Each and every day, all of us continually search for the extra edge to win at the sport of sales, marketing, work or just becoming a better provider for your family.One of the most important things that you need to know is that there is a thin line that exists between activity versus accomplishment. Many people feel if they are “active” then they are productive. This is not true! Too often people run around shuffling papers, go back and forth to meetings and are continually on and off their cell phones, but they never accomplish a single task. Consequently, they never obtain their ultimate goal. Unless their goals are just to do that, but does it produce any results?

Each day as an achiever, you need to set daily, productive action goals that are results-oriented. I personally prefer a goal partner – an accountability partner – someone you can be accountable to each and every day to make sure you did what you said you were going to do! As soon as you instill this into your mindset, you will see the results of your productive efforts flourish very quickly. Not getting crap done? or are you just going through the motions to look busy? The main question to ask yourself……..does it provide movement to get to a bigger picture. If so then that is really alright.

The daily compounding of effectiveness will be very dramatic for you to witness. The key to success is leverage, but you must be confident in your efforts to be duplicated in a productive manner. You need to ask yourself a very powerful, truthful question every night as you retire to bed, “If everyone did today what I did for my business, how much would they have actually accomplished?”

Always remember, a small improvement over a long period of time produces dramatic results! Begin to review your actions TODAY…RIGHT NOW! Confirm that they are accomplishment-oriented and that your mindset reflects productivity versus pure movement as activity. I WARN YOU! You will begin to see outstanding results begin immediately. Always be a truthful judge of your actions and determine if you are just being active or are you accomplishing your ultimate outcome through your daily activities.

Find your WHY & FLY!

Success comes in many different ways……..but the WHY in your life will be constant if you dig deep!!
Want to find out more how to save money and mindset training, stay tuned for more 2015 will be both our years!!!

Here is to your success…..Life, Body, Financial, Family, Financial…..I can be your accountability Partner and actually
show you how to make a substantial living using certain things…….

Gordon Wat

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