3 Ways Kindness Can Help You Lead a Better Life Emotionally, Even If You Think It Can’t Be Done

3 Ways Kindness Can Help You Lead a Better Life Emotionally, Even If You Think It Can’t Be Done

If you’re struggling to to have more accept you the way you are maybe its because your sending the wrong vibes… if this bothers you, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about having kindness in your heart…something that don’t cost money and can be done at least one time in a day.

The main idea here is that this a simple gesture makes it simple for you to to have more people pass along some positive energy to the next person and have a domino effect it the world, and it will help you become the best version of yourself.

Please don’t wait too long

You should definitely have kindness in your heart because being a hater will get you no where especially when your behaviors have already been selfish up to this point.

Here’s how this simple act of kindness helps you…

It takes you to a much better place emotionally and helps you and the people you come in contact with a much better place to live in

Here’s what you can do to put kindness in your heart and walk away knowing you did something different today:

  • Help someone out (nothing huge) hold a door open
  • Smile a little bit more ( a smile can do you wonders)
  • Do things from the heart (don’t expect things instantly)
  • Do a small gesture like helping a co worker
  • Just accept another human being as they are
  • Nothing like buying a homeless person a meal to eat

Even better, some of these things doesn’t even cost you anything out of pocket unless you choose to do so, but the rewards are countless beyond measure for the way it makes you feel.

You can check out more on this topic below in my video and transcript below.

3 Ways Kindness Can Help You Lead a Better Life Emotionally

Attention all you individuals currently not happy with yourself or your situation! Here's the secret many happy people don't want you to know about, because they might be profitting from you misfortune….Nah, just kidding, the topic is how to be more of a giver so you can be truly happy with yourself (without having to think people will take advantage)!Drop what you're doing and watch this true kindness is like the wind… you can't see it, but you can feel it an episode podcast style right now!Also, do yourself a favor and get ahead of your competition so you can rapidly be truly happy with themselves . Check out gordonwat.com or find my on all social media platforms

Posted by Gordon Wat on Monday, February 3, 2020
3 Ways Kindness Can Help You Lead a Better Life Emotionally, Even If You Think You It Can’t Be Done

Gordon (00:06):
All right. All right. Good morning. Good morning. Damn, I lost money yesterday. But that’s a whole, that’s a whole different subject. Congratulations to ’em. It was a very good game. But you mean I just want to set this, set, this thing because a lot of people have been asking me like how do I do it? How I’ve been doing, so I wrote, I wrote this post, I’m going to do this for you guys because you know the, title of today’s thing is, as you can see over here, over my left, I mean another person helping out another individual. And it all has to do with amount of kindness that you have going on, going with everything that you got going on with your situation that you might be in right now. But this is what has worked, worked for me in a, in a lot of things.

Gordon (00:49):
And I just want to say that, you know, some of the times you just have to use a little bit of kindness and , I did this post, podcast style Facebook style. I mean YouTube style, everybody, it doesn’t matter which one it is. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You mean there’s always ways to do a little act of kindness so that you can move forward with your life, especially emotionally. So the title is do three ways. Kindness can help you lead a better life emotionally. I, I guys, I have Gordon Wat here with the new true kindness is like the wind…you can’t see it, but you can feel it, you know, this episode, whatever you want to call it, podcast style, YouTube, whatever. Facebook for every individual individual currently not happy with themselves, but who wants to be more of a giver and be truly happy with themselves without having to think people would take advantage of them.

Mr. Rogers Was On Too Something I Never Thought Of Before

Gordon (01:45):
You know what I mean? Everyday I do this on a daily, on a, on a daily basis because, you know, part of my, part of my job is, is actually giving people directions, giving them a piece of me every single day so that they can do something with their vacations, spend more time with their family and have a really good time. And this was, this is what has helped me. I’ll move on. Especially with with Andon being born. You know, I had a call from my other friend, my other friend, he was like, did you get what you was looking for emotionally? I said, I definitely did. And now I understand a lot of it, a lot more. No, but here’s the scoop guys. I’m gonna give you three pointers, three little stories, three chapters, perspectives, whatever you want to call it. You mean it’s going to be something that might just help you feel good about yourself.

Gordon (02:35):
Do something that might be able to understand you emotionally on how to be a giver instead of keep taking. Right. You know, he said number one guys, being kind to someone from the heart, you know, and when you do things and not expect nothing in return, you know, and just being kind to a stranger might make you feel better about yourself. Then you just taking, you see a lot of those, those homeless people, you see people that want to just, you might be holding a lot of groceries or you might see somebody looking for a parking stall or something. You know, sometimes you just gotta let it go and just let them, let them have it for the day because you win the battle within yourself. And and WIN the war in the long run, because you’re going to be feeling good about yourself, better than you thought ever before.

The More You Give Back, The More You Get In Return

Gordon (03:22):
And you know, a lot of the times people just want to take, they want to take, they want to take, you know, I want, one of the main things that has propelled me to a lot of these Heights is actually being kind to people on a daily basis because I get to fulfill my, in my emotional cup in in a way that, you know, just like this picture is showing right here. You know, sometimes you just need a little helping hand and a act of kindness goes a very long way for a lot of people. You mean? Let me take this image off right here so we can get to it. You know, and chapter number two, don’t let your emotions determine your actions. And what do I mean by this? You know, don’t fake with people guys. When I see a lot of people, a lot of, I’ve been in this this online industry and a lot of people are so fake.

Gordon (04:11):
I mean, you finally find the authenticy in the person because people can feel more than more than they see. You mean you might, you might fake the fog. You might be trying to do this out of, out of the goodness of your heart But if it’s not truly, truly giving guys, it’s not going to be received as well. You know, it seemed like when you donate money, money to anything else or say you want to help, help a person on the side of the road, get a meal with a family, do it from the heart because you want to wholeheartedly because they need help. Think about, think of it, the situation where you might be in that same situation one day and you want, you want somebody to do lend a helping hand, you know you don’t have to give them money. You might give them some words of advice, you might give them a hamburger, a happy meal, whatever it is, just give it to them and just walk away.

Gordon (04:59):
Just I do this on a daily basis guys and you know what guys? A lot of times you feel more about just, you feel better about yourself because you know you helped another individual and it’ll come back 10 fold. You mean you know, don’t second guess, don’t, don’t second guess or choose anything for personal gain. You know a lot of times people said gut corner. How do you make money? You mean how do you make a living? I said, the more I give, the more I receive. You mean the more emotional wellbeing I get, the more clearer my head is on a daily basis. You don’t mean because just lets face it guys, you have a cup within your head emotionally, you know it’s like tokens. The more you give out these tokens, these emotional clips, these things that you want to do something for other people, the more gets filled and the more it gets filled, the more you grow as a person.

Small Things Can Make The Biggest Difference

Gordon (05:52):
Now I’m not saying you might come rich overnight by just giving away all your money. Okay all, you might giving your aspects, but you might be able to become more of a whole individual that you might be missing. You know, how do I know this is because I used to be that person that’s used to give thinking I wanted something in return, but once I started giving with expecting nothing in return, a lot of things changed for me and my family and it’s like I’ve been getting it wrong all this time. All right, so perspective number three, chapter three thing number three you mean true kindness is given unconditionally. Always, always be kind from the heart and authentic. You know, just to touch upon those things that I just mentioned before, be kind for who that person you are trying to be kind for who they are.

Gordon (06:39):
don’t pass, judgment. It’s not about their current situation. They might be on some bad times. They might need a little help and they might just need a simple smile that may be able to push him into direction. Like, you know, I pride myself on for a lot of my friends and situations that, you know, been in the situation or my brothers that are currently struggling because of they seem to get it. You know, once you have that immediate emotional wellbeing where you can actually give from the heart, do things to help other people, it’s going to carry on, you know, man it and it, it’s going to help a lot of people that come in your circle that’s going, that’s going, trying to get in that right direction. You know, I get a lot of calls, a lot of messages that Gordon out, they want to ask me, how do you go from this situation, you know, drug addict, criminal activity, all this stuff.

Gordon (07:32):
In fact, let’s change a story. I just had a call from my, from one of my pilot friends, right? And he flies He’s like, he used to, he flies [inaudible] and he goes like Gordon, 99% of the people that know you from your past would never ever have thought you would have a family, a kid, and be and be in the situation you’re in right now. And I said, yeah, you ain’t the only one dog. I’m, I’m the one that I’m, I’m, I’m pretty much sure a 99.9% thought I would’ve been back inside doing some funny stuff. But I decided to change. And I’m like, while I change over the times, I became more kinder, more wiser, and more giving and all leads up to this situation that was helped me for, for all these years. You mean all the, all the accolades are done. All the things that you can do, all the goals you want to set, you can do it by becoming a giver.

Holding a Door Open…Matters because it will never get old

Gordon (08:28):
And once you become a giver, more doors are gonna open up for you. So let’s recap for those individuals currently watching right now. And, and, and you know, basically you might not be, you might be seeing you’re happy with yourself, but this goal is to do a recap of what we talked about, right? When you kind do someone, you do it from the heart and do it with all emotional strength with no strings attached. Guys, you mean that’s one of the secrets when you are kind to someone, you don’t, any emotions basically determine your actions and what you’re going to be doing for them. When you are kind to someone you do it because you really don’t want anything from them. And that’s a really important thing guys. You know, a lot of times, you know, I work where we’re, we’re kind to people to get gratuities me, I do it the exact opposite and I tell some of my guests and it’s like they asked me, why are you so nice?

Gordon (09:19):
Because I love what I doing. I love giving and guess what guys? Migra tutees tenfold because of the way I behave. I give and I do things for that. And I just want the same for you guys because a lot of times you get it wrong. I got it wrong for so many times, but the more you give, the more value. The more you give from the heart, the more genuine you are, the more you get return. It might not even be monetary, so you simply, you know, you simply want to be kind for who they are because you don’t know what their situation is. You mean? And simple gestures go a long way. Like I said before, opening a door, carrying somebody’s package, giving them directions, smiling, your facial expressions, your tone of voice, everything matters and he goes are very, very long way guys always be kind to people from your inner core.

Gordon (10:06):
You know it becomes from inside the, that’s all you can give because that’s, if you was broke with no, no money in your pockets, but you could give a small gesture that’s more value than what anybody else can ask for, right? You might have been there, you might have been there where you needed that smile. You immediate that someone to tap you on the show. That said, everything’s going to be okay to show that sung. You know, you got to show that someone cares. And then Hugh, that person that you’re helping might in return do that for somebody else. And it doesn’t come from you say your mood just because your mood might be, Oh, I want to be a giver today. Do it every single day on a daily basis with different individuals. And you’re going to get different reactions to what you get going on right now.

Gordon (10:52):
Remember, kindness guys, I mean, they switch this camera over here. Remember, kindness is given unconditionally. I mean, so you can fill up like I resent in there in the past that you can fill up your emotional cup elsewhere to give later. Because the more you give guys, the more you’re going to get recurring. You are returned. Now, if you really want to know more about, so I’m revamping my blog and it’s gonna be based on kindness. And it’s not. It’s not a Mr. Rogers things. It’s somebody that truly, authentically want to give more information for you guys. And you know, you want to take your wellbeing, your family’s wellbeing to the next level. Read some of the ball poles, do some other things, and or you might be able to see me on Facebook, but go over to [inaudible] dot com figure out what we’re going to do. I got a couple of TV shows going on with some of my partners, so we’re bringing, bringing you more content and more things on this nature. It’s not all about business guys. And I just want to pass this on to you for this week, and I just want to say a law, be kind to anybody you see. I’ll see you on the next one. All right guys. Bye.

Showing people Random Acts of Kindness Lets you Fill Your Emotional Cup Just A Little More so You can Give more back to the next person…Gordon Wat

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