedient To Your Dream


Be Obedient to Your Dream

There are so many passionate people that have just given up on their dreams that they made years ago… I am here to tell you its time to go back to when you weren’t afraid to make your dreams a reality. Sure you might have the house you want, the car your want or the 2.5 kids that you have now. 

You might be stressing about finances, your relationships or even just having a purpose in life again because lets fact it your family is your world. 

But your dreams and aspirations does not have to stop stop there!Big Dreams Have Small Beginnings

You had dreams when you were a teenager, or in college, what is stopping you from having a adult dream? Get my point! Things are not dead for you but you could be making excuses for yourself.

Take a look at your family right now…they are taking care of, you may have the minivan and you have a loving person right next to you. Don’t you think that you have accomplished what most people want? 

I want you to watch my video below for 5 minutes and get you motivated to indulge on your dreams again….AFTER ALL IT IS FOR THEM ANYWAY!

People love working with others that share their true values with integrity and morals…

Having the dream and working towards what is in your head at night can be accomplished with working with the right people that share your aspirations and want you to live the life you deserve, not just live. 

There are so many ways I can help you do those exact things but you must first figure out what are you willing to do for that dream.

Can it be:

  • Sharing a new product with social media
  • Learning a new skill and getting out of your comfort zone a bit
  • How about reaching out to people that have been in your situations

These are just some examples I have personally overcome, and I know I can help you do the same.
I have turned and burned with so many people that, helping others in other aspects of life my legacy of being that person has made me
who I am today….Please Like, Share, Comment and message me if you want to accomplish your dreams with me.

Aloha……Gordon Wat



Inspire*Motivate & Educating others is my purpose
Inspire*Motivate & Educating others is my purpose

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