3 “Getting Things Right” Mistakes Every Lost Soul Needs To Avoid

3 “Getting Things Right” Mistakes Every Lost Soul Needs To Avoid

 3 “Getting Things Right” Mistakes Every Lost Soul Needs To Avoid

If you’re a lost soul who is ready to change the path you are on, then you need to avoid making these 3 “getting things right” mistakes.

Mistake #1: Thinking In Your Head You Can’t Do It 

Here’s a quick surefire mistake every lost soul must avoid: Everything is in your “freaking” head and what you believe in. If you think you can’t change then you won’t, because I have been down that path before many times over. In fact you will justify things that are unethical but the minute you see that you can things will change around you faster. But there are small things you can do on a daily basis to make you better every day but taking action for a better result is totally up to you and if change is what you want then start with that.

The most important thing about mistakes is your supposed to learn from them if not you will be on the same destructive path you have been on, and for some of us that don’t turn out so well. It could be prison, jail, lost of family support, addiction, no job, no money…you get the idea. The list can go on for this whole article.

Lost souls ill willed people need to know how to steer clear of making the same mistakes because,  It is  huge because you tell yourself you want to change, but there has to be some sort of action and meaning behind it, you can tell yourself you want it, but just a little action along with some rooted down feelings can to the trick if you want to make a move.

My advice at this point or better yet my encouragement is to think what will happen if you make the same old mistakes over and over again. You already been down that road, where has it gotten you. Ponder that idea for a little while. I could give you many stories, but this about you and not me!

Mistake #2: Thinking Everyone Else Will Cater To You 

All Lost souls heed this advice: that everyone around you is going to cater to your needs, remember you probably have burned them, hurt them, maybe even pissed them off at some point. .

The most important thing to understand about avoiding this mistake is that slowly but surely will you burn that bridge that you are trying to fix?. Switch positions with the people that you have wronged. You want them in your life, but your past mistakes have made others build around themselves for their own protection. Understand this, accept it, and slowly brick by brick remove those barriers.

Lost souls need to understand avoiding this mistake spells the difference between success and failure because if you don’t if you don’t change yourself, how do you expect people around you to accept the new person you have become. Yes, it goes deep, but the perception from others is the key to transformation. Change their perception of you by not wanting anything from them. Remember the goal here is you and slowly they will accept the change, but don’t force it.

So now you need to think if you have ever done this before, people are predictable these days, and having that uphill battle to convince people you have seen the light takes time and effort on your part.

Mistake #3: Thinking It Will Happen Overnight 

The core idea for lost souls with this mistake is that people want to give up the minute they run into adversity. For some the damage you have created takes double the work, but not in a sense of like a job. Its getting to the point when your ok with yourself.

As a lost soul, here’s what this means if you make this mistake: all your going to do is bury yourself in sorrow, and find people that are like you wallowing in those feelings. It will take time, but everyone loves to talk about transformation but not showing it in their behavior which is what really counts. Acceptance and taking accountablility for your actions and moving forward is the whole key to becoming that person you know deep down you can accomplish. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, or days, it might take years but all worth it in the end.

You need to pay attention and steering clear of this because if you don’t… let’s face it people will judge you, have mix feelings until you show them that the new you have, has, and is improved, and  I know you want to raise your status with people that matter. People will stay their distance for a little while but that is ok, its part of the process, and you can use it to prove to yourself first and then to others that you are what you are talking about.

My encouragement at this point is to know in your head and your being that change takes time but it will be all worth it.

Think about the mistakes lost souls must learn to avoid in order to become successful! especially with “getting things right”. There’s quite a bit there, but well worth it compared to the alternative of actually making those mistakes over and over again and having to change overnight as a result. Use the time to your advantage and not rush it. Don’t ignore this advice if you want to change the path you are on. 

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