A Few Ways To Stop Looking For The Approval Of Others And Get Confidence Back pt. II

A Few Ways To Stop Looking For The Approval Of Others And Get Confidence Back pt. II
A Few Ways To Stop Looking For The Approval Of Others To Get Your Confidence Back Pt. II

A Few Ways To Stop Looking For Approval Of Others and Get Confidence Back Pt. II. Read the Full Article at https://gordonwat.com

Posted by Gordon Wat on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

7. Start Writing Down Your Thoughts

Thoughts on paper might have the key your looking for.

Some people like to write, some people like to post, and others simply “Journal”. Learned this way back when, and actually writing down how you feel can help in so many ways. Take the time to write what you going to do today, how your feeling from yesterday. Put down those frustrations, those happy feelings for a week. Second part look over them at the end of the week, you will be amazed at what kind of stuff you are putting down because, all in all, its therapeutic. It’s almost like a diary, of sorts but only for you to write it all down.

8. Trust In Yourself

The Power in Yourself has no Boundaries, time to Trust Your Own

Start to have trust in your own decisions, have the confidence to make mistakes and bounce from them. The best way to build your confidence is to trust yourself. Stop asking peoples opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. Remember your building on your own feet, and when you find yourself doing this tell yourself, you worked to hard to let someone influence your decisions.

9. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Just because your going down the same path in life with other people doesn’t mean you compare what they have, how far they have gotten, or why you are not there yet. You must come to the reality you might have a different purpose in the grand scheme of things. Remember you are different in so many ways and it would be like comparing apples to oranges and anything else you could think of. Stop comparing with pictures and telling yourself I wish I could be like that. With technology and filters these days, and photo shop you could be comparing yourself that is false already. Everything can be fabricated and made up, but the one thing you could be true is how you make up your own composition. “Be True To Yourself”

10. Continue To Practice and Apply

Try, Practice, Try Again, You Hold The Key

Practice doesn’t make you perfect, but it can surely put you in a better place when it comes to seeking your own approval. The number one secret is to start catching yourself and practice your new found skill. “Don’t expect to change in a day or two”, it will be a little awkward at first and in fact, it will be different, but be kind to yourself in the process. Don’t’ get upset, there will be a rush of feelings that you must overcome and break this habit. Your on a path to become a new person and this is part of the growing up pains, but in the end, you will be a new person.

11. Get Off Social Media For A Bit

Do Something Else For A Change.

Some days this could be your biggest downfall, how many likes did you get for that picture, how many hearts did that person give me, why is this person not commenting on my post. Try to focus on something other than social media, read a book, take a walk, or whatever you think you should do but haven’t done yet. We are bombarded with ads, marketing, why to buy and because of what? Take a good look at what social media has done. Take a break from it and gather your thoughts on becoming that person comparing yourself to others and seeking approval.

The second you realize that you don’t need approval from others is the day you break free of so many things. You might even find new friends that support your journey and highly recommend that because you may grow as a person and not a sidekick.

Becoming an authority of change has been a life long mission of mines to help and impact as many people as I possibly can. If this helps or know of someone that may use some “pick up” or support please feel free to share.

Gordon Wat

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