3 Secret Steps That Made Her The Female Version

3 Secret Steps That Made Her The Female Version

Who loves Eric Thomas? If you are reading this, then from the top headline you must. Me personally I love his passion, his voice, and the stories he tells about redemption and the desire to help others.

Two Icon’s That See Your Struggles

But wait, there is a female version? Yes there is, and if you wanted a femal approach to almost the same topics then your in for a treat, because your dreams have come true and her tips are on point. Here are just some takeaways from the most recent shows.

If you’re one of the people whose goal is to keep moving forward with the 14 day challenge group, then might hold the keys to your future that have worked.

The Point Here Is: If You’re Overwhelmed… Break It Down

The main idea for every person with these ideas is that whenever you feel overwhelmed for whatever reason, you need to break things down so you can handle it one small bit at a time. Most people (not you) look at the big wall or monster in front of them. Break it down to size so you can handle it, and then things get much easier because you are not putting everything all at once.

As a person, here’s what I mean:  stop focusing on the huge task at hand, make small manageable goals, and check them off your list. Many small focused goals are much better than trying to tackle one big goal.

One Step At A Time is All It Takes.

Here is a perfect example, you look up at a huge staircase it has a hundred steps in it, the focus is to get at the top, you have to take the first step no matter what. These are the same steps for small goals, the next you know you are midway and your confidence is energized. The small steps could be problems, insights, you name it but you did it on your own and the person you become at the top is the person you always wanted to be..

This will help anyone because if you don’t, you’ll end up mired so deeply in frustration and overwhelm it will start to sabotage other areas of your life… not just the current project you’re working on. Seriously, the frustration you feel in one area starts to carry over into everything else you do, and the worst part you won’t even notice it. .

Even Group Members Taking Some Action

In case you’re wondering, the next step here is you should

1. Take a look at your goal and divide it up into pieces / phases / chunks.
2. Make an action list that goes with each of those bigger chunks above.
3. Put deadlines on all the little actions and then focus on each action in turn.
4. Ask for help from your support and get feedback to see how others conquered their shortcomings.

This is how you get to your big goals, nobody becomes someone they want by just wishing for it without some type of small actions, and guess what nothing will come overnight. It will come over time.

Don’t Let These Detours Stop From Achieving Your Goals

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We Both Passionately Want You To Succeed.

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