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019 This is the start of my new life, and for those of you that think I was one of those guys that turned my life around inside you are dead wrong!!! But I just wanted to let you know the reader, that I was a real convict doing real stuff inside with real people and I just wanted to show you how I changed my life around. 

Name: Gordon Wat

Hometown:Honolulu, Hawaii relocated to Las Vegas Nevada

After being a criminal/addict for almost half my life and then getting 168 months sentence for Conspiracy to Distribute in Hawaii, I landed myself in prison for a very long time. I did’nt realize it until I came back out, and had to get my head straight for what was about to happen. I struggled daily on trying to accept what is about to happen and to get out of that institutionalized attitude. I have done everything you could have while locked up, so if you are questioning if I have the “creds” to back it up trust me, I do. But it doesn’t help in the free or social world, at all. I deal with personal problems on a regular basis, and those problems that arise are just the beginnings of your problems ¬†within yourself. From my anger issues, to flashing off at people, or even learning how to change my attitude so I can interview for a job. All of this type of topics they talk about while incarcerated, but it is hard to relate to it, until you are actually in the mix with all the different situations personally.

I will break it down for fellow convicts and others who are struggling so that things will be much easier to understand from another convict that can relate intimately to what you might be going through or will encounter . All the way from that backward mentality of how I used to think, to how much emotional work it will take to be a “free” “social” person and cope with the stress it will bring to being released. People are in different situations and might be in a different state of mind, but how you deal with it accordingly can make the difference….. I am just here to guide you so that you are aware of certain things that you will come across, and you will be able to deal with it so that you don’t go back inside.


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