A Really Simple Guide On Why and How To Fire Your Cable Company

Ever thought about cancelling your cable TV? Maybe your buddies are doing it? Maybe you are just also afraid to take the jump. Well currently its the best moment to cut the cable and free yourself from a high expense as well as bad selection in content! You know your not getting everything you want

Why? Nowadays, terminating cord subscription is the regular thing to do. Customers are dropping wire memberships or subscriptions in droves. It’s not like your going to be the only odd man out if you cut your service. How many of your close friends still have cable television? I can put money on it, not many of them do. At this moment, it’s a waste of cash to still have cable, take a look at your current bill and tell me its worth it. Most families use only about 14 channels anyway.

Why Do You Want To Cancel Your TV

Cable is so freaking costly! Comcast and other providers are presently having a “special” for new customers– purchase a cable television package for $50 a month for a year. Naturally, after the first year, the cord package will increase in price. $50 times 12 is equal to $600. You would be paying $600 a year to enjoy cable. That’s a lot of money that you could be investing, or putting to good use, (trust me I fell for it also). A round trip flight ticket to the Caribbean Islands sets you back less than $600! You might go there with the $600 you saved from not paying those fees. Think about that credit card that is gaining interest as you read with the same balance, and that doesn’t even get you everything. Not including leasing their modem, router, or set top box…it does get expensive. 

You could purchase a really costly set of Italian leather footwear from the money you could be saving, the choice is yours. You could go to 6 or more of your preferred sporting activities games. You could take your family on a buying spree with the money you could be saving! You might also put that added money away for an emergency. It doesn’t matter what you do, yet that $600 you save would allow you to do a lot. The extra earnings or money going out the window could be used for a lot of things. 

A Netflix subscription only sets you back $7.99 for a month, for streaming with one login. If that is your fancy but no sports or live tv, a Netflix membership would just cost you $96 a year, and if you intended to upgrade a little, it might cost approximately $144 a year, but you don’t get it all. Yeah, its a lot less costly than spending $600 a year on cable, but like I said they have their limitations. On Hulu, you can see prominent programs that appear on cable television, such as the currently discontinued Glee, In the past, The Voice, as well as much more totally free. For the same rate as a Netflix subscription, you can get a Hulu membership with no ads and also lots even more programs. BUT WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY TO GET MUCH MORE AT A CHEAPER RATE?

In addition, what if I could get you everything you want and so much more using just internet service at a fraction of the cost…keep reading

You can choose the channels you desire, as well as you do not need to spend for those you don’t want with cable. Cable is so costly to and the reason they are losing customers is they didn’t move with the times, like kodak did with the digital camera, like sears with an online store, or most recent toy r us thought kids want to play with the toys before they bought. They forgot who is paying for the stuff. 

With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, you can see whatever you desire, whenever you want, where you want. It does not matter where you are, you do not even need to be at home. You can be waiting in line at the DMV as well as begin watching your programs without cable television. Or hanging around waiting to pick up your kids in the mini van, but if you combine them all you would be paying more than cable and still not get everything like live tv. ARE THERE BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE? OF COURSE!!

The general experience with what other small services are much better when it comes to getting 99.9% of everything, including live tv.

So, do you intend to cut the cable, exactly what do you need in order to endure without cable? There are some points that you require to have what we offer. First and also most importantly, you will need a high-speed internet or good wifi signal. Without good internet or broadband you can’t anticipate to stream content properly, and it will drive you nuts. If you are unsure if you have adequate speed do a speed test on your current situation  I would certainly suggest getting speeds  up  50 mps and see how many peoople in your house hold are their phones and tableets.

Second of all you will certainly need a TELEVISION that has a HDMI port so you can either hook up a box, that can get the programming! Having solutions takes a little bit of having a tv or phone that can have access to the interenet to make it possible.  

Then perhaps the most important thing you will certainly need is the hardware to access the services that permit the access to the streaming solutions. Some TV’s have built in software application where you can access Netflix, Hulu and more but if you do not have a “Smart TELEVISION” but have an HDMI port you can have everything I mentioned above with certain things that are out there. I want to get you access so you can start saving that 600 a year we talked about. 

By the way do you HAVE A PHONE OR TABLET?  How about putting it on your device to try it out with no obligation, and take it around with you and see how we can get it on your tv next? Your first step into saving it all and getting all the content starts with you here!!


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