3 Shocking Habits You Just Might Want To Change

Title: 3 shocking habits you just might want to change

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Welcome to “3 shocking habits you just might want to change

Gordon Wat here with a new 3 habits succesful people do video for every under achieverwho wants to get over that funk and get moving in the right direction but are stuckwithout having to spend a fortune or waste more time.

Here’s the scoop


Perspectives #1 – Pointless Decisions

  • Making pointless decisions vs complicated decisions
  • Good decisions that affect your future
  • Take a moment to consider how many small decisions you make every day


Perspectives #2 – Plan Your Day Into Intervals

  • Slice up your daily activity into bit sized pieces
  • Break down your day, and make it doable
  • Maximize everything by scheduling


Perspectives #3 – Being Frugal With Your Money…but Not Cheap

  • You don’t need that fancy car to show off
  • You don’t need that latest iPhone X
  • There is no shame in going into an open box or thrift store


So, here are a few final points every under achiever needs to remember:

  1. Many times you fall into the trap of what others think of you. Don’t let that get to you, their opinions and ideas have no bearing on what is important for you and your family. Follow a schedule and get some stuff done, you will be amazed at how much things you can cross off your list if you use your time wisely and have an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. Stay frugal, now I know its good to treat yourself once in awhile, but its better when you know your doing the best you can with what you have.


The point here is that you can get over that funk without having to spend a fortune or waste more time.

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